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Frost Fire Island


Waytravel to Frost Fire Island

A   howling gale assails you as you step from the waypoint, as a storm peppers you with torrential rain coming in off the sea. The flickering sparks of teleportation energy linger overlong, as the hum of an imminent lightning strike continues to raise the hairs on your body. Shielding your eyes against the wind, you look about the wracked landscape of Frost Fire Island. It is difficult to imagine anything could survive here long.  

Features of Frost Fire Island


Powerful Storms assail Frost Fire Island at all times. Treat all combat encounters as though they are in the midst of High Winds. At the end of each Short Rest, roll 1d20. On a result of 16 or above, the area is under the effect of Strong Winds, which last until the end of the next combat encounter. On initiative count 0 of combat, roll 1d20 for each creature present on the Battlefield. On a result of 20, the creature must make a DC 13 Dexterity Saving Throw, taking 4d10 lightning damage on a failure, or half as much on a success.  

High Winds

Turbulent gusts sweep across the land. Select a wind direction based on locale or roll a d4 and consult the table. Flying creatures gain +10 movement speed when moving with the wind, and –10 movement speed when moving against it. All ranged weapon attacks have a –2 to attack rolls, and their range is reduced by half when shooting into the wind.  

Strong Winds

A strong wind imposes disadvantage on ranged weapon attack rolls and Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing. A strong wind also extinguishes open flames, disperses fog, and makes flying by nonmagical means nearly impossible. A flying creature in a strong wind must land at the end of its turn or fall.  

Children of the Storm

All creatures native to Frost Fire Island have immunity to Lightning damage. For narrative purposes, wyrmlings, wyverns, and half-dragons should be treated as bronze dragons or bronze dragon kin.  

Special Encounters of Frost Fire Island

Usogosdagigage Koga

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable?
CR 12: Arclight Phoenix Treasure Hoard Yes

Slayer(s) Date Slain

WANTED: Usogosdagigage Koga     Description of this Arclight Phoenix.
  • Choose a Travel Pace, based on the slowest character's speed, per the Movement section in the Adventuring Chapter on page 181 of the Player's Handbook. A character must navigate 200 miles of Frost Fire Island to reach Usogosdagigage Koga's pillar, using the Overarching Terrain: Coastal table in the Solo Adventurers Toolbox. Roll 1d100 to determine the Terrain Features that the character is travelling through, and roll 1d100 on any associated Minor Feature table to determine specific events that the character may encounter. Each discovery of a "Clue" through this process reduces the total distance requirement by 25 miles. Additionally, for every 24 hours, roll 1d100 6 times; On a Result of 25 or less, consult !table wilderness to see if you encounter anything unexpected.
  • Survive five lightning strikes while on Frost Fire Island.
  • Usogosdagigage Koga is an avatar of world spirits as ancient and ineffable as the gods themselves. To be graced with her presence, a character must expend one Divine Favor.
Encounter Notes
Usogosdagigage Koga's Intelligence and Charisma scores are both 12, which raises her ability score modifier and saving throw bonus for each to +1. She understands Common and Primordial, and can speak telepathically out to a range of 120 feet. Otherwise her statistics are the same as any Arclight Phoenix, except as described below.

  Usogosdagigage Koga will attempt to grapple and drag any large or smaller enemy standing near the edge of the pillar's top or on the highest set of stairs, in an attempt to force them to fall from the pillar. Creatures which fall and have no magical means of suspending their descent must succeed on a DC 13 Dexterity Saving throw or take 10d6 bludgeoning damage as they fall to the next lower set of stairs. Usogodagigage Koga will not pursue creatures who are on the lowest set of stairs, but will position herself in the air above the pillar to prevent line of sight for ranged attacks or spells.

  If all enemies are standing atop the pillar and are not near enough to the edge to be dragged off, Usogosdagigage Koga will make routine use of the Flyby ability to stay out of melee reach of any enemy atop the pillar where she makes her nest, and will not voluntarily end her turn above the pillar. The lightning strikes on Frost Fire Island are most severe in the presence of Usogosdagigage Koga. Roll twice for each creature on Initiative count 0 to determine when creatures are struck by lightning.

