The Laurelglow region of Thetwick Isle shares a thin border with the Feywild, which spills through often in the form of rampant faeries and dancing satyrs. Visitors to the region find their emotions heightened and the very air saturated with music and color. Grave danger lurks in these idyllic fields as one's senses may be clouded to vicious predators or body, mind, and soul.  

Features of the Laurelglow Region

The Laurelglow Region is home to some of the most energetic and active fey which inhabit the material realm, and their vitality is literally infectious.  

Petrifying Vines

Outside of the Metropolis of Thas'ru or other standing structures, when such creatures are present and exhilarated (such as during combat), it causes vegetation to stir in the area and grow at an alarming pace. At the end of each creature's turn, if it has not moved since then end of its last turn, it must succeed on a Dexterity Saving Throw (DC 10) or be grappled by vines, Escape DC 10. If a creature does not escape the grapple before the end of its next turn, it must succeed on a Strength Saving Throw (DC 10) or become restrained by the vines, Escape DC 10. A creature which is reduced to 0 hit points while restrained by the vines is immediately stabilized, but falls under the effect of the petrified condition. If, for any reason, the Iron Coin does not intervene, the creature can be restored by removing them from the region and casting Greater Restoration or similar magic.  

Pockets of Fey Magic

Whenever a spellcaster uses a spell in the Laurelglow Region, outside of the Metropolis of Thas'ru or other standing structures, there is a chance that the rampant fey magic present in the area will take hold of the weave and warp it. When a spell of 1st level or higher is cast using a spell slot, roll 1d20. On a result of 1, consult !mishap wild to determine what sort of additional effect takes place.  

Resting in the Laurelglow Region

The creatures of the Laurelglow Region instinctively leave be any creature which is peacefully resting. The DC to find a campsite in the Laurelglow Region is 4. However, whenever a creature completes a long rest in which they sleep, roll 1d100. On a result of 100, they awake to find that they have aged 1d6 years, though no additional time has passed.   Roll a d4. On a 1, it is precipitating.   If it's raining, do you have a tent? If not, another survival check might be required to see if you can construct a bivouac. If so, what materials are around? Adjust the above DC by 3, and make the roll.  

No Campsite?

  If the player fails to find a campsite, they can attempt to rest anyway, but you are at risk of two things happening: you are interrupted or you are unable to complete a long rest, gaining only the benefits of a short rest instead.
  • Increased likelihood of being disturbed based on how poor your roll was
  • You may not get a full rest which may result in you only getting a short rest rather than a long rest (!heydm do I still get to long rest? unlikely)


  You can continue travelling, which will result in another d100 roll to see whether you encounter something. For every roll of 25 and below, you have an encounter. After travelling for this amount of time, another mile or two, you can roll to find a campsite again.  

Disturbances While Sleeping

  Make a !heydm am i interrupted? roll to determine whether your PC is disturbed while asleep (!heydm help! for command help). Adjust likelihood modifier according to population area, and how much you aced the Survival check by.   For example, Leytra, an elven ranger, got a 15 on his survival check (DC 10) to find a camp. He then makes a !heydm am i interrupted? very unlikely roll. This modifier was determined based on the table below; Leytra did well on the survival check, finding a nice, secluded campsite. If the answer is yes, Leytra is disturbed while resting.   If you are interrupted, run the !camp command to find out what wakes you.  
  A successful survival check results in a decreased likelihood of interruption. If I beat the DC by 2 or 3, it is unlikely that I'll be interrupted.
  • !heydm am i interrupted? unlikely
  A failed survival check results in an increased likelihood of interruption. If I fail the DC by 2 or 3, it is likely that I'll be interruped.
  • !heydm am i interrupted? likely
Survival +/- DC Modifier (Skill Check Passed) Modifier (Skill Check Failed)
0-1 !heydm am i interrupted? average !heydm am i interrupted? somewhat likely
2-3 !heydm am i interrupted? unlikely !heydm am i interrupted? likely
3-5 !heydm am i interrupted? very unlikely !heydm am i interrupted? very likely
6-8 !heydm am i interrupted? no way !heydm am i interrupted? near sure thing
9+ !heydm am i interrupted? impossible !heydm am i interrupted? sure thing
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