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Item Identification

Magic Item Identification Requirements

  Any magic items acquired are assumed to be unidentified, unless specified otherwise. Identifying magic items will be done in downtime channels and according to the Variant: More Difficult Identification section on page 136 of the DMG. You cannot identify a magic item by spending time with it on a short rest.   You may expend downtime currencies (Lore, Contacts, or Divine Favors) in place of gold and downtime to identify items.   Players who expend downtime resources to quest after a specific item do not have to identify the item when they receive it.  

Cost of Magic Item Identification by Rarity

Rarity Downtime Currency Focus Cost / NPC Service Cost Downtime (if required)
Uncommon 1 100gp 5 days
Rare 2 250gp 5 days
Very Rare 5 1,000gp 5 days
Legendary 15 7,500gp 10 days
Artifact 20 15,000gp 10 days

Focus / Services Cost

  In order to perform the identify spell on an item, you must have a special material component of the above value to identify an item of that rarity. It is not consumed. This is also the cost an NPC will charge you to identify your item.  

Immediate Access to Identify

  If there is a caster in your party, you are a caster, or you have the available downtime currency, no downtime is required. You may pay the caster their fee, otherwise you must use 5 DT Days for Uncommon, Rare, or Very Rare Magic Items, or 10 DT Days for Legendary Magic Items and Artifacts.  

Offering Identify Services

Players may sell Identify services to others at their own rates. 1 week of DT is required by both parties.

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