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Niaver Wilds

Waytravel to the Niaver Wilds...

  A   perpetual twilight clings to the forest around you, safeguarded by the thickly woven canopy of clutching branches overhead. A feeling of bitter spite seizes your heart and paranoia and anxiety begins to set in as you feel eyes upon you, waiting somewhere deeper in the trees. The Niaver Wilds senses your intrusion and hates you for it.   The Niaver Wilds is a stretch of seemingly endless forest at the foot of the Ogre's Teeth Mountains. Little in the way of civilization has pierced this fell wood and the few dismal settlements standing near to it take care not to build too close to the forest edge. Rumors abound of great monsters and witches which live within the Wilds, and legend speaks of a deathless rider who rules over the forest, jealously guarding a ring of mythical power.   Tier III Waypoint | The Iron Coin will not allow anyone through of 10th level or lower. The monsters present flee instinctively should anyone of 17th level or higher arrive.  

Defiled Ground

So long as the Nightwalker remains undefeated, dark energy fills this cursed forest. A creature must succeed on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw at the end of each hour within the wilds. On a failed save, it takes 5 necrotic damage.    

Environmental Hazards

For every mile you travel in Niaver Wilds, there is a 10% chance of getting caught in one of the following hazards.


Dangerous Hazard DC 14, 10d10 damage Similar to a blizzard, the terrain affected by the hailstorm is considered difficult terrain. When a creature without proper shelter is in the area affected by the hailstorm for one hour, it must make a Constitution saving throw, taking cold damage on a failed save or half as much damage on a successful one. Once in the hailstorm, you can make a DC 15 Survival check to find a natural shelter nearby and avoid its effects. Finding such a shelter takes 20 minutes, after which you may attempt the check again. Alternatively, you can attempt a Fast Moderate Skill Challenge to find or build an adequate shelter from the storm. A base speed of at least 60 feet is required to outrun the storm.  

Insect Swarm

Setback Hazard DC 11, 4d10 damage A cloud of swarming insects fills a 20-foot-radius sphere. The swarm moves at 20 feet on each round: make a QNA roll to see if it moves in the same direction as you. When a creature enters the cloud, it must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, it takes piercing damage, or half as much damage on a successful one. A creature that ends its turn in the cloud must roll another saving throw. A creature cannot be damaged by the insect swarm if it’s wielding a torch or if it is at least 5 feet from a fire.

Niaver Wilds Solo Encounters

  CR 1: Dire Wolf
CR 2: Giant Boar
CR 3: Werewolf
CR 4: Wereboar
CR 5: Wood Woad
CR 6: Annis Hag
CR 7: Oni
CR 8: Fomorian


Niaver Wilds Special Encounters

  The following encounters have additional requirements listed on World Anvil before they can be challenged. When they have been slain, Notify a DM as they do not return.

Ashen Rider (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 16: Ashen Rider Treasure Hoard Yes Tolbrin Mortise 18-Mar-2021
SLAIN: The Ashen Rider   "Instead of charging, he should have fled."
— Tolbrin Mortise
Encounter Notes
  • Coins: 2100pp, 15000gp
  • Art Objects: 4x 250gp Art Objects
  • Items: Potion of Speed (Labelled in Abyssal)

Death Knight (Slain)

CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 17: Death Knight Treasure Hoard Yes Tolbrin Mortise 19-Mar-2021
SLAIN: Death Knight   " 'Your Skeletons and Ghouls are no match... Wait, is that a Bullette?' - Death Knight's last words" -
— Tolbrin Mortise
Encounter Notes


CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
CR 20: Demilich (in Lair) Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
Monster Lair: Celanthor's Tower   They say as determined as Lord Niaver was to find his late bride, the court wizard Celanthor was as determined to stop him. In the end he lost not only his friend, but his very mind and soul.
— Ellesther of Aphestrae
-Celanthor's tower can only be discovered using the random wilderness generation tables in the Solo Adventurer's Toolbox. The overarching terrain of Niaver Wilds is forest. Using this method, you will likely face other encounters as well. -When you discover a Monster Lair, Structure or Unmarked Settlement: Tower, you may begin the special encounter with the Demilich.  

