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Solo Commands Cheat Sheet

This article is intended to help those interested in soloing get up and going very quickly. It provides the bare minimum you need to know about Avrae to run a solo session.  
Note: Reviewing DMs tend to award bonus experience for doing more than the bare minimum, but don't worry about that too much.

Native Avrae Commands


General Commands

  !sheet shows your character's sheet. Most people prefer the !vsheet alias talked about later because it shows more information.
  !r is used to roll dice in the format, XdY + Z where x is the number of dice, y is the size of the dice, and z is a modifier
!r 2d6 +3
  !spellbook or !sb will show you your spellbook and how many spell slots you have. Useful to the !prep alias talked about in the alias section.

Combat-Oriented Commands

  !init helps to tracks initiative and manage both characters and monsters with the subcommands show below.


  This begins a combat, by creating a blank initiative tracker.
!i begin

  This ends the combat, by deleting the initiative tracker
!i end

  This passes the turn to the next character in the initiative order and starts the battle initally.
!i n
  This adds your active character to the initiative order
!i join
  This adds monsters to the init where [name] is the monster's name.
!i madd [name]

For example, the code below adds a goblin to the initiative order.
!i madd Goblin
  You can also add the modifier -n [count] where count is the number you want to add to the order, or -name "[name]" for giving them a custom name. For instance, to add 5 goblins named "Goblin 1" through "Goblin 5" the command would be
!i madd Goblin -n 5 -name "Goblin #"
  This pulls up a list of the attacks currently active character in the initiative order
!i a
  This attacks a specific target with the attack given.
!i a [attack] -t [target]
  For the target use the name given in the initiative order. So if the Goblin we made is named Goblin 1 then to attack them with my scimitar attack the command is
!i a Scimitar -t Goblin 1
If you have a space in a name or an attack, Avrae may prompt you to choose who you meant. If this happens, you can usually solve it by including the thing with the space in quotes like "Goblin 1". This applies sometimes to aliases as well.
  This casts a spell.
!cast [spell name]
  Depending on what the spell does you often want to also add a target just like with an attack and the spell with then apply it's effects to that target. For instance, the following code will cast Magic Missile, and targets our poor Goblin, Goblin 1, with all three missiles while also making sure we have the spell slots and subtracting 1. If you wanted to target different goblins with each missile you would simply change the second and third target to Goblin 2 and Goblin 3 for instance.
!cast Magic Missile -t Goblin 1 -t Goblin 1 -t Goblin 1
  For direct attack spells, such as Fire Bolt, you treat them just like attacks only instead of !i a you use !cast   More information can be found on Avrae's own cheat sheet or on the Discord server by running the following commands that Avrae provides.  
!tutorial quickstart
!tutorial beyond
!tutorial initiative


An alias is anything that isn't native to Avrae that a user has created themselves through code. There are a lot of really cool things we have been able to automate through the alias system. Generally running the alias with no modifiers or the subcommand help will post helpful information like subcomands you can use.   Our insurance alias will tell you how much you have to pay for insurance as well as tell the reviewing DM that you are using the insurance system where [level] is your level.
!insurance [level]
You must run this alias if you are using insurance at the beginning of your session. After you are dead it is too late to do so.
  For more information check out the Insurance article.   XP has various commands and subcommands that will help you track your experience point total and log how you got them.
  HUD gives you a quick look at the custom counters on your character. It will let you double check things like your hit points, spell slots, etc without printing out your full spellbook or character sheet.
  The following aliases are generally expected for you to be familiar with but are not required to be posted in your sessions. The reviewing DM may ask you to run these to give them a better idea of the tools available to your character:   VSheet displays your characters sheet with a lot of information.
  Bag is a fairly extensive alias we use to help with inventory management.
  Prep lets you deal with spell preparation.
  You can find more information on the server aliases in the Server Alias Guide.   More information on soloing mechanics can be found in Self-Directed Play. A detailed example of how to solo with in use descriptions can be found on our discord, and head to the help channel on Discord with any questions.

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