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Waytravel to the hamlet of Marxstaff...

  S   tiflingly humid, tropical air fills your lungs as the teleportation resolves. This coastal hamlet sits between the vast ocean and a lush rainforest, obscuring nearby mountains. Every building here seems to be undergoing construction and the fiendish cackling that was once common no longer plagues this region...   Tier II Waypoint | The Iron Coin will not allow anyone through of 4th level or lower. The monsters present flee instinctively should anyone of 11th level or higher arrive  


  Marxstaff is in ruins. This location, now cleared, can be reconstructed. The keystones that activated the portals to Avernus have all been gathered and are in the hands of Cohor Pithedaiya. None of the devil leadership remain and the straggling fiends will soon be destroyed.  

Marxstaff Solo Encounters

CR ⅛: Cultist
CR ¼: Acolyte
CR ½: Nupperibo
CR 1: Imp
CR 2: Spined Devil
CR 3: Bearded Devil
CR 4: Merregon

Marxstaff Special Encounters

  The following encounters have all been slain. They do not return.  

Orak the Enforcer (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 6: White Abishai Treasure Hoard Yes Cohor Pithedaiya 19 Dec 2020
SLAIN: The Enforcer   I sent a group of warriors into the portals to retrieve the keystones. Whilst they were away, the devils in the regions discovered that I was interrupting their plans; they sent one of their most dreadful warriors after me. It died a nondescript death. Through a local human, one Zem Khesta belonging to their cause, I learned this creature reported to another named Azros.
— Cohor Pithedaiya

Azros the Black (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 7: Black Abishai Treasure Hoard Yes Cohor Pithedaiya 24-Dec-2020
SLAIN: Azros the Black   The devils didn't take well to their white warrior's infernal blood soiling the jungle earth. The moment I stepped through the waygate to again visit Marxstaff, the portal cavern was filled with a choking darkness. I summoned the light of day to quench the darkness, revealing a similar, more deadly dragonesque fiend. Instead of scales as white as snow, however, they were dark as night. Azros met the same fate, failing to mete out vengeance for her comrade.
— Cohor Pithedaiya

Rezrollol, Master of Chains (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 8: Chain Devil Treasure Hoard Yes Cohor Pithedaiya
Kree the Gunslinger
13 Feb 2021
SLAIN: Rezrollol, Master of Chains   When Kree and I arrived in the Marxstaff Cavern we were again assailed by the fiends of this jungle. Dancing chains with razer spines were waiting for us when we arrived and immediately coiled around the two of us. Kree's firearms jammed and the chains were wrapping around my throat. The situation was dire to us. I managed to slip in between worlds and appear behind the chains' master and strike him with all the divine power granted me of Kelemvor; Kree managed a final shot that tore through the devil's throat, the power over the chains perishing with him...
— Cohor Pithedaiya
Encounter Notes
Rezrollol awaited in wait to ambush Cohor when next he arrived in Marxstaff. He spread four chains about the teleportation circle to bind and strike him.  

Kozrakuth, Death's Face (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 9: Bone Devil Treasure Hoard Yes Cohor Pithedaiya
Kree the Gunslinger
13 Feb 2021
SLAIN: Death's Face   After felling the master of chains, the devil's lesser minions guarding the cave entrance peaked in at the sound of combat. When they realized their master was destroyed, they fled. We hastily pursued them, killing the spined devils and preventing them from making known our immediate presence known. We dispatched some guard-fiends, merregons they were called, before returning to the cave for transport back to Wildcross. A devil of terrifying bone and spines ambushed us there, almost as if looking into death's own face. It was entertaining to see the shock of death's face when it realized how outmatched it was.
— Cohor Pithedaiya

Urzun, Shadow's Master (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 10: Orthon Treasure Hoard Yes Cohor Pithedaiya 03 Mar 2021
SLAIN: Urzun, Shadow's Master   You'd think these fiends would learn. I single-handedly (except with the aid of Kree in one case) demolished not only Marxstaff's legions of bearded devils, spined devils, nasty nupperibos, and merregons, but also decimated their leadership. Downing abishais, a chain devil, a bone devil, and finally, Urzun the Orthon. Ambushing me one-on-one in the same spot was pretty foolish; but it was a sure way to find me!
— Cohor Pithedaiya
Encounter Notes
Urzun will fight from the shadows of his invisibility. He will assail the first person to step through the Marxstaff portal with all his might.  

Natural Resources

Devils of CR 1 or higher slain here drop units of Infernal Leather based on their size.
New World Harvesting Guide

Infernal Leather

A reddish hard leather created in the infernal planes.
Unit value: 750 gp
Armor: A non-magical armor made with infernal leather reduces the fire damage you take by 3 and grants you a +3 bonus to Charisma (Persuasion) checks when talking with fiends. It's also used to craft an armor of fire resistance (leather or studded leather).

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