Reading Challenge!

Hello everyone!   This is the collection of articles for the World Anvil Reading Challenge! They are in no particular order and are all awesome. Check 'em out!

Magic in Everyday Life

By AmélieIS
World: Empire of the Covenant
I'm always a sucker for exploring how the introduction of something supernatural changes the world... And not necessarily for adventurers, kings, and priesthoods, but for the little guy, the common folk.   That's what I like about Magic in Everyday Life, and how it looks at everything from cooking to infrastructure to how those without the ability to utilize all these wonders live and are treated. The fiction bits that come along with it really paint a (pretty amusing) picture of how these might be utilized.
World Building Inspiration
  • How magic might change day-to-day lives
  • The social impact and stratification of being able to utilize them
  • How people would inevitable use them for entertainment
  • The second-hand market for magic!

Rumours of the 15th

By Stormbril
World: Cathedris
The Rumours gives us a deep dive into what's going on in Cathedris's shadows and all the different stories that I can't wait to see develop further. There's a lot of fun ideas here for both fiction and more world-building, from the true origin of gods to the creation of an new deity.   ...And, of course, I can't say no to weird, body-horror-esque experiments by mad scientists. Cathedris is always a good time and this is no different. Great stuff as always from Stormbril.
World Building Inspiration
  • Having a story-hook sort of document is a great idea!
  • Setting up more characters and on-going shenanigans in a setting!
  • Tying the high concept of a world into nitty-gritty story beats

The Book of the Habits and Beasts

By Naelin
World: Symbols of Power
        I really like the idea of having a bestiary/book also be a in-universe thing! Naelin's the Book is a really cool exploration of the topic.   The formatting makes it easy to read and follow, and I realize I kind of love octopus/squid-humanoid people. Especially if they are sages and scholars!
World Building Inspiration
  • Documents/books that serve both in and out of universe functions
  • Other meta-objects and articles that tie things together
  • Paying more attention to the different additions/revised editions on documnents


World: Melior
      A terrifyingly annoying hum that stays with you at perhaps all times, driving you quite insane and denying you sleep - and it might also be a sort of hunting signal of some great evil monster. There's a lot to love here, including the shady potion peddlers who're selling people fake cures.
World Building Inspiration
  • Tinnitus as a hunting signal/tactic by magical monsters!
  • Always remember to include a scam or two
  • The behavior of the afflicted, and how they're treated by everyone else


By Rumengol
World: Spheres of Oblogga
  A species that help the short-lived, forgetful people to keep their memories alive, Memory is full of wonderfully quirky ideas and occult protocols for exchanging memories and information. It's a fascinating look into a really interesting session, and how the creatures there live and deal with such basic things as even remembering. It is a highly recommended read.
World Building Inspiration
  • Quirk/Occult exchange protocol
  • Change things we take for granted to create interesting world-building scenarios
  • "And like anything precious and forbidden, it became an object of desire." is a great line, and oh so true

Pea Shanklet

By Serukis
World: Etrea
  MUSHROOMS!   The founding member of Mushroomember, a world-ember full of mushrooms, Serukis brings the fun with the Pea Shanklet and explores all the way mushrooms can not be such a great time... I.e when they destroy all our crops and starve us. People sometimes underestimate, I think, just how common famine used to be in ye olden times, and the Pea Shanklet explores the idea... As well as making me kind of wish for a pet snail.
World Building Inspiration
  • Feast and famine in world building
  • Unusual solutions to common problems, as we are a clever bunch of monkeys
  • Cultural Significance part - especially where we eat them

Ley-Line Carts

By FenDawnChild
World: Ebea
I really like the idea in the Ley-Line Carts, of using the magical leylines as the basis for an infrastructure thing like that. I'm a big fan of Exalted and all its magitech madness, and this feels like it is something in the same style. I've seen travel done through leylines before (even written one!) but making it it a cart like this is pretty novel and I'm not sure I've seen it before. It's a fun idea, well written.
World Building Inspiration
  • Where does magic and engineering overlap?
  • What are the games people play with them?
  • How does the inner workings of magic and wonder in a world influence it's technology and architecture?


By Dhelian
World: Pekkola
Pekkola is always fun of conflict, scheming, wars and careful, crumbling diplomacy, and it's always fun to read about it. Lithmark is a good example of this, full of intrigue and just waiting to explode into some sort of war soon enough. It's also a fun, deeper look into the sort of 'protector' nations and what such political situations might really end up looking when push comes to show.   Dhelian also does awesome maps for all his stuff and does commissions, so check that out too.
World Building Inspiration
  • Always add scheming and intrigue
  • Don't let things be easy for the powers in your world; lets see what they'll do under pressure
  • Weave stories and coming conflicts into articles


By Nnie
World: The Morning Realm
I love magic languages and the way Nnie takes the D&D language and binds it into the magic system is something I really enjoy. It's such a cool idea, such good use of the existing building blocks that come with D&D, and it is such a fertile field for more ideas! The opening quote sets the mood in a great way, and I think Thaumaglossia might be one of my favorite new words.   This is the second really cool magical language Nnie has made - make sure you check out Chthonic too!
World Building Inspiration
  • Languages bound to or relating to a setting's high concept & metaphysics
  • ...And how those languages are transformed by mortals trying to speak them!
  • Putting a new, cool spin on well-known building blocks

