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Waytravel to the Village of Bellrock

  C   risp mountain air sends a chill through your body as you teleport into the central square of Bellrock, a high-elevation village. A halfling woman hangs a sign in the window across the way stating 'No Vacancies.' Arrayed around the square, you can see an Armorer, a Bakery, an Apothecary, a Bookseller, a Stable, an Herbalist, the Land Office, and a small shop selling Religious Idols. Suddenly, the earth shaking cry of some draconic beast splits the air and you hear the beating of great wings...   Tier III Waypoint | The Iron Coin will not allow anyone through of 10th level or lower. The monsters present flee instinctively should anyone of 17th level or higher arrive.  

Bellrock Solo Encounters

CR ¼: Pseudodragon
CR ½: Ambush Drake
CR 1: Faerie Dragon (Younger)
CR 2: Faerie Dragon (Older)
CR 3: Basilisk
CR 4: Reduced-threat Wyvern
CR 5: Young Remorhaz
CR 6: Wyvern  

Bellrock Special Encounters

  The following encounters appear only once. When they have been slain and their rewards taken, they do not return. Notify a DM, so that they can list the slayer.  

Cufrestrasz, The Nightwind

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 13: Young Red Shadow Dragon Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
WANTED: The Nightwind   Every fortnight, when the moon is at its darkness, a horrible shadow writhes over Bellrock. People, things, and livestock go missing. Just last week an entire hobble was lifted off its foundations and found discarded, in splintered ruins, some half-mile to the north northeast. We call it The Nightwind, whatever it is. We will pay handsomely for someone to rid us of this disaster.
— Mayor Tomil
  • Complete a hard skill challenge to track the creature's lair
  • Defeat a medium encounter of creatures from the underdark
Encounter Notes
Cufrestrasz inhabits a deep cave that winds and spindles deep into the earth. The dragon stays where no light reaches and can only be caught outside every fortnight when the night is darkest.  

Onodamabau, the Thirsting Void (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 14: Adult Black Dragon Treasure Hoard Yes Tata Mare 29-Jan-2021
SLAIN: The Thirsting Void   Well! We thought wyverns were a problem. WYVERNS! Little did we know that we were about to experience bigger problems. A massive, and I mean massive, black dragon landed at the gates of Bellrock six months ago. We lost every bit of gold we had to appease the terrible god dragon. He would never be caught unwanting, and the taxes he levied made our lives unbearable. It was good then, when Tata Mare, a valiant dwarf from who knows where, appeared in our village, leapt into the sky, and single-handedly brought The Thirsting Void crashing to the earth! I've never seen anything quite like it.
— Mayor Tomil

Noakurth, The Voiceless

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 15: Adult Green Dragon Treasure Hoard No - DM Lead N/A
CONTRACT: Where Are They Going?   Some people have gone missing. Though these people seem to be leaving voluntarily... Reports from the watchmen say they've seen people wandering, no more than a pair at a time, at early dawn, to the soutwest. We are offering a significant reward to find out where they're going and why they're going.
— Mayor Tomil
  • Complete three moderate social skill challenges learning who has left and commonalities between them
  • Complete two hard skill challenges to identify where they're going (The Cloaked Wood)
  • Complete one medium quest in the Cloaked Wood to identify Noakurth's minion that has been drawing people to the wood; take into account the difficult terrain of a green dragon's forest
  • Complete one easy skill challenge where a social spell is cast to learn of Noakurth from the aforementioend minion
Encounter Notes
Noakurth the Voiceless cannot speak and never has been able to. The dragon uses The Cloaked Wood in terrible ways to sow fear and loyalty into its subjects -- which is anything and everything that wanders into its lair.  

Ionu, The Great

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 16: Adult Blue Dragon Treasure Hoard No - DM Lead N/A
PERSONAL CURIOSITY: Why do those mountains never see daylight?   The mountains immediately north of Bellrock have never, in your experience or the even the experience of the natives, shown their peaks from the stormclouds that have permanently hide them. It's dangerous up there; wyvern hunters speak of dust devils that live to ward off any intruders, unending lightning storms, thunder crashes that cause avalanches, and weak earth that collapses under the wrong step.
— Curiosity
  • Complete an easy social skill check to convince the Bellrock Wizard to accompany you to the north mountains
  • Survive a deadly encounter as the wizard betrays you! The wizard gets away...
  • Complete a hard quest to slay the wizard and learn of Ionu and its lair
Encounter Notes
Ionu, The Great owns the north mountains. He is the dragon the others fear. He will rarely come out into the open, goad his foes into his earthen tunnels, collapse them when they're there, and breathe lightning from the protection of the clouds.  

Natural Resources

Wyverns, Psuedodragons, and Faerie Dragons may drop units of unprocessed wyvern poison, based on their size.
  New World Harvesting Guide

Wyvern Poison

Poison gleaned from the draconic monsters in the Ogre's Teeth Mountains about Bellrock.
  Unit value: 1,200 gp
Poison: A creature subjeted to this poison must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, taking 24 (7d6) poison damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a succesful one.


Arrayed around the square, you can see an Armorer, a Bakery, an Apothecary, a Bookseller, a Stable, an Herbalist, the Land Office, and a small shop selling Religious Idols.

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