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Waypoint Lore

  T   hroughout Dragonsmoke Archipelago there are a series of disconnected waypoints which the ancients used to easily travel about the realm without depending on the randomly wandering roads. Locating a waypoint establishes a specific site that the character can return to or guide other characters to which will have predictable (non-randomized) features. Once a waypoint is located, the reviewing DM describes those features, such as the environmental hazards, rare resources which might be found there, and common monsters which might live there.   Additionally, waypoints might be located at settlements which will then be available for other characters to travel to (establishing them as concrete within the lore) and possibly housing special vendors.  

Waypoint Types

  There are three categories of waypoints at the moment. Dungeons, Settlements, and Regions.  


  Dungeons are prebuilt dungeons, map included, with randomly numbered rooms that has a wandering encounter, room-assigned encounter, trap, hidden chest, boss, or descriptive text. These are large in size and are often composed of more than 10 encounters. Playing through a dungeon will earn you a name on the "Dungeon Cleared" list for that dungeon in addition to access to a few treasure hoards, dependent on the difficulty of the dungeon and your tier of play.   These are not meant to be completed in one session. You may reach a checkpoint, end your session, and resume it at a later date. Ping a DM so they can help you lock in your checkpoint.   Dungeons also have an associated WorldAnvil article that will include all of the dungeon details you need to be successful. The need to swap between browser and discord and to copy and paste makes this terrible to accomplish on mobile. You can also ping a DM to help navigate you through the dungeon.  


  These are what they say. This is your opportunity to create specific buildings (inns, stables, castles, forts, races and the like) that become lore in the New World. Settlements often have wanted posters with significant rewards for unique monsters. They also offer quests, house player guilds, and contain special NPC vendors. If you get lucky, they may even be vendors that dabble in magical arts and thus have magical wares to sell!  


  If you aren't keen on grinding through a dungeon or dealing with people (NPCs), but find the idea of battling the environment in addition to deadly monsters, then regions are for you. These offer more special encounters (and in some cases, ones that can be slain more than once) than the other two waypoint types. Help us build a forest, cave complex, underdark region, desert, jungle, tundra, or whatever fits your fancy.  

Unlocking a Waypoint

  Using 50 downtime days and a brief description of the place you discover, you can unlock a waypoint. If I wanted to unlock a waypoint, I would head over to the #waypoint-requests channel, and provide the following:  
  • Name of the location
  • Level tier of the region (1-4)
  • Terrain type
  • Waypoint Type (Dungeon, Settlement, Region)
  • Optional
    • Types of monsters in the region
    • Lore surrounding the region
    • Harvestable material you'd like to see in the region
  Once your request is made, a DM will look over the information you provided and begin to develop the newly discovered waypoint! You will get credit for the waypoint's discovery in addition to a finder's fee as listed below.  

Finder's Fee

Waypoint/Character Tier Cash Reward Reputation Reward (if applicable)
Tier I 500gp 50
Tier II 2,000gp 100
Tier III 8,000gp 200
Tier IV 16,000gp 400

Cheaper Waypoints

  If you utilize the random terrain generation (alias coming soon!) found in Chapter 9 of the Solo Adventurers Toolbox and stumble upon a noteworthy location, then you can redeem that "find" and spend 10 less downtime days to unlock it. Additionally, you earn yourself a random item on a magic item table, based on character level tier.  

Additional Information



  A waypoint is a geographic location within the Dragonsmoke Archipelago that becomes permanent. The region about it doesn't change. The Iron Coin establishes a two-way teleportation ring that you can use to travel between the Waypoint and WIldcross instantenously and freely. Not only do you get to contribute to the world-building of the Dragonsmoke Archipelago, but it unlocks some neat perks.  

Using a Waypoint in Solos

  To use a waypoint, type !waypoint to see a list of available waypoints; this list will display the command associated with each waypoint. If I wanted to visit Thas'ru, I'd type !wpThasru. Waygate travel is currently a free service. Now that you're there, you can hunt down the special encounters or work on gathering the region-specific magical materials; in the case of Thas'ru, this is Golden Hibiscus!  

One-time Encounters

  Every waypoint comes with a number of unique, one-time monsters that each drop hoards of treasure. Once they've been slain, their loot is no longer obtainable and the slayer is listed on both the alias, and the WorldAnvil article of the waypoint. This is one of the few ways you can obtain magical items in your solo adventures.   It is important to realize that some of these elite encounters have special notes on their Waypoint Article. You must satisfy those conditions to qualify for the fat loot each special encounter awards.   Every waypoint also comes with a harvestable material. Hillsfar allows the mining of Cold Steel, which is more effective against Fey and Fiends. Marxstaff allows the skinning of Infernal Leather, which can be used to make leather armor that's resistant to fire. Bellrock allows the collection of poison. Here are the gathering and crafting guides.  

Unique Vendors

  If a settlement is discovered, there's a possibility that it will house some special vendors, like poison vendors, magic item vendors, and the like.  

Currently Discovered Waypoints

  To see a list of waypoints in discord, type !waypoint.

Table of Contents


Tier I Waypoints

Frozen Portal
Alias: !wpFrozenPortal

Nolzuran River Valley
Alias: !wpNolzuran

Oasis of Thyestes
Alias: !wpThyestes

Rogues' Gallery
Alias: !wpRoguesGallery

Shrine of the Last Badger
Alias: !wpBadgerShrine

Town of Hillsfar
Alias: !wpHillsfar

Tier II Waypoints

Alias: !wpCuttleton

Dragon's Gate
Alias: !wpDragonsGate

Dunstone Atoll
Alias: !wpDunstone

Endless Library
Alias: !wpEndlessLibrary

Jagged Cliffs
Alias: !wpJaggedCliffs

Hamlet of Marxstaff
Alias: !wpMarxstaff

Metropolis of Thas'ru
Alias: !wpThasru

Rogues' Gallery Inner Sanctum
Alias: !wpRoguesGalleryII

Savage Haunt
Alias: !wpSavageHaunt

Sonniken Pleasure Yacht
Alias: !wpSonnikenYacht

Wave Echo Cave
Alias: !wpWaveEchoCave

Tier III Waypoints

Cascade Caverns
Alias: !wpCascade

Caves of Deshault
Alias: !wpDeshault

Frost Fire Island
Alias: !wpFrostFire

Niaver Wilds
Alias: !wpNiaver

Tidalock Island
Alias: !wpTidalock

Village of Bellrock
Alias: !wpBellrock

Tier IV Waypoints

Arbor of Light
Alias: !wpArborLight

Ash Fields
Alias: !wpAshFields

Corpse of Mirovoyzmey
Alias: !wpCorpse

Deepwood Chambers
Alias: !wpDeepwood

Alias: !wpMeadowglade

Nexus Core
Alias: !wpNexus

Pools of the Seers
Alias: !wpPools

World Altar
Alias: !wpWorldAltar