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Contacts Downtime Currency


  Contacts are gained by completing the !carouse downtime activity in a channel like #dt-1.   There are two types of Contacts: Allied and Enemy.  

Allied Contacts

  There are three subtypes of allied contacts, as explained in the Carousing section of Xanathar's Guide to Everything extended downtime options. Lower-, middle-, and upper-class contacts. You are responsible for tracking which types of contacts you've received. This can be done with a custom counter. Request help from a DM if you require assistance.   All Allied Contacts may be expended for a free surprise round in a solo combat encounter you choose. Two are required in a duo.   You may also expend a contact to reduce building costs, whether it's for personal estates or guild structures. Each contact is worth twice its value, depending on its value.   Like all Downtime Currencies, they can be used to identify magic items, unlock magic items for purchase, or to pursue magic items in DM led quests.  
Lower-class Contacts
  You can expend lower-class contacts to gain a surprise round in any combat you choose. These contacts cannot be expended for identifying items.   These are worth 10gp and can reduce building costs by 20gp per contact.  
Middle-class Contacts
  You can expend middle-class contacts to gain a surprise round in any combat you choose. You may also spend these contacts for identifying items.   These are worth 50gp and can reduce building costs by 100gp per contact.  
Upper-class Contacts
  Before obtaining an upper-class contact, you must have the noble background, succeed in pretending to be foreign noble as depicted in the !carouse alias, or have a acquired a total of 10 middle-class contacts (expended contacts count).   These are worth 250gp and can reduce building costs by 500gp per contact.  

Enemy Contacts

  An enemy contact eliminates an allied contact. If you have no allied contacts and you receive an enemy contact, for the next four encounters you roll initiative rolls at disadvantage. After the fourth encounter, you've proven to your enemy that you cannot be surprised and defeated.   You may receive a DM-award if you turn these contacts into a nemesis or loop them into the plot. This may be a magic consumable, bonus experience, extra coins, or whatever else the reviewing DM feels is appropriate.

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