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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, I'm Mortambo the Admin of the New World server. This article is for questions and clarifications that commonly come up and often...well I'm the one asking them of the DMs anyway, so here goes.  

How Many Characters Can I Have?

  There is no limit to the number of characters you can have. We do invite you, however, to play with them a time or two before picking up another character. We want you to play a character you find enjoyable so that you stick around for a while!

I Am Unhappy With My Character, Can I Change Them?

  Until you are level 3, you have the ability to make changes to your character, even up to completely changing their race and class. This is so you have a chance to see if you like your character. After you hit level 3, you have ONE free edit to your character that can be done ONCE. It is assumed at 3+ that you will make the final choices about what your character can be.   There are a few exceptions to this, mainly revolving around rule additions or changes. For instance, when Tasha's was released we allowed everyone to rework their stats to be in line with the new rules.   When you do this, please post it in the character log channel, and tag a DM while stating the changes. A default template is pinned in the channel. You may only change your character if they are NOT currently part of a storyline or quest.

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