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Magic Items

  Magic items can be obtained in many ways on our server. You can obtain them treasure hoard rolls from DM-led Adventures, Waypoints, or Solo Dungeons. You also get a chance of obtaining a single magic item from an Arena Event. All normally acquired magic items must be identified using the Item Identification rules after they are acquired.   The exceptions are buying an item from magic item shop or pursuing a specific magic item that you want, both of which are covered below.   It is important to note that you are unable to sell your items back to the vendor for any reason but selling amongst other players is available.    

Magic Item Vendors

Mad Max carries a stock of items that changes every so often. If your desired item is not in his stock, you can make a special request by expending sufficient downtime currency (listed below) for him to make this item available to you more rapidly. You do not get discounts on this item; it simply makes it available. However, a successful Charisma (Persuasion) check may convince Max to lower the price. Legendary Magic Items and Artifacts cannot be obtained this way.   Madame Aguille Encres can enchant a specific magic item as well, but doing so involves calling on the whims of the gods. You'll get what you seek most of the time, but occasionally the gods will look favorably (or unfavorably) on your prayers and bestow an additional boon (or flaw) on the requested item. As with Max, you must expend sufficient downtime as per the table below to have an item enchanted, as well as offer sufficient tribute to the gods (usually an amount of gold). Particularly pious characters will have an increased likelihood of receiving a boon when praying to their patron deity, at a rate of 1% per point of Piety.   Legendary Magic Items and Artifacts cannot be obtained this way.  
You can view the cost of server items here.

Pursuing a Specific Magic Item

  Sometimes, there's that magical item that just need to finish your perfect build or you think would really be cool for your character. That's fantastic! Rather than hoping that it somehow becomes available through random drops, we've provided an alternative for you to seek out what you want. You can do this through a DM-led quest, a series of DM-approved solos (a dungeon will probably be involved), or purchasing from the shops of Mad Max or Madame Aguille Encres. You must acquire sufficient downtime currencies (Lore, Contacts, or Divine Favors) beforehand, however.  

Buying a Specific Magic Item

In order to purchase your desired item, you will need to expend a certain amount of Downtime Currency to insure that Max has it in stock currently. The stock rotates to different items occasionally so it will need to be refreshed if you come back later to purchase the item again.  

Downtime Currency Conversion Table For Purchasing Specific Items

Item Rarity Downtime Currency Cost Character Tier
Uncommon 1 Tier I
Rare 3 Tier II
Very Rare 7 Tier III

Find a Specific Item In A DM Led Adventure

In a DM-led Adventure or a DM Approved Solo Dungeon you may also make sure you "find" a specific magic item. This process is detailed below.  
  • It will cost anywhere from 3-55 downtime currency (DtC) to discover the whereabouts of a certain magic item, based on rarity
  • A person turning in DtC gets an item of their choosing based on the amount of DtC turned in; they do not have to identify the item at the end of the DM-led session
  • This must be worked out with the DM at the beginning of the adventure or solo

Downtime Currency Conversion Table For Questing For An Item

Item Rarity Downtime Currency Cost Character Tier
Uncommon 3 Tier I
Rare 6 Tier II
Very Rare 12 Tier III
Legendary 24 Tier IV
Artifact 55 Tier IV

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