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The Wailing Fields

These fields looks so serene and lovely, how come no one settled here?
Just you wait until there's a breeze, ain't nothing serene about the fields then. Let's make haste, we don't want to be here when night falls.
— Merchant talking to guard while passing near the Wailing Fields
  The Wailing Fields are an untouched biome, devoid of settlements or other scars of civilization despite the soil being fertile and the river filled with fish. Located in a depression near the mountains, it is shielded from wind most of the time, which might lead the unsuspecting traveler to look out across the valley and see a serene landscape.
A vast expanse of wildflower fields covers the valley, with a small river floating down from the mountains. The image could have been taken from a work of art depicting some sort of paradise. The green grasses are lush and rich with hue and the wildflowers come in almost every conceivable color and shape. The peace is scattered however when a gust of wind finds it's way down into the valley. As the wind stirs the wildflowers a horrifical haunted chorus erupts from the fields. During daytime this is uncanny but in the dark of night, the sounds chills you to the bones.
  Unsuspecting travelers that have made camp nearby have gone mad being woken in the night by a soft breeze and what can only be described as the sound of tormented dead echoing throughout the area. Some claim that each screaming flower represent a tormented soul, unable to find peace in death, while others claim that the sound attracts the restless souls of the dead who haven't found peace in death.
Regardless, it's unwise to be near the fields at night and most travelers stay well away from this part of the land.

Thanks to Nnie for the idea!
  Header photo by Gaston Roulstone on Unsplash


Author's Notes

Thank you for reading, I always welcome any and all feedback.
How would you feel waking up in the middle of the night by screaming flowers?

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2 Jan, 2022 19:17

I love places that look serene & safe, yet are nothing of the sort!   Are there any animals living in the area? Or is it just plants? And are there ever expeditions to cross them or find the people who died in there (and potentially, loot them...)?

5 Jan, 2022 16:19

These are great questions, will definitely think on that and expand it.

5 Jan, 2022 21:42

Creepy... What about deaf people? Is it physical sound, or telepathic?

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
6 Jan, 2022 09:21

Very good point, I've thought of it as an actual sound so I think they would be less affected. Maybe they're safe during the day but that there's something more to the sound during the night. Or maybe there's a hidden settlement with only deaf people. Or both! I really need to expand this article with yours and MGattas suggestions, thank you