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Random Terrain Generation and Travel

Introducing the Terrain Suite of Aliases

The Solo Adventurer's Toolbox which functions as the foundation of our Solo Play system uses a series of tables to prompt a variety of encounters, scenarios, and settings as your character ventures across Dragonsmoke Archipelago and beyond. For many, consulting these tables consumed a significant amount of time which they would rather spend on swinging swords and slinging spells. To encourage more prolific use of this system, a series of aliases have been added to the server to quickly roll, reference, and generate the results of these tables while remaining comfortably within the Discord app. Use of these tables allows for the completion of requirements for certain special encounters listed in waypoint pages, and there are additional rewards which you might potentially come across randomly.  

!travel help

!travel (speed) (season)
How far your character can travel in a day is limited by their movement speed and the pace that they set. You can consult the !travel alias with your movement speed as an argument to quickly reference the formula from the Player's Handbook. The output will generate a chart listing the travel speeds for either a normal pace, slow or fast. If you also add the season as a second argument, the alias will describe the weather while you travel and indicate whether your pace would be inhibited by it. Your options for season are fall, spring, summer, and winter.  

!progress help

!progress (current) (max) (total)
If you need assistance keeping track of the distance you have traveled in a day, you can use the !progress alias, followed by the distance you just traveled, followed by how far your character can travel in a day, and the total distance you've traveled since the start of the day. This alias is primarily cosmetic, used for quickly searching for this specific information for the end of session log.  

!terrain help

The !terrain alias is the primary alias used in this system. Running it without any arguments will provide you with a list of overarching terrains to choose from, which when run as arguments in the terrain alias, will generate the next five terrain elements your character will encounter while they travel. Your options for overarching terrain are arctic, coastal, desert, forest, jungle, grassland, hills, mountains, or swamp.  

!minor or !feature

!minor or !feature
Occasionally, the !terrain alias will indicate that you need to consult a Minor Feature Table. The result will indicate the specific string which can be run and will generate a random entry from the required table.

!minor can be used to consult the foothills, wood, structure, settlement, swamp, and waterway Minor Feature Tables.

!feature can be used to consult the clearfelled, clearing, gully, hills, landscape, lake, monument, oasis, and rocky Minor Feature Tables.  

!settlement or !gen town

!settlement or !gen town
If you encounter a settlement, !settlement followed by the settlement type will generate an estimated population and the general make-up of the residents. Settlement types are caravan, cottage, camp, hamlet, work, garrison, fort, village, army, or refugee. If this is required by the aliases above, they will generate the full string required. For hamlets, villages, towns, cities, and metropolises you can use !gen town (race) (townsize) to quickly generate even more details.  


At times, you may need to confirm whether you encounter a random entity while you adventure, either while searching for a campsite or due to the population density of a region. !table followed by either wilderness or urban will consult the required table. If this is required by the aliases above, they will generate the full string required.  


Among other things that you are generated by the above tables, you will sometimes be advised that you have discovered a clue. Clues are free form story prompts which can be combined with the !roleplay system or expanded upon using your own discretion. You can generate a random clue using !quest clue. If this is required by the aliases above, they will generate the full string required.
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