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Waytravel to Thas'ru...

  W   ithin the eastern stretches of the small Thetwick Isle is the fey-touched Laurelglow Region. Here, clinging to the cliffs of the island lies Thas'ru, the herculean, terraced, Romanesque city of centaurs. They glory in combat and athletic prowess, their main sport being the Ring of Triumph. Satyrs, faerie dragons, sprites and more can be found here. The landscape is impressive in its drastic extremes in elevation. It's highest peak stands about 17,000 feet above sea level. The variety in flora and fauna, its overgrowth, coupled with its blinding spectrum of colors add to the island's incredulity. But such are locations that manifest the touch of the Feywild.   Tier II Waypoint | The Iron Coin will not allow anyone through of 4th level or lower. The monsters present flee instinctively should anyone of 11th level or higher arrive.  

Laurelglow Solo Encounters

CR ⅛: Boggle
CR ¼: Sprite or Pixie
CR ½: Satyr
CR 1: Faerie Dragon (Younger)
CR 2: Centaur
CR 3: Red Cap or Green Hag

Laurelglow Special Encounters

  The following encounters appear only once. When they have been slain and their rewards taken, they do not return. Notify a DM, so that they can list the slayer.  

The Metalthing (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 5: Gorgon Treasure Hoard Yes Aggoneus Willowmuse
SLAIN: The Metalthing   A group of peaceful satyrs were reveling responsibly outside of the city proper, as they were supposed to, when a hideous screeching sound ruined the party. The earth began to rumble slightly before the revel gave way to a hideous bull-creature of large proportions and furious demeaner. Many of the satyrs were turned to stone and crushed. To the families of those, I extend my deepest apologies. We are offering quite the reward for whomever brings the metalthing down; we shan't have more incidents like this.   Aggoneus tracked down The Metalthing from the source of its attack on the reveling satyrs to its home. He dealt with a few rogue satyrs and centaurs on the way before stumbling upon the beast's lair on a cliff's edge. The centaur's resolve wavered; this creature was mighty. But it seems another, one Antonio, had been hunting this beast and hopped in the fray with his pet eagle, saving Aggoneus from being strong-armed, stoned, and pulverized to dust...
— Lord Snodrenton
  • Complete an easy skill challenge to track down the metalthing's lair
  • Roll for 8 random encounters en route to the metalthing's lair
  • You can roll 2 less times for random encounters if you succeed on scaling the cliffs (moderate skill challenge) rather than following the path to hike the cliffs
Encounter Notes
The Metalthing has a cave on the reaches of the mountains northwest of Thas'ru. It's a days journey, but the way is strewn with smashed and splintered trees, trodden corpses, and broken stone statues. Its cave is on a 40x40 ledge with a 100x2d100 drop. Don't get pushed off!  
  • Coins: 110pp, 1700gp, 4000sp, 500cp
  • Art Objects: 16x 25gp

Skyterror (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 6: Chimera Treasure Hoard Yes Professor Armature and Marsyas 23 September 2021
INVESTIGATE: Missing Livestock   "Perhaps you were right, old friend. It was foolish of me to believe that we alone were suited to this task. This creature nearly had us, and had we not succeeded the mystery of raids would have continued to elude the people of Thas'ru. I was hasty... overconfident.. too eager to prove that I was correct, that my intellect had won the day, and it nearly cost you your life."
— Professor Bastion Armature PhD
  • Talk with local farmers to discover that a dark shape in the night has been seen plunging from the night sky and carrying off livestock
  • Roll for random encounters (4d100) -- any 30 or below results in a medium Thas'rian monster encounter
  • Complete a fast moderate tracking skill challenge
  • You'll find an injured (near death) adventurer (guard at 1 hit point) who was attacked by a three-headed monstrosity that flew away, leaving him for dead; you have time for a short rest before the chimera returns to finish him off
Encounter Notes
  • The chimera gets a surprise round if your passive perception is less than 15. If your passive perception is more than 15, you must roll a stealth check for the chimera
  • The chimera prefers the hit and run tactic once it drops to 75% of its health; it will dash into the heavily obscured forest and hide until its breath weapon recharges; note that it has a passive perception of 18 when trying to relocate its opponents
  • Coins: 140pp, 2700gp, 9000sp, 700cp
  • Art Objects: 6x 25gp

The Watchers (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 7: Shield Guardian
CR 4: Oracle
Treasure Hoard Yes Dao Ban
Marigold Swiftwhistle
7 May 2021
Random Discovery: The Watchers   With our death our mission breaks, safety you destroy.
— Eleyta, Oracle
  • The Watchers can only be found when you've discovered a Monster Lair using the random world generation process found in The Solo Toolbox; you will likely face other encounters if you follow this process
Encounter Notes
  • Vitrolic Sphere is the spell stored in the Shield Guardian
  • In order to identify that the oracle is wearing an amulet connected to the shield guardian, you must succeed on a !setdc perception check (action required), followed by a DC16 arcana check (consumes no action)
  • These guarded a crypt where the remains of followers of Bhaal are kept. The death of The Watchers breaks the seal that keeps them dead. This spurs a group adventure to clear the crypts

