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Lore Downtime Currency


  Lore is gained by completing the !research downtime activity in a channel like #dt-1.   It can be expended to learn the stats of a creatures and legends. Waypoint Special Encounters often require lore to be expended before you can fight them. Like all Downtime Currencies, it can be used to identify magic items, unlock magic items for purchase, or to pursue magic items in DM led quests.  

Creature Strengths/Weaknesses

  It's hard to not meta-game when being a player-dungeon-master, which is the case when you're soloing. If you want your character to know the weaknesses of a creature in a solo (or even a DM-led event, though that's still up to the individual DM) then this is a great excuse for them putting in the time to learn that information.   Legendary Lore is obtained from a casting of the spell Legend Lore.  
  • 1 Lore: learn the partial stats of a non-legendary creature
  • 2 Lore: learn complete stats of a non-legendary creature
  • 10 Lore or 1 Legendary Lore: learn the partial stats of a legendary creature
  • 20 Lore or 2 Legendary Lore: learn all stats of a legendary creature

Unlocking Special Waypoint Encounters

  Lore is required to fight certain special monsters at discovered waypoints (these special monsters drop a treasure hoard available to your character). That way, when you as a player make strategic decisions, it makes sense for your character to also make those decisions, as they spent the requisite time learning about their foe.   Some dungeons also require lore to be expended before delving in. In the case of The Savage Haunt, a hard-rated Tier II dungeon, you're fighting wererats and other monsters with significant defenses and the disease/curse of becoming a wererat. We want you as the player to be aware of the risks you're taking before you decide to send your squishy humanoid in to contract some nasty disease. Or realize your nonmagical greatsword does nothing.

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