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Dunstone Village

Waytravel to the island of Dunstone Atoll

  H   umid tropical air saturates your skin as you step through the waypoint of Dunstone Atoll, standing before the Great Library. The massive structure is a conspicuous oddity amidst the relatively primitive structures which make up the rest of the village. Sweating paleontology students scamper to and fro through its doors and a pair of huge skeletons flank the entrance. They are fashioned to stand as two great beasts locked in combat; one is some sort of bipedal reptile, the other that of the largest primate you have ever seen...   Tier II Waypint | The Iron Coin will not allow anyone through of 4th level or lower. The monsters present flee instinctively should anyone of 11th level or higher arrive.  


If traveling on the island of Dunstone Atoll, roll a d20 for every hour traveled. On a 1 quicksand is present in your area. Make a DC 10 dexterity saving throw. On a success, nothing happens and you've identified the quick sand region (for possible use in an encounter). On a failure, follow the rules below.
  A quicksand pit covers the ground in roughly a 10-foot-square area and is usually 10 feet deep. When a creature enters the area, it sinks 1d4 + 1 feet into the quicksand and becomes restrained. At the start of each of the creature’s turns, it sinks another 1d4 feet. As long as the creature isn’t completely submerged in quicksand, it can escape by using its action and succeeding on a Strength check. The DC is 10 plus the number of feet the creature has sunk into the quicksand. A creature that is completely submerged in quicksand can’t breathe (see the suffocation rules in the Player’s Handbook).   A creature can pull another creature within its reach out of a quicksand pit by using its action and succeeding on a Strength check. The DC is 5 plus the number of feet the target creature has sunk into the quicksand.  

Dunstone Atoll Special Encounters

  The following encounters appear only once. When they have been slain and their rewards taken, they do not return. Notify a DM, so that they can list the slayer.  

Tamas the Youngling (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 4: Red Dragon Wyrmling Village Bounty Yes Kree Deadeye 10-Feb-21
WANTED:Tamas the Youngling   A red dragon has been molesting Dunstein farmers, feeding on cattle and starting fires. We've seen it flying about most regularly on the east side of Mount Dunstone. A hefty reward will be paid to any able to down the beast.
— Mayor Quile

Ruktear the Hammerhorn (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 5: Triceratops Village Bounty Yes Wyn Haventree 25-Mar-21
WANTED: Ruktear the Hammerhorn   Villagers from Utol recently arrived at Dunstone Village. Utol was completely destroyed by an angry, violent, and aggressive red dinosaur with rage in its eyes. Ruktear the Hammerhorn. Many of the people of Utol are dead. Avenge their families and slay this mad creature. Careful of the quicksand.
— Mayor Quile
  • Notice and reference the WANTED poster in your solo session
Encounter Notes
When fighting Ruktear, there are 1d4 quicksand pits on the outskirts of the destroyed village of Utol.   Every time you move while fighting Ruktear, and you're not on the narrow (5-foot wide) village road, roll 1d10. On a 1 you stumble upon quicksand and must make a dexterity saving throw. See the quicksand rules listed above.  
  • Coins: 80pp, 2,500gp, 6,000sp, 700cp
  • Gems: 9x 100gp gems


CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 6: Wyvern Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
Wyvern Attack   After having spent three nights out in the wilderness of Dunstone Island, you'll run across a group of archaelogists hastily heading back to the village. They will notify you that a wyvern attacked their camp, snatched up their professor and one of the students, then flew off towards the Westerwane Cliffs that overlook the ocean.
— Discovery
  You may only reach the wyvern's nest (and fight the wyvern) if you have completed three long rests in the wilderness outside Dunstone Village (this may be between sessions but you must track your short rest hit die between every session). After three long rests, you'll meet the terrified archaeologists and learn of the wyvern. When you arrive at the Westerwane Cliffs, you must succeed on a moderate skill challenge to descend the cliff and reach the nest. If you have climbing tools, you automatically succeed on two of these checks.   Summary
  • Three Long Rests in the Wilderness
  • Run into the terrified archaeologists
  • Complete a moderate skill challenge to climb down the cliff face to its lair

The Giant Ape and Tekkiki Limu

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 7: Giant Ape Village Contract Yes N/A
Find the Missing Explorers   A Giant Ape guards the entrance to Tekkiki Limu, a temple of the island's ancient inhabitants. Several crews have been sent out north to map out the undiscovered regions and haven't returned. A fifteen-foot wide path runs between two sheer cliff walls that frame a remarkable temple in a small, lush basin.   Tekkiki Limu is a dungeon.
— Mayor Quile
  You may only fight the Giant Ape if you talked to the locals and learned of the missing explorers who traveled north.   Summary
  • Talked to the locals
  • Learned of the missing explorers who traveled north
Encounter Notes
The Giant Ape will attack when you walk between the cliffs where the path leading to the temple squeezes to 15 feet.  


Natural Resources

The megafauna of the island appear to consume Dragontongue Petals in great quantities and are often found near patches of the blooming flower.

Dragontongue Petals

  A plant with golden petals which are spicy and when eaten, they give a similar sensation as if you were drinking firewater.
  Unit value: 10 gp
Bomb effect: Bomb (fire)
Poison effect: Vulnerability (fire)
Potion effect: Resistance (fire)


d100 Racial Demographics %
01-57 Human 57%
58-76 Elf 19%
77-90 Dwarf 14%
91-99 Kalashtar 9%
00 Half Elf >1


The Great Library of Dunstone Village is the central edifice of the entire settlement. The few visitors that the village receives primarily come for the Great Library, which serves as a stopover for academics and as a repository of the vast amounts of zoological knowledge to be gleaned from the peculiar island of giant beasts.
For those visitors not affiliated with the Great Library, vacancies are available at The Gilded Scoundrel, an inn of excellent quality with half a dozen available rooms, run by a civil kalashtar woman who has picked up the odd rumor or two and is willing to share them with those who ask.


While most of the structures in the village are either primitive or temporary, the Great Library serves as a significant exception. Fashioned from volcanic stone, using clearly magical methods, the multistory building complex stands out significantly from the rest of the village.


Dunstone Village is located within the Dunstone Atoll, beneath the semi active Mount Dunstone Volcano. The region is tropical and humid.
Discovered By
Thordin Goldsword
Date Discovered
Alternative Name(s)
Village of Dunstone Atoll
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under

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Dunstone Atoll Solo Encounters

  CR 0: Avatar of Death
CR ⅛: Flying Snake
CR ¼: Hadrosaurus
CR ½: Giant Wasp
CR 1: Giant Spider
CR 2: Allosaurus
CR 3: Giant Scorpion
CR 4: Stegosaurus
CR 5: Giant Crocodile
CR 6: Cyclops

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