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Stalagmite Library

Tucked away in the corner of a recently built room, glowing in hues of yellow and orange cast by the ornate stained glass window on the opposite wall, rests an odd object.

736 words


Adventur-Inn is an entertainment complex or inn that specializes in providing the “real” adventuring experience with all the comforts and amenities that one may have in the richer areas of the world.

942 words

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, much like its counterpart White Day, is a well-known holiday, both in the World of the Living and Soul Society.

1465 words


The Allosaurus is one of the largest predators that stalk the stretching plains of the Human Empire. Only dwarfed in size by the Tyrannosaurus, few creatures do not fear the Allosaurus and even fewer still dare to cross its path.

492 words

Traenas Elrel

One of the few mountaineers that climbed in the Spine of Kallex, and one of even fewer still that did the dangerous climbs alone, Traenas Elrel was a mountaineer and geographer, using his climbs and conquests as opportunities to map the world.

1221 words

Vóreios Gold

The golden coins known simply as Vóreios Gold were one of the continent’s most precious and most common commodities. It was said that everyone on Vóreios had at least one gold coin.

523 words

Fey Wild

The Fey Wild tavern has a reputation all its own, one of magic and illusion, of tricks and emotions, the things the fey are known for. On the edge of the Fairy King's Wood, it is mere missteps away from the wonderland of the real Feywild.

660 words

War of the Giant Camellia

In the case of the Mousefolk, the conflict known as the War of the Giant Camellia is more of a beginning than an erasure.

2901 words


Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday in the World of the Living and one of the few holidays that easily permeated the Shinigami culture.

1494 words

Book of Exalted Deeds

As clear as day, the name of this book finds her, the Book of Exalted Deeds. A book that holds the truth of the Pantheons of Isekai and their secrets, but it also holds great power that can be bestowed upon those that are devout enough in their faith.

536 words

Shinigami Symbolism

Steeped in the cultures of the samurai that stemmed from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and the traditional culture of Japan in the World of the Living, Shinigami and their culture are greatly immersed and influenced by the meanings of colors and symbols.

1621 words


Known as Legacy, a crown that signifies the ruling power of the Nightbreeze Family, has been the crown jewel of the Human Empire for centuries, a relic of days far behind the horrors of the Eldritch War.

722 words

Ozul's Lair

Mist scatters across the ground, moving in the winding patterns of a great serpent, leading to a cavernous room, far larger than any found in this area of the Underdark.

896 words

Kurnak Silentvigor

In a room full of adults, ancient and long-lived, he is the only child. They question him in quiet whispers and under their breath, but the only thing that betrays his anger at their words is the soft flashes of red across his irises.

378 words

Shinigami Proverbs & Phrases

Like so much of Shinigami culture, the sayings and phrases that are commonly used in the Soul Society find their origins elsewhere, places throughout the World of the Living that have permeated the rather unforgetting culture.

644 words

Pimfire Tealeaf

A Halfling is shrouded in the foliage of a blooming field of Giant Camellias, drawing with a delicate paintbrush on a tablet. With deft strokes, she draws the soft petals of the blossom before muttering a string of words under her breath.

457 words

Dwarven Preservation Corps

The Dwarven Preservation Corps is the sole protector of mining history for the Dwarven Kingdom and the Northern Continent.

1194 words

Dewdrop Tea

Known as Dewdrop Tea, the shimmering effervescent liquid was nearly an addiction, served with every meal if possible. It surprised the taste buds and expanded the senses, creating a nearly divine feeling through taste alone.

592 words

Society for Minotaur History

A rough circle of tents, worn with age and charred at the bottoms, signifies the center of what remains of the history of a lost civilization. Fires crackle within the circle, shadowing the faces of haggard Minotaurs, flickering as they tell stories.

1110 words


Brilliant flames of purple, blue, orange, and pink scatter across a battlefield, alighting the faces of the opposing armies in flickering shades. A quick word, barked in the delicate cadence of Elvish, alights another shimmering ball of flame.

1186 words

Malula Tealeaf

Malula Tealeaf spends her days lost in her notes and observations, much like her family does. Her specialty is the fish, learning about them, cultivating them, expanding the possibilities of aquaculture that can only be found in the Little Greenwood.

318 words

Marver Tealeaf

Marver Tealeaf and his family study the Little Greenwood, lost in their notes & observations as they study & create in order to teach others about the flora & fauna that thrive in the forest. Some of their research helps to expand education & agriculture.

319 words


The title Pommel is not nearly as grand as many like to think. It is nothing more than a title on paper, used for official Dagger Guild purposes, as many who hold it would rather not take such an obscure title upon themselves.

344 words

Noble Crypt Keepers

The Noble Crypt Keepers of the Human Empire are revered nearly as much as they are reviled. Taking the position is a vow of silence, unable to speak of those that rest in the catacombs and their treasures, but it is also a vow of training.

616 words

Dragon Eggs & Other Tales

Nearly one million years ago, the world of Isekai was found by the gods, ready to shape and mold into the world that they wanted it to be. It was a world like no other, one filled with lush flora and deep valleys and lakes.

764 words


A development of the Unending Scroll in their search for artificial creations to make specific cloth, the Cerebellum, along with its siblings, would become one of the most important disability technologies that exists on the Northern Continent.

958 words


Adamantite is a precious commodity, one that the Dwarves hold more dear than anything else that comes from the mines of the world.

1531 words

Butternut Bandits

The most well-known band of thrives in the Little Greenwood, the Butternut Bandits were an odd bunch, only stealing the profits of the forest, but never taking of gold or other valuables. They preferred their bounties in terms of fruit and nectar.

1046 words


Bones is a game of the Minotaur Culture, one they see as more of an art of honor than just a simple gambling game. The outcomes are so deeply ingrained in their sense of honor that losing or leaving a game can bring great shame.

1177 words

Dance of the Sun & Moon

The Dance of the Sun & Moon is the love story of Rhitta of the Sun and Kayn of the Moon and their children born from fleeting touches and devotion above all else.

1249 words

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