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The Sonniken Pleasure Yacht

Waytravel to the Sonniken Pleasure Yacht...

  A   sandstone wall materializes into view. You find yourself in a small, domed structure. As you step out, wind tears through your belongings and hot air fills your lungs. Sand stings your eyes as you look out over an expanse of sand and ruin. Some kind of colossul metal structure lies in hundreds of parts and debris, victim to the swallowing of the sand dunes. Across the dune sea, the largest chunk of structure sits against red mountain, some forty paces of it protruding off the edge of red-faced cliffs. It seems alive with activity...   Tier II Waypoint | The Iron Coin will not allow anyone through of 4th level or lower. The monsters present flee instinctively should anyone of 11th level or higher arrive.  

Extreme Heat

  When the temperature is at or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a creature exposed to the heat and without access to drinkable water must succeed on a Constitution saving throw at the end of each hour or gain one level of exhaustion. The DC is 5 for the first hour and increases by 1 for each additional hour. Creatures wearing medium or heavy armor, or who are clad in heavy clothing, have disadvantage on the saving throw. Creatures with resistance or immunity to fire damage automatically succeed on the saving throw, as do creatures naturally adapted to hot climates.  

Region Details

  The Sonniken Pleasure Yacht exists in the Desert of Almaghni. Contrary to its name, the pleasure yacht of the Sonniken Efreeti clan no longer sails the sands of Almaghni, having been a fixed structure for centuries now. From the bridge of the yacht, Clanmaster Vasili Sonniken and his Efreeti sons Zachal, Wynn, and Thruk hold court from the bridge of the pleasure yacht as they plot their assault of the oasis city controlled by their sworn enemies, the Djinni of the noble Thyestes. Oread slaves, fey fire spirits bound to the efreeti's service, toil away aboard the pleasure yacht performing a variety of tasks at their masters' orders, but a number of guests from a variety of more terrestrial races also reside within the various cabins built into the colossal vessel.  

Sonniken Pleasure Yacht Solo Encounters

CR ⅛: Flying Snake
CR ¼: Winged Kobold
CR ½: Dust Mephit
CR 1: Stone Cursed
CR 2: Berserker
CR 3: Yuan-ti Malison
CR 4: Lamia
CR 5: Dust Devil  

Sonniken Pleasure Yacht Special Encounters

  The following encounters appear only once. When they have been slain and their rewards taken, they do not return. Notify a DM, so that they can list the slayer.  

Ridral Bleakchest (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 6: Hobgoblin Warlord Turn-in Reward Yes Dao Ban
Marigold Swiftwhistle
7 May 2021
Slain: Kruthik Beastmaster   A strange creature and a very short woman in heavy armor came back with Ridral's head and scales from his kruthik's. This is very good. We should have less of a problem with with him killing our assets. I promised the slayers whatever they found in Ridral's home in addition to this acid-etched blade, this pipe, and this bag of coins.
— Wynn Sonniken
  • Complete an easy social skill challenge to be accepted into the Pleasure Yacht community. It's a rough place.
  • Roleplay your notice of the WANTED poster.
  • (Optional) Complete two easy social skill challenges talking to locals to learn about the Kruthik Beastmaster. Successes will give you advantage on your skill challenge to locate your quarry.
  • Complete slow moderate skill challenge to locate the Kruthik Beastmaster.
Encounter Notes
  Ridral Bleakchest is a hobgoblin of significant size.  
  • He fights along two young kuthriks.
  • Remember to take into account the heat when fighting this hermit.
  • Coins: 80pp, 2,000gp 2,000sp 300cp
  • Art Objects: 7x 250gp
    • An acid etched sword. Was made by a black dragonborn who made a living using his breath to etch symbols and runes into things a local blacksmith made. He is long dead, but his magnum opus sure tells a story.
    • The Green Fairy - A hand-carved Jade carafe in the shape of a pixie gazing over her shoulder. The opening for pouring is invisible.
    • A flying insect preserved in amber that has been carved into a very fine pseudodragon.
    • A pewter pipe whose bowl is shaped like a mint leaf that turns cold when you fill it with water. It vaporizes the water into a cool steam that leaves your breath minty fresh.
    • A crown meant for a pixie. It functions as a ring that screams 'rob me', or can be attached to a necklace for the same effect.
    • A chess set made of ebony and ivory, the pieces are carved to look like famous people from two rival kingdoms.
    • A piece of Quivering Quartz - this beautiful stone is carved in a strange but unclear style. It is perfectly still until a certain tone is played near it; it then begins to vibrate and move, gyrating sinuously. The carving causes the moving rock to resemble a lithe dancer.
  • Items: Belt of Fire Giant Strength

The Embracer

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 7: The Lost Turn-in Reward Yes
DISCOVERY: The Lost   I was caught in a sandstorm and wound up completely lost. My water supply dried up. Exhaustion was setting in. That's when it attacked. These monster with six long, deathly arms. They reached out to embrace me. I knew if they snatched me, the embrace would be death's.
— You
  • Explore the wilderness.
  • Fail 2 Moderate Skill Challengs (and fight the encounters).
  • Get caught in a sandstorm.
  • Struggle to find water.
  • Suffer a level of exhaustion.
Encounter Notes
  This creature appears when you are experiencing personal distress. Such as being lost in the middle of the desert and your water supply is running low...  
  • He just wants a hug...
  • Coins: 140pp 2,400gp 9,000sp 1,100cp
  • Art Objects: 2x 25gp
    • Gold locket with a painted portrait of an elven woman's face inside.
    • Carved bone statuette.


CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 8: Howler Turn-in Reward No - DM Lead N/A
LOST: Moose   One of my critters split off my pack. I can't help but think how lonely and afraid he is out there in the dunes. Please return Moose! I will pay well.
— Ataleed Indithylum
  • Venture out into the dunes.
  • Forest around for a one day.
  • Roll a d3 for each day. On a 3, you hear its howl.
  • Complete an easy tracking skill check to find Moose.
  • Expend 1 piece of Lore
Encounter Notes
Moose is actually not as cute as Ataleed's LOST note made it seem. The beast is actually quite terrifying. It doesn't like you, either. I don't know how you're going to get it back to Ataleed. Best of luck on that one.  
  • Coins: 100pp 2,400gp 8,000sp, 1,200cp
  • Art Objects: 3x 25gp
    • Black velvet mask stitched with silver thread.
    • Carved bone statuette.
    • Silver ewer.

Oamel, Eater of Sheep

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 9: Young Blue Dragon Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
RUMOR: Jeteeb's Missing   Jeteeb, one of the farmers on the farthest reaches east of the Yacht, used to stop at Carma's Delights every night. They haven't seen him for a week.
— Bar Gossip
  • Complete two easy social skill challenges at a tavern, inn, or bar.
  • Complete a moderate skill challenge to locate Jeteeb's farm and notice there are no livestock in the pen.
  • Complete two medium encounters; there are looters at Jeteeb's and they don't want you there!
  • Complete a moderate social skill challenge to learn of the dragon.
  • Spend three days in the desert tracking the dragon (rolling for random encounters and such). At the conclusion of the third day, you locate Oamel.
Encounter Notes
Oamel loves burrowing in the sand. She will emerge, strike, and burrow, utilize her lightning charge on cooldown, and rampage at 10% health. She becomes resistant to all damage after rampaging.  
  • Coins: 130pp 2,400gp 8,000sp 1,000cp
  • Gems: 3x Chrysoberyl, 5x Coral, 5x Garnet (100gp)

Zachal Sonniken

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 10: Githyanki Gish Turn-in Reward Yes N/A
ASSINATE: The Heir   My brother is not worthy. He hasn't had to work for a lick of anything in his life. It's time I bring him down, but I cannot be tied to his murder.
— Wynn and Thruk Sonniken
  • Expend 1 Lore, Noble Contact, or 1 Divine Favor.
  • Complete a hard social skill challenge to earn Thruk and Wynn's attention.
  • Complete a quest for them to develop trust.
  • Decide under what circumstances Zachal is to be murdered. Quietly? Publically?
  • Complete a hard deception/flee skill challenge to not be noticed / detected / blamed; failure means you may never step foot on the Pleasure Yacht again. You'll have a bounty on your head. Anytime you step foot in the Almaghni Desert, there's a 20% chance following every encounter/skill challenge you make, that a band of mercenary efreeti (medium encounter) will have tracked you to your current location. You can talk your way out of it via a medium social skill challenge or just fight them off.
Encounter Notes
  • His psychic damage is fire damage.
  • He starts his first turn with haste already active.
  • You have 10 rounds before reinforcements start arriving; every ten rounds an easy encounter joins the fight.
  • Coins: 150pp 2,500gp 7,000sp 700cp
  • Art Objects: 7x 25gp
    • Small gold bracelet.
    • Small gold bracelet.
    • Carved bone statuette.
    • Silver ewer.
    • Embroidered silk handkerchief.
    • Gold locket with a painted portrait inside.
    • Gold locket with a painted portrait inside.

Natural Resources

Units of aerocrystal can be collected and harvested in areas frequented by monsters of CR 1 or above, based on their size.
Crimson Brittlebush is a favorite food of the local wildlife. It can be found around monsters of CR¼ and above.
  New World Harvesting Guide


A light blue, glass-like crystal known for creating quick, precise weapons.
  Unit value: 500gp
Weapon: You can use your Dexterity modifier for attacks and damage made with an aerocrystal weapon.

Crimson Brittlebush

A shrub that grows up to 30 inches tall, with fragrant leaves and a capitula with red-yellow ray florets and crimson disc florets.
  Unit value: 10gp
Bomb Effect: Bomb (Psychic)
Poison Effect: Vulnerability (Psychic)
Potion Effect: Resistance (Psychic)

Settlement Information


Available Shops

  The following shops are available at the Sonniken Pleasure Yacht outpost in the Desert of Almaghni.  

Glass & Grist

  A much needed place to rest your head.  

Places Outside the Desert

  Where Books and Maps are sold. Potentially aids you in survival / history checks.  

Tisteridib's Fixes

  A tinkerer at heart, Tisteridib can fix it.  

Temple to Akadi

  Queen of the Air, Ruler of the Air Element, Majesty of the Sky Home.  

Efreet & The Primordial Powers

  Spell Tomes & Scrolls are available to purchase here in solos. Ping a DM to buy.  

Jack's General Shop

  Because the innocent stores aren't so innocent. Get your shady thieving supplies here. Better know Thieves' Cant!  

Aerocrystal Specialists

  A weapon's shop. Add 500gp to the base price for any nonmagical weapon. Ping a DM if you want to apply this to a magic weapon. You can only use these weapons if you are proficient in them.  


  For the price of 50gp, Camelback can get you safely to and from your destination without the worry of food or survival checks.  

Simply Iron

  For mundane gear purchases and repairs.  

Stephlen the Carpenter

  A simple carpenter. Specializes in drywood. Can be hired to work on your estae for a discount price if you fulfill a quest for him.  

Andre the Cooper

  A simple cooper.  

Ham the Cartwright

  Your cart will never break again! Well, maybe you better take me with you just in case... Never can be too careful!  

Gifts of Air

  Telinair the Healer. She has the ability to cast Greater Restoration and other such disease cleansing spells when rectifying the effects of creatures native to the Almaghni Desert.

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