Selkirk Nero

By SolarCat02
World: Vazdimet
I'm biased since I'm in part responsible for the creation of this, but there's no way something involving a gameshow called Five Hundred Fun Ways to Die won't make it on my reading recommendation lists. A reluctant show host for a murderous gameshow, it's a great read for both the character and the situation he finds himself in, telling a story about a setting where death like this isn't just normalized but sometimes.. Even popular. Finally, lines like "a deep loyalty and a deeper resentment" tells a story just by itself, making it just an amazing read.   SolarCat has also been writing a ton of stories for Vazdimet! If you like this, go check them out!
World Building Inspiration
  • The complexities of the characters behind media in your worlds
  • Comflicting and competing emotions of resentment and loyalty, and how that'll break things
  • I should make more murderous gameshows!


Since just picking 10 was too difficult, here's some additional links to articles I've enjoyed this WE.  
Magic in Valabrad
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 30, 2021

What the humans can do thanks to Lylla's magic powers

The Trash Astori
Item | Dec 17, 2021

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Generic article | Dec 27, 2021
Burrowing Beetle
Species | Dec 20, 2021

The Burrowing Beetle is a big parasitic, carnivorous, and bloodsucking bug originating in the Feywild. It can grow up to 7 cm in length.

The Wailing Fields
Geographic Location | Jan 6, 2022
The gods
Ethnicity | Dec 22, 2021

Gods are all-powerful entities that constantly quarrel with each other and involving poor mortals in their deadly conflicts.

Ichor Mushrooms
Species | Dec 16, 2021
The Significance of Song and Dance
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 8, 2021
Private Aye
Character | Dec 16, 2021

An incredibly gifted pirate-detective.

Withering stomach
Condition | Jan 1, 2022

A deadly illness that effects people's stomachs

Species | Jan 24, 2022
Fiodh de fhreumhan teine
Material | Jan 26, 2022

Prized for the unique thunderbolt-like pattern and the ability to make ones soul itch for action. The wood affected by the velvet shanks' mycelium.

Blood magic
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Feb 25, 2022

Very few understand the nature of magic in the world. They chant, or mediate, dance or scribble their complex algorithms. All of it boils down to this: Hunger. It is your hunger made manifest.

Saohri Temple
Organization | Jan 8, 2022

The Saohri Temple is the major religion of the Danatelian Lands.

The Vermillion Bird Dormitories - The Palace
Building / Landmark | Dec 23, 2021

The Palace contains several music and art rooms available for all students during the day as well as the private common room for the Vermillion Bird clan and their dormitories.

Tradition / Ritual | Dec 29, 2021

When the people of Kathal'Dir reach adulthood at the age of 20, they have to explore the ancient ruins of the Giants and face the dangers that lie within

The Dragon's Blood
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 11, 2021

The Dragon's Blood is a powerful, potent and malignant power, omnipresent within Bloomenpeak

Gabriel of Lindus
Character | Dec 24, 2021

Fast, strong and cunning, Garbriel is lethal with a blade, though his words can cut so much deeper. He will work for anyone that fits his moral compass, as long as the pay is good and the contract was issued by the Seven Swords Brotherhood

Lylla's curse
Myth | Dec 9, 2021

Love, magic and revenge

Heavy heads
Species | Dec 13, 2021

A strange summer mushroom, connected to the chaotic Æter. A whif can daze, a bite too much may erase your existence. Literally...

Sumia Kahin
Rank/Title | Dec 26, 2021
The Law of Dreams
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 9, 2021
Settlement | Feb 28, 2022

The second biggest Sphere of the Expanse. The most influential spheria, at the centre of many fascinating stories.

Forge your own path
Plot | Dec 19, 2021
Mage squadrons
Military Formation | Feb 3, 2022

The common soldiers with average magic that nevertheless provide crucial support to the nobility and allow them to carry out their heroics during battles.

Species | Dec 18, 2021

Living puppets created by Fae that replace the ones kidnapped by them.

  Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I didn't participate in WorldEmber this year. I'm very excited to get 2022 off right, and hope to get some new Araea (and other) articles off the ground as soon as possible.   The one thing I did create in December was the Anti-Divinity League! It is a sort of meta-community thing for World Anvil authors who share my distrust and dislike for all things divine. All those haughty gods, thinking they're better than us mortals. We'll show them all!  
The Anti-Divinity League
Generic article | Dec 18, 2021

Death to the Divine Tyrants! Join the Anti-Divinity League, today!

If you want to join, just see if your world completes the bingo, ot write until it does, and pop a comment into the article to get added to the membership scrolls and the fight against the Divine Tyrants.  
And if you would like to check out some of my other work, here are my four primary worlds right now!  
Weird fantasy in an underground world, full of horror and wonder
A light-hearted cyberpunk dystopia with unchecked capitalism
A dark, occult world where magic and monster meet in the shadows

Have a great 2022 everyone!

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