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Setting Details

Ravare is a Nobledark Fantasy setting with horror influences throughout. The people of the world are cruel, the Divine are ruthless and uncaring, and the creatures of the night are ever-present.  Throughout much of Ravare⁣ the magic is flourishing and is used both as the creator and destroyer of most civilizations. Technology is on the verge of a revolution but constant calamities have kept the world in a dark age for far too long. But this is not to say the world is without hope. Ravare may be a land of monsters but it still has plenty of heroes to fight back the darkness.  Much of the current setting is focused on the region of Haven⁣.

Current Campaign Arc


The Fall of Lady Death

Lady Death has fallen from the heavens, her ever-smoldering corpse left as a grim reminder of the Nine’s greatest triumph and the plague now faced by the living. For you see, without the guidance of the Lady of Finality the dead now roam the world in growing hordes. Ghouls feast upon the flesh of the living while geists drive their minds to madness.
Even with waves of undeath wandering the world, the races have found ways to survive. Families dismember the bodies of their loved ones, cities build great walls to keep the people safe, and burial grounds are set ablaze. A world without the release of death is a world of misery.
You and your allies are Gravehunters, specialized individuals that have mastered various ways of permanently disposing of the undead. You are tasked with reclaiming the land in the name of the living, at any cost.

Welcome to Ravare

Ravare is a Multi-system, Nobledark Fantasy setting with horror influences throughout. We hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions or ideas, please join our Discord!



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