  Regeneration. While in the storm surrounding her pillar, Usogosdagigage Koga regains 10 hit points at the start of her turn if she has at least 1 hit point.

  Upon Usogosdagigage Koga's death, if she is not above the pillar, the egg which forms from her body is blown away by her Crackling Death burst and falls out of sight. Usogosdagigage Koga will hatch from the egg after a week and can be challenged by the next character to reach the summit, but she will avoid any character which has defeated her in combat in the past. If Usogosdagigage Koga is slain above the pillar, her egg can be caught with a successful DC 18 Dexterity Saving Throw. A character may expend 5 Lore, Divine Favor, or Contacts to learn of the methods of hatching the egg. Upon doing so, any creature aware of this information may touch the egg and expend 13 spell slots to hatch Usogosdagigage Koga. If she is reborn in this way, she is allied to whomever expended the spell slots and she can no longer be challenged at the pillar on Frost Fire Island.

  The allied Usogosdagigage Koga acts on her own initiative in combat and obeys verbal commands from her summoner, but is not compelled to act against her nature and will abandon the summoner and return to her pillar if she is displeased with their actions. Her alignment is chaotic neutral. She craves the destruction of all artifice and civilization and is responsible for the downfall of the society which once stood on Frost Fire Island. She likes beasts, elementals, fey, and plant creatures, as well as Druids and Rangers. She hates constructs, devils, humanoids, and undead, in particular Artificers and Wizards.

  Map Command
!i begin
!i add 50 DM
!i madd "Arclight Phoenix" -name "Usogosdagigage Koga (Arclight Phoenix)"
!map -bg -mapsize 32x46 -options c50 -t koga|z6
  You start at F23 or F24.  


CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 13: Skyswimmer Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
WANTED: Colossica   Description of this Skyswimmer.
  • Spend 48 hours on the island. For every 24 hours, roll 1d100 6 times; On a Result of 25 or less, consult !table wilderness to see if you encounter anything unexpected.
  • Roleplay getting caught in an extreme storm for those 48 hours. Include elements as to why your character is stranded, what their plan is to reach safety, challenges to that plan, and any despair that arises from those challenges.
  • Complete a moderate survival skill challenge to navigate through the hurricane which surrounds Colossica at all times.
Encounter Notes
Colossica is an eldritch horror on the scale of great old ones; the sort of awe striking presence to which primitive civilizations would give reverence, but fully corporeal. For all, but demigods, one's hope of surviving an encounter with Colossica is to fall beneath its notice. In addition to the statistics above, Colossica has the following abilities:

Regeneration. Colossica regains 10 hit points at the start of its turn if it has at least 1 hit point.   Legendary Actions. Colossica can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The Conduit regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Serpentine Slam. Colossica makes a slam attack and moves up to half its speed.
Titanic Presence. Colossica ends one condition currently effecting it of its choice. Colossica may use this Legendary Action even if incapacitated.
Thunderous Roar (Costs 2 Actions). All creatures within 60 feet of Colossica must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw, taking 10 (3d6) thunder damage and 10 (3d6) psychic damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.     Map Command
!i begin
!i add 50 DM
!i madd "Skyswimmer" -name "Colossica (Skyswimmer)"
!map -bg -mapsize 69x48 -options c25 -t coloss|ay39|g|||40
  You start at R1.  
  • Coins: 2,000pp, 19,000gp
  • Gems: 4x Black Opal, 3x Fire Opal, 1x Opal (1,000gp each).