Nine Screams

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 8: Hydra Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
WANTED: Nine Screams   In the defiled Pools of Agoneth lives a monster of legends. Once the pools were a place of healing, but the many-headed monster tainted its now-murky waters. Beware Nine Screams and the heroes it has swallowed whole.
— Lord Snodrenton
  • Hard social skill challenge to find someone that can point you in the direction of these ancient, long-forgotten pools
  • Medium tracking skill challenge to find the pools
Encounter Notes
  • The pools are heavily obscured and 60 feet deep
  • The hydra will retreat into the depths of the pools when it reaches 10% hp; the pools will replenish its (and your) health by 10 points per round while it is completely submerged

Trilliaris the Mad

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 9: Conclave Dryad Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
Random Discovery: Trilliaris the Mad   The wild is mine, mine, mine, and my thorns must spread, spread, spread!
— Trilliaris
  • Trilliaris the Mad can only be found when you've discovered a Monster Lair using the random world generation process found in The Solo Toolbox; you will likely face other encounters if you follow this process
  • You must fight 3 medium encounters of plant-type monsters in which she casts one of these spells (unseen) on round 2 of each encounter: dispel magic, entangle, plant growth, spike growth
Encounter Notes
  • Her mount is already summoned
  • The spells she used in the previous encounters are renewed
  • You fight her in thick growth that is difficult terrain and lightly obscured

Togem the Impassable (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 10: Stone Golem Treasure Hoard Yes Tort
28 March 2021
Treasure Hunting: "Togem" the Impassable   In the farthest reaches of Laurelglow, a massive statue stands at the opening of pass that burrows through the mountains, its opening exquisite and grand. Smashed remains of explorers lie at the base of the opening...
— Thoglut Ridgescorn
  • Purchase a ticket to watch a bout in the Ring of Triumph (10gp)
  • While enjoying the spectacle, seek out Thoglut Ridgescorn for treasure hunting rumors you've heard (easy social skill challenge)
  • Spend three days in the wilderness to reach Togem's Pass
Encounter Notes
  • Togem will spend 1 action placing a boulder in the entrance of the path if it is attacked with range; it will then pursue its attacker up to 120 feet away
  • The pass is in a 30-foot radius clearing; outside the perimeter it is heavily obscured
  • Aside from bearing the treasure listed below, you must come up with where Togem's Pass leads


CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 11: Gynosphinx Treasure Hoard No N/A
Dungeon Boss: Damaneus   This place has been sealed off from sniveling mortals. You have poked your nose in places it does not belong, and so, you must die.
— Damaneus
  • Togem the Impassable is slain
  • The interested slayer has posted in #lfgm
Encounter Notes
  • DM-Led

Natural Resources

Fey of CR 1 or higher may be in the area of units of Golden Hibiscus if aggressive.
  New World Harvesting Guide

Golden Hibiscus

A plant with lanceolate leaves with a toothed margin and a large, trumpet-shaped yellow flower with five petals.
  Unit value: 10 gp
Bomb Effect: Slipperiness Poison Effect: Weakness (Intelligence) Potion Effect: Melee


As a city founded by centaurs, they make up the vast majority of the population, but the metropolis serves as the home to a handful of other varieties of the fair folk. Colorful eladrin roam the streets as vibrant and varied as any tropical flowers. Halflings and gnomes share a close connection with the Feywild, but serve as some of the more stable citizens of the city. The occasional firbolg can be found running an apothecary or herbalist, while Leonin number among the more popular gladiators in the Ring of Triumph. Nearly every theater, tavern, or plaza plays host to a dancing satyr, boisterously playing music for their own enjoyment more than for their audience. Humans are present, but quite rare, often remaining secluded due to the comparative overstimulation of the rest of the city's residents.

d100 Racial Demographic Pop. %
01-74 Centaur 74%
75-81 Eladrin 7%
82-87 Halfling 6%
88-91 Leonin 4%
92-94 Satyr 3%
95-97 Gnome 3%
98-99 Firbolg 2%
00 Human 1%

Industry & Trade

The Eladrin of Thas'ru run a bustling textile industry, producing silks and linens of superlative quality. A famous tailor (Continued) 

  No city is without crime, even one run by militant centaurs, so thieving supplies are available for those who know where and how to look.

  The Bank of Thas'ru is an impressive structure fashioned and faced from brilliant white marble, housing as much wealth beneath it as has been carved into its exterior and hung from its walls.

  Centaur smithies dot the city, of varying quality feeding the ravenous weapons trade which forms the heart of the city's important and exports. Weapons specialists are still more numerous, with three rival centaur families vying for supremacy in the market.

  Magic Items Shop,



  The Stroppy Quipper is a bustling inn of average quality but famous reputation, run by a rare human woman who trades more in rumors than rooms. The service is warm and welcoming and caters to visitors of all builds and backgrounds.


  Gnome Vehicles,


  Eladrin Jeweler,

  Halfling Food Shop,

  Leonin Mercenary Guild,

  Firbolg Apothecary

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Aggoneus Willowmuse
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The City of Centaurs
For such a small island, the population in Thas'ru is staggering. At one million permanent residents, you'll rarely run into the same stranger twice.
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