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Vóreios Gold

Written by RiverFang

A merchant pulls a pouch from his belt, opening it and dumping it on the counter of his stall as the day comes to a close. Coins of gold, silver, copper, and platinum shine back, glinting in the flicking lights of the candles that surround him. It was a productive day, even if the colors of mithril and adamantine do not shine back from the heaping pile that he now has the duty of counting.   As he sifts through the pile, various symbols gleam up at him from the coins, each color marked with a different symbol of their worth. Even the symbols among the individual colors vary, marking the coins as ones from the Human Empire, the Elven Kingdom, and the Dwarven Kingdom. The symbol matters little to the merchant as he counts. The kingdoms and empires of Vóreios had long ago decided that their coins would have the same worth, albeit marked differently according to their origin.   The pile grows smaller as he separates the coins into their various denominations. Gold coins in stacks of ten overshadow the others as one stack, two stacks, ten stacks, are lined up perfectly on the counter. Gold by far was his most taken currency, the brilliant coins the most common of the coins used in Vóreios. The golden coins known simply as Vóreios Gold were one of the continent’s most precious and most common commodities. It was said that everyone on Vóreios had at least one gold coin.


Vóreios Gold is the most common of all the currencies on the continent. It is used the most often in transactions. 1gp is considered the standard for most inn stays and commodities that all other prices are based off of.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
1/2 oz
Base Price


Each empire or kingdom of the Northern Continent has their own symbol that denotes their currency. The symbols may vary by denomination of coin.  
Human Empire
The currency of the Human Empire is called Arms and the gold coins are marked with the symbol of a sword. This currency is also utilized in Coastland and the Goliath's Cradle.  
Elven Kingdom
The currency of the Elven Kingdom is called Foliage and the gold coins are marked with the symbol of a birch leaf.


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3 Dec, 2020 20:15

I really like that the coins have the same value regardless of their origin. That's really useful! :)

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