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Introduction to Systems

  This article is an introduction to all of our systems and extra gameplay elements you can add to your solos or augment your play on the server.  


  In self-directed play, you can run up to four full PCs, which we call Powerhouse Companions.  


This is still being actively worked on by the DM team to be integrated with our other systems. Right now the only crafting that is allowed is through the Arena event called the Hunt, where if you survive you get the opportunity to work with the DM to craft a unique item.  


  Downtime can be used to identify things, meet up with other players, and perform many of the downtime activities listed in Xanathar's Guide to Everything as well as various customized downtime activities that we have added.   Note: Buying and Selling Magic Items and Crafting Magic items downtime activities as described in XGtE are currently not allowed.   See Downtime for more information.      

Self-Directed Dungeons

  If you enjoy delving into the deepest, darkest dungeon and would like to use the server's rules for self-directed play to do so, you can find the mechanics and rules you need in the Self-Directed Dungeons article. This will guide you in how you can tackle one of our dungeons either completely solo, or with a friend!  

Travel System

  The DM team have developed a couple of aliases to create a system that generates randomized terrain as you go, tells you how far you can travel in a day, and allows you to generally track and generate content as you travel. Engaging with this system is completely optional, but it is a lot of fun! You can get some cool results, such as a town where dwarves live in trees!   For more information see the travel system article explaining how to integrate the system into your sessions.  


The Waypoint system allows a player to define something concrete in the world according to what they want. It's one way players help the DM team in building out the world.  
It takes a LOT of effort to create new waypoints! Please be patient with the DM you are working with if it takes a long time to make a waypoint. We understand you are excited to play in the place you helped create, but we are human too and only have so much time!
  Waypoints are created through our Locate Waypoint Downtime Activity.   Most Waypoints, most notably Settlements, Dungeons, and Lairs, require you stumble upon them using our travel system.

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