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Divine Favor Downtime Currency

Divine Favors

  Divine Favors are gained by completing the !religious downtime activity in a channel like #dt-1.   Divine Favors can be used for the following:  
  • Reduce insurance costs
    • 5% per favor spent, per session (insurance drops from 20% to 15%, 15% to 10%, 10% to 5%, and 5% to free
    • Four divine favors can be spent to be insured for free
    • If you don't earn enough treasure to trigger the 20% take from your total earnings, you pay 25% off the flate rate insurance fee per favor
  • If you fail a saving throw in which you contract a curse or disease, you can expend a divine favor to gain advantage on the saving throw; spending two divine favors guarantees a successful saving throw
  • Increase Piety (1:1 ration) which increases the likelihood of deific approval at #wildcross-inks-and-dyes as well as additional benefits listed in the Piety article
  • Like all Downtime Currencies, they can be used to identify magic items, unlock magic items for purchase, or to pursue magic items in DM led quests.

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