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A   coastal settlement on a cliff overlooking the ocean with light woodlands on the outskirts. It's an interesting town with some colorful and hostile people and... things scheming about. It's not personal, it's just... some kind of business. Home to the Pitt Brothers pies, the Iron Coin's up-and-coming competitor, The Platinum Star Insurance, Soupowl McGoogan for all your nice medicines, Greasy Johan's legitimately sourced products, The Vespertine Decimation nun's warrior guild are just some of the interesting places you might see when visiting. Oh, and beware the The Torn Ligaments orc encampment somewhere outside of the town!  

Establishments of Cuttleton

There are many businesses that have managed to eke out an existence in town, despite the constant threat of incursion from the nearby orcs.  

The Pitt Brothers

They make filled pies, pasties, sausages and puddings. They pay good prices for meat and they don't ask too many questions about where you got it. They are harsh but fair. Once you shake on a deal, one way or another you're filling their pies.

Platinum Star Insurance

An up and comer alternative to the Iron Coin still in their humble beginnings, operating out of a caravan usually parked around town. They often pay adventurers to escort their revival technicians (a man with a wheelbarrow) to conflict sites to retrieve bodies. Anyone they can't revive with a little herbal tea gets thrown into a ravine.

Soupbowl McGoogan

A wizened tortle who runs a series of homeopathic medicine shops. His potions are some of the weakest, most potent dilutions on the market! Also has a line in crystal healing. May or may not be sitting on the calcified corpse of a celestial from which those healing crystals are chipped off. Nothing proven so far!

Greasy Johan

A procurer and retailer of legitimately sourced products at reasonable prices. Definitely not a front for a thieves guild.

The Vespertine Decimation

A sect of warrior nuns who run a convalescent home on a bluff overlooking the town. While they mostly live in peaceful harmony, they are more than willing to spin up their nunchucks if they feel threatened.  

Special Encounters of Cuttleton


Slain: Offcut

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 8: Fiendish Flesh Golem Treasure Hoard Yes Lieutenant Drallengray & Triskaphobio (RIP) 14 July 2021
WANTED: Offcut   The Pitt Brothers' pie factory is was guarded by an unholy abomination made of all the bits that didn't make it into a sausage or pie filling. Now it lies as gore in the goreroom.
  • Spend 24 hours in town. For every 24 hours, roll 1d100 6 times; On a Result of 25 or less, consult !table urban to see if you encounter anything unexpected.
  • Roleplay Visiting the Pitt Brothers' Pie Factory
  • Succeed on a DC 15 Constitution Saving Throw. On a failure, you flee from the stench and cannot bring yourself to return for another 24 hours
  • Complete an moderate investigation skill challenge
Encounter Notes
Additional Notes regarding the fight with Offcut.   Map Command
!i begin
!i add 50 DM
!i madd "Fiendish Flesh Golem" -name "Offcut (Fiendish Flesh Golem)"
!map -bg -mapsize 30x30 -options c40 -t offcut|n16|l
  You start at A16 or A17.  
  • Coins: 130pp, 3,000gp, 5,000sp, 500cp
  • Gems: 3x Citrine, 3x Sardonyx, 3x Star Rose Quartz (50gp each).
  • Magic Items: Oil of Sharpness

Sister Bloodfist

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 9: War Priest Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
WANTED: Sister Bloodfist   Rumors abound that Sister Bloodfist of the Vespertine Decimation has slowly been slipping into madness. Though the administratum of the convent would not admit that the one who sits at the right hand of Matron Kneecapper had fallen so low, those nuns who suffer her mercurial and tyrannical whims have been praying for deliverance.
  • Spend 24 hours in town. For every 24 hours, roll 1d100 6 times; On a Result of 25 or less, consult !table urban to see if you encounter anything unexpected.
  • Roleplay Visiting the Vespertine Decimation Convent
  • Succeed on a moderate investigation skill challenge, including at least one successful Wisdom (Insight) check
Encounter Notes
Sister Bloodfist starts combat with 3 allied Acolytes.
Sister Bloodfist can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. Sister Bloodfist regains spent legendary actions at the start of her turn.
  • Maul Attack. Sister Bloodfist makes one maul attack.
  • Divine Fervor. Sister Bloodfist directs an ally she can see within 30 feet to use their reaction to move up to half their speed and makes a melee attack.
  • Cast a Spell (Costs 2 Actions). Sister Bloodfist casts a spell of 3rd level or lower from her list of prepared spells, using a spell slot as normal.
  Map Command
!i begin
!i add 50 DM
!i madd "War Priest" -name "Sister Bloodfist (War Priest)"
!map -bg -mapsize 30x30 -options c50 -t Sister|u7 -view n1:ac26
  You start on U25 or V25.  

