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Forge your own path

Welcome to the world of Vaalo and the continent of Varmot. This is an introduction to the world in the shape of a choose your own adventure. Inspired by Stormbrils ingenious use of css, I've worked with the tools I have and hopefully made something you, the reader, will enjoy. I am still quite new to worldbuilding and css so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.   The world of Varmot is a place of fantasy and horror so tread carefully as some things might be considered gruesome. Good luck and have fun, there are ways you can survive.
There are multiple endings (hover)
  About the WorldEmber Plot special category contest
I've added this to the plot category and even though it's spread over multiple articles (total: 15 ), I did check the total word count over all articles and it is below 5000.

It is a beautiful summer day, the sun is shining and a soft breeze rustle your clothes as you head out through the gates of Meda. There road leads south for a short while and then splits into two, one leading west towards the Lumber camp and one east towards the Ionian Empire.
What brought you outside the walls today?

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Chose your own adventure

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