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Kurnak Silentvigor

Written by RiverFang

Historian Kurnak Silentvigor

In a room full of adults, ancient and long-lived, he is the only child. They question him in quiet whispers and under their breath, but the only thing that betrays his anger at their words is the soft flashes of red across his irises. When it is his turn to speak, his words ring out proud. He is one of the few of his race that remains. His voice will not be silenced by those who were protected from the horrors of Eldritch War in way as that his people were not.   Kurnak Silentvigor was not old enough to remember the horrors of the Eldritch War like his parents did. His childhood was filled with recounted stories of a brilliant race, the Minotaurs of the Mystic Jungle that were hardened warriors. He heard stories of his grandfather who had been a renowned chieftain who had led his people through the worst of it, only to succumb to the Eldritch horrors like so many others had. Kurnak would never remember his people or the land of his ancestors. His life was defined by a number and a refugee camp, the number of the remaining Minotaurs of Isekai.   The history kept by his parents and the others, the handful of Minotaurs that still remained together, drove Kurnak to speak out and teach others about the rich history of his people. The Society for Minotaur History was not his idea, but he quickly joined it, nothing more than an adolescent when he did. His outspoken ways brought him to the forefront and easily led him to becoming the representative of the society to ASHES.


Family Ties

Date of Birth
23 Spring’s Morning, 242 E.A.
Year of Birth
242 EA 58 Years old
Long, black
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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Dec 9, 2020 15:16 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I like the sound of him - I love the sound of how he speaks with confidence.

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