Bargain and Broach

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 14: Ice Devil Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
WANTED: Bargain and Broach   Description of this Ice Devil.
  • Spend 24 hours on the island. For every 24 hours, roll 1d100 6 times; On a Result of 25 or less, consult !table wilderness to see if you encounter anything unexpected.
  • Complete a moderate skill challenge, involving one successful Arcana check to pierce the wards on this end of Frost Fire Island.
  • Expend one Lore to recognize the dangers of bargaining with a powerful fiend, in particular one which can manifest in the material realms unaided.
  • Roleplay your discovery of the altar of Bargain and Broach and the snap frost which consumes the sea beyond the shore.
Encounter Notes
On its first turn in combat, Bargain summons another allied named Broach, who remains for 1 minute, or until it or Bargain dies. This uses Bargain's Summon Devil ability for the day. Unlike most Devil Summonings, this has a 100% chance of success.   On initiative count 0 of each round, roll 1d20 to check for wind speed. On a result of 16 or higher, gusts increase the wind speed to Strong Winds for the next round. Otherwise, the wind speed remains only as High Winds.   Map Command
!i begin
!i add 50 DM
!i madd "Ice Devil" -name "Bargain (Ice Devil)"
!map -bg -options c25 -mapsize 48x69 -t bargain|x13|l
  You start at A16 or A17.  


CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 15: Adult Bronze Dragon Treasure Hoard No N/A
WANTED: Meitasalauguns   The ancient bronze dragon overlord which guarded Frost Fire Island has long ago fallen, and in his passing charged the floating stones with primordial energies, causing them to float through the air untethered by normal gravity. Here, amidst the tumbling rocks and bolts of lightning, his progeny has built her lair. The eldest of his bronze dragon spawn, Meitasalauguns, has built a throne at the peak from which she holds dominion over Frost Fire Island, as she works to rebuild the empire first held by her father.
  • Spend 24 hours on the island. For every 24 hours, roll 1d100 6 times; On a Result of 25 or less, consult !table wilderness to see if you encounter anything unexpected.
  • Roleplay discovering the floating stones of Frost Fire Island
  • Succeed on an additional Strength Saving Throw before completing the Skill Challenge. Failure requires you to wait 24 hours until the stones align properly again to retry your ascent.
  • Complete an moderate physical skill challenge, including at least one successful Strength saving throw to ascend to the platform.
Encounter Notes
Strong Winds are constantly present on the battlefield, but Meitasalauguns is always unaffected. Anywhere on the map which is not clearly stone, is considered open air. If a flying creature is forced to land on a region of open air, they are knocked prone and fall for 600 feet. A prone creature must succeed on a DC 13 Strength saving throw, followed by a DC 13 Dexterity Saving Throw to safely maneuver to a floating stone below the battlefield. On a failure, they take 20d6 bludgeoning damage at the end of their next turn as they impact the ground in an uncontrolled fall. On a success, they begin their next turn 600 feet below their position on the battlefield and must ascend the floating stones once more, by any means at their disposal, or they may flee in failure.

The floating stones are considered the Lair of Meitasalauguns, and she will routinely use the Fog Cloud Lair Action to conceal the ground around creatures. Any creature which moves more than 10 feet in a round while within the Fog Cloud effect without using a Fly or Climb speed, must succeed on a DC 13 Perception check (made at disadvantage) to avoid accidentally running off of a ledge and falling as described above. A creature with Tremorsense is unaffected by this aspect of the Lair Action.

Meitasalauguns will attempt to use her Repulsion Breath ability to knock creatures from her lair and will not pursue creatures after they have fallen, if they make no attempt to return to the battlefield.   Map Command
!i begin
!i add 50 DM
!i madd "Adult Bronze Dragon" -name "Meitasalauguns (Adult Bronze Dragon)"
!map -bg -options c25 -mapsize 80x44 -t bronze|ax16|h
  You start at N1 or O1.  

Natural Resources

Monsters of CR 2 and above likely congregate around formations of fulgurite.
New World Harvesting Guide


When elemental lightning strikes areas of sand or loose soil, the stricken ground may fuse into a vitrified mineral formation known as fulgurite. Arcanists and armorers prize this material for its attunement to electrical energies.
Unit Value: 250gp
  • Weapons made from fulgurite are considered magical for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction, and deal an additional 1d6 lightning damage on a hit.
  • A sufficiently skilled craftsman can forge fulgurite into metal Armor of Lightning Resistance (Medium and Heavy armor, but not Hide).
  • A creature carrying an item made from fulgurite automatically succeeds on saving throws against lightning damage from natural sources, such as storms.
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