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The Spheres of Oblogga

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Cover : Deep Terror by Bacius9   In the vast Expanse, gigantic bubble of flesh and teeth float around, driven by resourceful marine creatures. These coarse fishes are the Spheres, the moving cities of the many species that learnt how to control them.   Some says that the ocean was home to billions of individuals in the yesteryears, swimming freely in the deep waters. Such legends are hardly believable to contemporary folks, as nothing except for the spheres and the other sea kings can evolve there for so long. To be eaten by one or the other, with nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.   From the terrifying inhabitants of the depth to the enigmatic yet delicious surfaceans, take a dive into the Expanse and explore it alongside the twin Spheres of Oblogga.  
Take a Deep Breath : Dive into The Spheres of Oblogga
Generic article | Sep 18, 2022

An Introduction to the vast Expanse.