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You can take out life insurance (where your character doesn't permanently die on solo or duo missions if their hp drops to 0) for a fee as detailed in the Insurance Cost table below or 20% of the money you make while adventuring (whichever is greater). The gear acquired and sold from you session is included when determining your insurance fees.

How Does This Work?

The Iron Coin , offers brave adventurers life insurance for their needs. They provide you an iron coin stamped with their symbol which magically binds to your person. As long as you are questing with the coin, if you fall unconscious, you will be immediately teleported to the Iron Coin infirmaries and stabilized. For every expedition, they collect their price one way or another. This service is free to beginning adventurers to encourage them to take the risk of starting an adventuring life.  

How To Use Insurance

  When running your solo session in discord, be sure to run the following command. This will print out how much insurance will cost you for that session, as well as let the reviewing DM know that you are not opting out of using insurance.
  If 20% of your earnings exceeds the base insurance cost, then you will only take home 80% of what you earned. If you have any questions about this, ask a DM.   You are welcome to not declare a solo session as being under insurance (maybe once you've gotten a few levels behind you) if you like the risk it imposes. Though you may not "uninsure" a quest in which you previously stated was insured. These characters will be subject to permanent death if the dice go that way.  
WARNING: Insurance is now the default assumption. If you don't declare otherwise, it will be assumed you are going to pay for it.

What Happens When You Die

  Dying is painful and its consequences heavy. If you die in a solo session while using insurance, you are subject to a 20% experience lost. To calculate that 20% loss, check the total experience required for your next level and subtract off the amount needed for your current level. If you were level two, the total experience required to get to level three from level two is 600xp (900xp - 300xp) so 20% of 600xp is 120xp. This means death at level two results in -120 experience. To easily see the total experience required for your next level, simply run the !xp chart command in discord.   You cannot drop below the floor of your current level. If you die at level one, your experience cannot dive below 0xp. If you die at level two, your experience cannot dive below 300xp. So on and so forth.   Experience--but not coins and loot--from encounters gained in a session prior to falling unconscious applies to your character's overall experience. If I completed three encounters worth a total of 60 experience at level one, I would gain and lose 60 experience.   Dying in a solo session (insured or otherwise) concludes the session. Please ping a validator for review and If they find your roleplay particularly satisfying, they may opt to waive your experience penalty for dropping unconscious. In the above example, I would then gain 60 experience. if you die while insured, you may then start a new session in a different thread to proceed with your storyline while waiting for validator review.  
If you die without insurance, your character is dead.

Insurance Cost

  Insurance is not offered above level 15.  
Level Cost (in gp)
1 N/A
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 50
6 300
7 350
8 400
9 450
10 500
11 500
12 500
13 500
14 500
15 500

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