Selling Art Objects and Gems in New World - Dragonsmoke Archipelago | World Anvil

Selling Art Objects and Gems

Tax Free

  Art Objects and Gems do not count towards your session's gross income (they are protected from insurance costs).  


  Gems retain their full value; people will not pay more or less for these. For a quick and easy link to view the various types of gems for roleplay fun, click here.  

Art Objects

  You can sell an art object at 75% its value at no cost to you. You can sell an art object at 100% its value if you consume downtime to sell it. See the table below to determine how much downtime it costs to sell your item. You can sell an art object at 125% its value if you pair your downtime with an fast moderate social skill challenge.
  • A failed fast moderate social skill challenge means you're swindled 15%. You sell it 85% of its listed price.
  • You are not required to tackle an equivalent level encounter if you fail; your penalty for failure is less gold.
  • A successful skill check also awards you the relevant experience.
Art Object Cost (in gp) Downtime Cost
1 - 249 1
250 - 749 2
750 - 2,499 3
2,500 - 7,499 4
7,500+ 5