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Crown Jewel of the Human Empire

Written by RiverFang

A silver circlet rests on her head, inlaid with gems that shine the deep amethyst of the shifting night sky. Its dainty form does little to command any form of respect, barely more than a single ring of silver that nestles within her hair, but its visage on the head of whom many call the Witch Queen in quiet whispers brings reverence where little could be found. The gleaming item has been in her family for generations, nearly as long as the castle she calls home. It denotes her position as Empress, but its position on her head was hard-fought and barely won.   Known as Legacy, a crown that signifies the ruling power of the Nightbreeze Family, has been the crown jewel of the Human Empire for centuries, a relic of days far behind the horrors of the Eldritch War. A simple piece of silver holds a history longer than some races in the land of Isekai, but the Legacy of the Nightbreeze Family is more than just simply a piece of jewelry.   To assume that an item of such renown was simply mundane would be a fool’s errand. Legacy holds the secrets of the Human Culture, embedded in the silver circlet in the amethyst that shines bright like the night. It holds centuries of history, broken memories in swirling frames of flashes of lights, but it also holds the Legacy of the latest Empress, Catherine Nightbreeze, and her ascension to power.   Frames of Alexander Cross and Darius Nizz are at the forefront of the Legacy, their actions to bring the hated Witch Queen to power when her empire so desperately needed it. Those of her father’s time had attempted to keep her from her birthright, but her right would not be denied when many of the Black Children joined her side.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The crown is magical in many ways. Firstly, the crown will change its shape depending upon its current wearer. In the past, Legacy has been a crown, a helm, or a circlet, depending upon the preferences of the current Emperor or Empress. The amethyst that are inlaid in the metal are always prominent features, no matter what shape it takes.   The amethysts that are so prominently displayed on the crown hold the truth of Legacy’s other magical secret. The gems were enchanted to store the memories and secrets of the current ruler, creating a stockpile of information that future rulers could draw from. It records a great deal of the history of the Human Empire, but to access the stored information, the wearer must be a member of the Nightbreeze Family.


Legacy has been the crown jewel of the Human Empire for generations, but its significance lies in the memories and secrets it holds from past rulers. Almost the whole of Human history on Vóreios is stored within the sparkling amethyst of Legacy.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Location
Current Holder
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
The crown is of Dwarven make, utilizing the skills of Dwarves with silver and gemstones to create a magnificent piece. It is said that the item was enchanted by a highly proficient Rune Mage as the request of the Master Dwarf that created it.


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Dec 8, 2020 17:23 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love that it changes shape depending on the preferences of the bearer. I always like that about magical objects. :D The mixture of amethysts and silver is always beautiful. <3   I love its true purpose of containing human history. That's a really cool detail.

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