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Ozul's Lair

Written by RiverFang

Mist scatters across the ground, moving in the winding patterns of a great serpent, leading to a cavernous room, far larger than any found in this area of the Underdark. A small section of rough stone is all that separates the entrance from the black abyss that fills most of the room. Echoes fill the room as one walks toward the abyss only to find deep scratches that stretch across the side of the bridge that crosses the abyss. Only a creature of massive size could create such deep gouges in the thick stone of the Underdark. Very few things would dare call some place like this home.   Across the bridge over the abyss lies the forgotten city of Dreadfall. Back down the tunnel is the blooming city of Mithril Mantle. Between the two lies a shrouded abyss and stone marked with small animal holes. Only upon closer inspection does one realize these holes are the homes of Kobolds and the reality of the abyss begins to sink in.   Even the closed hallways and open caverns of the Underdark are home to Dragons. Those in the color of Adamantine are best suited for the darkness and confinement of the Underdark than those of the surface. But this confinement does not stop their hoards from growing or from their lairs and lands expanding. Here in the Underdark, Dragons are far more territorial than those above.   The abyss of mist and deep gouges hides the lair of Ozul, an ancient Adamantine Dragon that has called this section of the Underdark his own for possibly centuries. Somewhere far below the bridge to Dreadfall, his hoard hides its wealth. Deep into the tunnel to Mithril Mantle, the homes of his Kobolds stretch.


The abyss almost entirely fills a large cavern that is believed to be at least a mile across. Due to the magic surrounding the lair and Dreadfall, it is nearly impossible to determine the cavern’s exact size. Even so, from the edge of the abyss closest to Mithril Mantle, one can only see roughly a quarter of the way across the abyss. A small landing of about thirty feet can be found on this side of the abyss as well.   Across a natural stone bridge, the city of Dreadfall rests directly on the other side of the abyss. It is assumed that the Dragon’s territory is specifically in the abyss and the side of the abyss closest to Mithril Mantle where the Kobolds live, but there is no clear delineation.


The ecosystem in the cavern is little different than that found elsewhere in the Underdark, but there is distinctly more fog in the area than found elsewhere. The walls have grown some moss due to the moisture, but the closer one gets to the abyss, the less foliage that can be found.
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The history of this area is relatively unknown as most denizens of the Underdark rarely wish to intrude upon the territory of a Dragon. In some ways, the history of the abyss is tied loosely into the history of Dreadfall and its fall, but even those instances are rare and tell little about the lair.   It is believed that Ozul has called this area home for hundreds of years. He and his Kobolds were left to their own devices and few dared venture close enough to learn more about what lay in the abyss.


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9 Dec, 2020 14:48

The description of this sounds really creepy. I love the visual of a long bridge over a bridge.

Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
18 Dec, 2020 06:35

The start of the article is so unnerving! Very well written. I think it is safe to say I would stay away from this area as well. :D

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