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Rules and Errata




Wish and Simulacrums

For the purposes of Wish, all detrimental effects are on the main caster as well as all Simulacrums created by that caster.  

Finding a Specific Monster to Tame or Befriend

  If choosing to just fight a monster, you can choose any monster you wish.   If attempting a quest as part of a Contract/RP Challenge/Waypoint or otherwise, you will need to choose monsters that have appropriate challenge ratings for the required encounters. Aliases that help with this are:  
!1Encounter help 
!2Encounter help
!4Encounter help 
!1quest help 
!2quest help
!4quest help
  These Aliases will give you encounters of the appropriate CR for your level but are not required to use so long as the difficulty of the encounters is properly documented.   If attempting to meet a specific monster for capturing, befriending, gaining as a pet, or otherwise; the above aliases will need to be used for your session and you may use the random CR generated as justification for coming upon that monster.   For Example:   Tolbrin wants to kill a Yuan-ti Pureblood?   Tolbrin can go out and do so with no issues.   Tolbrin wants to complete a waypoint that requires a quest?   Tolbrin must show that the challenge rating of the encounters qualify for the expectations of the quest (Easy, Medium, Hard, Deadly). It is also worth mentioning here that a player can always attempt harder encounters than what is requested at their own discretion.   Tolbrin wants to go capture a Nightwalker?   Tolbrin must use the server designed encounter generators (!1Encounter, !2Encounter, ...) and roll a CR20 in order to come upon a specific CR20. If Tolbrin wants to just fight one, then this is unnecessary but if Tolbrin has any intention to capture, befriend, control this creature; it must be generated randomly.    


Renaissance Firearms from the Dungeon Master’s Guide AND the firearms published with the Gunslinger Fighter subclass (Critical Role content) are allowed. However, the blunderbuss, Bad News, and the hand mortar are significantly more powerful than other firearms, and so we do not allow purchasing these weapons like other mundane equipment. Mundane versions of these guns can be acquired like Magic Items of Uncommon rarity. The +1 version is considered Rare, the +2 version is considered Very Rare, and the +3 version is considered Legendary.   The Repeating Shot Infusion can be used with Exandrian Firearms despite having the Reload trait rather than the Loading trait. The weapon magically creating its own ammunition makes reloading unnecessary.  

Magic Items


Identifying Magic Items

We have opted into the variant rule for identifying items. You cannot identify items during a short rest. Instead, you must have access to the identify spell or complete a few steps, by spending gold or downtime, to identify any magic item you obtain.   Magic items are always unidentified unless you're told otherwise when you receive the item.  

Finding Magic Items

  We also have various ways of finding, buying, and otherwise dealing with magic items and a full price list.   See Magic Items for more information.  

Participating in Various Events

  After some time talking about it, the DMs have decided that you ought to be able to solo, AND be in and arena event, AND be in an adventure.   Keep in mind this means splitting out your character into multiple sheets to track them before gathering them all back up after each thing is done. This is known as “sharding” and each copy is referred to as a “shard”. It can get confusing, if you want to participate in all three kinds of activities, you can.   Also, server wide events are separate from these rules and can be participated in regardless.  

Variant Rules



Flanking is allowed on the server and is the same across all avenues (all DM-led unless otherwise stated, monthly events, arenas, solos, etc). It is, however, only a +2 to your attack rolls as opposed to rolling at advantage. You may apply this by simply adding flank to the end of your attack, like so:
!i a greataxe -t skeleton flank
You can run your self-directed play without using flanking if you wish. Just be consistent: if you are able to flank the enemies, they can flank you.

Drinking Potions

Drinking any healing potion requires only a bonus action. This does not include the Alchemist’s Experimental Elixirs. For healing potions, you get the max benefit of the potion if you spend an action to drink it as opposed to a bonus action.

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