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Dewdrop Tea

Favored Drink of the Mauskin

Small hand-blown jars rest beneath the velvet petals of the Giant Camellia blossoms, some half full, some overflowing with a watery substance that simmers like a pool of melted silver. As the sun begins to rise upon the day, a small Mauskin, only four or five summers past, comes to retrieve the jars, tightly sealing the thin metal lids upon them so that she may carry them home in her pack. Colored cloth is pulled from the pack at her side, delicately wrapping the jars before placing them tightly back inside, seven jars collected all together.   These jars will be returned to her mother who will take them around the village, handing out halves or whole jars in trade of fruits and vegetables. Once the Mauskin’s daily portion has arrived, they can begin making their favorite drink, one that tickles the belly and wiggles the whiskers. A drink that is a specialty of only the Little Greenwood and the small folk that live under the stout foliage.   The small Mauskin had retrieved the morning dew from the petals of the Giant Camellia, a delicacy that when mixed with the correct ingredients, created the favorite drink of many a Mauskin. Known as Dewdrop Tea, the shimmering effervescent liquid was nearly an addiction, served with every meal if possible. It surprised the tastebuds and expanded the senses, creating a nearly divine feeling through taste alone.


While the drink is very common, it holds a lot of cultural significance for the Mauskin. Very few races that enter the Little Greenwood dare to wander through the undersides of the Giant Camellia bushes, but it is a constant path for the Mauskin. They often travel below the thick foliage, near to the ground in ways that many do not.   Dewdrop Tea is seen as a specialty of the Mauskin as it is difficult for others to gather the dew that comes from the Giant Camellias. It is unknown why the dew that touches these flowers has such interesting properties in terms of taste and smell, but it is considered a delicacy and an honor if a Mauskin offers this drink to someone from outside the Little Greenwood.  
Dewdrop Tea
A delightful drink, Dewdrop Tea can be made a number of ways, usually involving a variety of fruit chosen by the brewer. Depending on the fruit, the flavor of the dew of the Giant Camellia can change drastically, making each experience different.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Common in the Little Greenwood
Raw materials & Components
The taste of this drink is greatly changed by the type of fruit used, but so far, there have been no poor tasting combinations when using the fruit of the Little Greenwood.

Cover image: Flora & Fauna Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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