Encounter Notes

Celanthor is encountered in his Lair and can use the Demilich Lair Actions listed in the monster manual, except that it cannot create an antimagic field. The following Demilich Lair Trait is active in Celanthor's Tower:
  • The first time a non-evil creature enters the tomb's area, the creature takes 3d10 necrotic damage.
  • Once he is defeated, a character can search Celanthor's Tower. In addition to the treasure hoard generated for this special encounter, the character discovers Celanthor's Notebook. It details the tragedy of Lord Niaver's fall from grace...  
    • Coins: 26,000pp, 38,000gp
    • Art Objects: 5x 2,500gp Art Objects
      • A large mosaic depicting a fight involving a very tall, muscular young man and a jar near a well. It's style was Realism.
      • A rather small granite statue of an energetic ferret. It is in pristine condition.
      • A small elm carving depicting an act of kindness involving a princess.
      • A rather small lead sculpture of a chimera. At least you think that's what it is. It was done in an abstracted style, so it's up for interpretation.
      • A gigantic pastel painting depicting a period of sever weather involving a gloomy seer with glasses and medium brown hair before dawn. A hyena stood at his side. The frame is made of roawn. It was done in a popular style and is in decent condition.
    • Items:


    CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
    CR 20: Nightwalker Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
    Region Boss: The Nightwalker
      Of all the evils in the tormented Niaver Wilds, none is so ominous as the Nightwalker. Few that have glimpsed its terrible form have lived to tell the tale, and fewer still sane enough to tell it. How the deathless rider controls it is a mystery, but it stalks the places he is said to have frequented in his mortal life.
    — Rudiger Mansk, Chronicler of Leebank
    • Moderate social Skill Challenge (at least one successful Charisma check) to find someone who can tell you where the Nightwalker is likely to be and convince them to tell you.
    • At least one medium encounter with Undead or Monstrosities (preferably creatures linked to the Shadowfell such as Sorrowsworn, Shadows, Banderhobs, Shadow Mastiffs, etc.) indicates you're on the right track.
    • A Difficult tracking skill challenge to find the Crumbled Keep or Temerid Wood, where the Nightwalker lurks.
    Encounter Notes
      If encountered at the Crumbled Keep, the Nightwalker is found in the sprawling gardens. The thick rows of hedges are overgrown with thorns, and the Nightwalker will simply fly over them after striking with its full reach. Pushing your way through a hedge requires a DC 12 Athletics check and you take 2d6 slashing damage from the thorns, or DC 17 to slide under and take no damage. You can crawl under the hedges, but each foot of movement costs 4 feet of speed. Each hedge row is 10ft wide and 10ft tall, and the Nightwalker typically moves far enough away to have two rows between you. The hedges provide enough cover to hide.   If encountered at Temerid Wood, the Nightwalker stalks the perimeter of a 50-foot-wide clearing featuring a great oak at the center with a noose hanging from its branches. The Nightwalker will fly close enough to strike with its reach, then retreat behind the trees which give it three-quarters cover to ranged attacks (-5 to hit). Climbing the oak or flying to a height of 20 feet or higher reduces the Nightwalker's cover to half cover (-2 to hit).   Destroying the Nightwalker seals Lord Niaver in the Negative Plane for eternity. Exploring the ruins of the Crumbled Keep or reading Celanthor's notebook (see above) reveals the tragic tale of Lord Niaver's fall into despair and subsequent obsession with immortality that led him to enter the Negative Plane. Characters interested in saving him may initiate a quest to do so by posting in #lfgm.  
    • Coins: 30,000pp, 40,000gp
    • Art Objects: 2x 7,500gp Art Objects
      • Painted Gold Child’s Sarcophagus, Inscribed with the Name "Jeramon Niaver" (7,500 gp)
      • Statuette of the Great Oak Forged from Brass with Intricately Carved Jade Leaves and a Noose of Fine Copper Wire (7,500 gp)
    • Items: Ring of Invisibility (Unidentified)

    Natural Resources

    Creatures of CR 2 or higher may be in the area of units of Darkwood, which can be harvested in this region.   New World Harvesting Guide


    This piece of wood is as hard as normal wood but very light.   Unit value: 100 gp
    Armor: Replaces the metal of any medium or heavy armor.

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