Bujo Fiul Lui Bujo

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 10: Young Red Dragon Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
WANTED: Bujo Fiul Lui Bujo   Grugnork's Timber Farm, Saw Mill, and Lumber Yard provided one of the most stable sources of trade goods for Cuttleton. "Provided" being the operative word. Ever since the fire drake, Bujo Fiul Lui Bujo, decided to make its lair on the mountaintop, Grugnork's foresters have all adamantly refused to travel into the woods. Now Grugnork pleads with any strongarm that travels through Cuttleton and deliver his farm from the monster, offering a lord's ransom for any who can bring the dragon down, without burning the forest with it.
  • Spend 24 hours in town. For every 24 hours, roll 1d100 6 times; On a Result of 25 or less, consult !table urban to see if you encounter anything unexpected.
  • Roleplay being approached by Grugnork
  • Complete a difficult tracking skill challenge to find the Dragon's Lair in the tree farm
Encounter Notes
Bujo Fiul Lui Bujo uses his breath weapon as often as possible, provoking attacks of opportunity if necessary to secure the optimal angle. If his breath weapon strikes any portion of the map with a live tree on it, the tree ignites. For the remainder of the battle, the space becomes difficult terrain and any creature which enters the space or starts its turn in the space takes 1d10 fire damage. A creature can suffer this damage multiple times in a turn if they move through multiple spaces which are on fire.

  During combat, if Bujo Fiul Lui Bujo hits a medium or smaller creature with both claw attacks during the same turn, the creature is also grappled (Escape DC 16). While Bujo Fiul Lui Bujo has a creature grappled by this ability, he can fly with the creature at half his flight speed, and cannot make claw attacks. Bujo Fiul Lui Bujo can end the grapple as a free action.   Map Command
!i begin
!i add 50 DM
!i madd "Young Red Dragon" -name "Bujo Fiul Lui Bujo (Young Red Dragon)"
!map -bg -mapsize 48x72 -options c25 -t Bujo|ar30|l
  You start on A44 or A45.  
  • Coins: 150pp, 2,300gp, 8,000sp, 500cp
  • Gems: 2x Amber, 2x Amethyst, 2x Coral, 5x Spinel (100gp each).

Gus Tazionne

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 11: Yagnoloth Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
WANTED: Gus Tazionne   Gus Tazionne was the chief of a fairly large and successful tribe of goblins, until the The Torn Ligaments orcs moved in and wiped them all out. After swearing an oath of vengeance against the orcs, Gus sought out the biggest and strongest fighters he could find to try and put the brutes in their place.
  • Complete 8 encounters of at least medium difficulty. Gus Tazionne shows up in each of them as an allied Goblin. The orcs will always try and kill Gus first. Even if Gus dies, he rises at the end of each battle and runs off, thanking the party for their help. After the eighth battle, Gus rises one last time as a Yagnoloth and attacks the party in the town square.
Encounter Notes
When Gus Tazionne rises for the final time, he becomes hostile toward the party. At Initiative count 0 of the 1st Round of combat, two Mezzoloths plane shift in and join the fight, acting on their own initiative in the next round.   Map Command
!i begin
!i add 50 DM
!i madd "Yagnoloth" -name "Gus Tazionne (Yagnoloth)"
!map -bg -mapsize 28x28 -options c50 -t gus|o13|l
  You start at AB12 or AB13  
Discovered By
Nicky Adeirmey
Date Discovered

Cuttleton Solo Encounters

  CR ⅛: Tribal Warrior
CR ¼: Orc Anarch
CR ½: Orc
CR ½: Orc Nurtured One of Yurtrus
CR 1: Giant Hyena
CR 2: Orc Claw of Luthic
CR 2: Orc Eye of Gruumsh
CR 2: Orc Hand of Yurtrus
CR 3: Orc Red Fang of Shargaas
CR 4: Orc War Chief
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