Lylla's curse


-I want to play with them.
-Lylla, no. They are unworthy of you.
-They look like they are having fun. What harm could they do to me? I'm an immortal powerful being.
-They are experts on hurting others. It's what they do. What they are.
— Lylla and her sibling.

magical being with wings and green skin

by Hero Forge

Lylla is a magical being who roamed Valabrad many centuries ago. Her story and her impact on the humans who lived, lives and will live (or die) in this nation are a well know tale. Everyone knows the ethereal entity that cursed them all.

She was born with the planet and she was in charge to protect living sentient beings in one specific area. The land was later named Valabrad. Humans were not one of her responsibilities. Her orders were not to meddle with them because it was another being who had the task to supervise humans.

Lylla did not notice humans for a long time. Until one day they caught her attention. In the depths of the forest, she witnessed an afternoon of a couple's activities. Curiosity got the best of her. She needed to know more.

She called one of her siblings with more knowledge about humans to ask for advice. Her sibling told Lylla to forget about the idea and obey her orders. But it was too late. Lylla and humans' fates were already intertwined.

Lylla neglected her duties in her pursuit of humans' knowledge. She became obsessed with them to the point she decided to use her powers to disguise herself as one of them. But because she still believed herself superior to humans, she didn't want to be one ordinary human. No, she needed to be special, unique. She wanted all eyes (and maybe more) on her. Lylla knew she could make a lasting impression on them: leave her mark on their history and then return to her dear forest.


-My lady, people will talk...
-That's exactly what I want them to do.
— Lylla and the painter.

Lylla's devised a plan to have the interest of the most important members of society. Although, she had already decided to give herself to one (or more) of them. She didn't want to make it easy for them. They had to prove themselves worthy of her.

In her human form, she presented herself as a foreign and wealthy lady. She went to a famous painter and commissioned him what is known as Lylla's portrait. She gave him precise instructions, and the painter obeyed her. Although the painter warned her several times the painting contained several elements outright scandalous and indecent. Lylla knew this already and told him just that.

After the portrait was done, Lylla paid a peasant to take the portrait on a tour around the most important castles and courts in the land along with a letter. The letter had a set of riddles as an invitation to come and get her.

The portrait caused a great impression in every place it was exposed. Many people wanted to try and find her. Almost all of them gave up very early in their quest, except the King himself: Alane. He was a good ruler, he protected his people, made efforts to avoid conflict with the near kingdoms, and the people respected him for his sense of justice.

In his private time (and quarters), Alane was also an eager and gentle lover, always ready to give others a pleasurable moment. He knew his body had an expiration date, and although he took care of it because he wanted to live many years, he also desired to enjoy it to the fullest.

portrait of a women wearing a white tunic. background of red roses.

by Julian Ralid. Images from Unsplash, Hero Forge, pngwin

When he saw Lylla's portrait and read her letter, King Alane knew he would not rest until he found her. It took a great deal of time because the King didn't want to leave his land unattended. Alane felt the delayed encounter would make it more enjoyable.

It was night when Alane arrived at the place Lylla was waiting for him. It didn't matter because she radiated her own light. They didn't exchange words until afterwards. The King asked her to come with him. She said yes. And that could've been the end of this story and the beginning of an idyllic romance. But humans are complex creatures, and magical entities are foolish enough to think they can control them.


-This knowledge will destroy me, but I can't stop myself.
— King Alane.

by Hero Forge

For a time, King Alane and Lylla lived together. They shared a wonderful and lustful relationship. They loved each other deeply. Lylla hid her true self from Alane. The King didn't notice anything strange about her lover. Servants and other court members often commented about how splendid was the crops in the last years, how the livestock tasted better and the land was greener, shinier, happier.

Lylla couldn't maintain her human form all the time. Once in a while, she needed to stretch her wings, feel the grass on her scaly feet, and the wind on her hard skin. Also, Lylla needed to be in her natural form to perform the enchantments to help his dear Alane to have a prosperous kingdom.

For this purpose, she created a secluded cabin in the forest where no one bothered her. Alane knew she had this place but trusted her. The King never asked her why she went there, or follow her. Until one day, an idea crossed his mind. He will surprise her in her cabin. Who put this idea in his mind? Hundred of years of speculations couldn't come up with an answer. Maybe it was just human nature.

King Alane found her once again. It was night and Lylla was radiating light. This time he saw her in all her glory. Alane didn't feel fear. He loved her even more, and when he was about to call her name, Lylla began to perform the rituals and cast the spells. Powerful magic covered everything and reached the King. It was nothing like he'd ever felt before. When it was over, Alane was no longer the same man. A desire to own those powers possessed him.

The King revealed himself, and Lylla returned to her human form when she saw him. Alane assured her of his love and swore to protect her secret. Lylla believed him. After that, they went back to the castle to resume their life together.

Alane had a plan to convince Lyla to share her magic with him. He needed to be patient to get what he wanted.


Alane convinced Lylla to go back with her to the cabin where she felt comfortable to be her true self and perform her magic. She trusted Alane, and allowed him to witness everything and often answered his questions. When Alane gathered enough information about her, her siblings and other magical beings, his desire to be more than a mere mortal consumed him. Alane did his best to convince Lylla to share her powers with him.

Lylla refused his plead. She said there was no way for a human to use magic. Her kind didn't even have rules against sharing the magic with humans because they knew it was impossible. They were wrong. It existed one way, and thanks to Lylla's love and Alane's pleading, Lylla found a ritual to share part of her magic with Alane.

After Alane became the first human magic use in history, he tried to get more powerful by killing Lylla. He failed. Instead, hurt her badly. The betrayal was complete.


-I will teach them about harm and suffering. I won't be forgotten. They won't be forgiven.
— Lylla.

Even with her broken heart and wounded body Lylla had the strength to curse Alane and his kingdom. She couldn't take away the powers she willingly had given to him. She considered killing him, but that was too easy. She decided the best revenge was to let magic destroy him and all the humans who dared to use magic.

My magic made you a traitor.
My powers will avenge me.
Betrayal will follow you and every human touched by my magic through you.
Centuries of pain will pass.
I'll return when everything is mine.

Lylla disappeared and Alane never forgot her words. What happened to him and Valabrad, many years after their last encounter, was proof the curse was real.

When Lylla went back with her siblings and told them everything that have happened they rejected her and cast her out for her foolishness. Only one helped her to heal. The same one that warned her about humans in the first place. Despite their kindness, after she was healed Lylla isolated herself and watched her curse ruin a nation. She did not enjoy it.

There is another sad farewell in Valabrad. Love was broken once again. Someone sings the song of Lylla's curse:
One day she had a question.
The body demanded an experience.
One day he had an answer.
Other body complied.

One day she had a feeling.
The heart needed to be free.
One day he had an open door.
Another heart followed.

One day she had a secret.
The mask wanted to crumble.
One day he felt the fire.
Another mask took his place.

One day she had a gaping wound.
The flesh needed to heal.
One day he had a dagger.
Another wound grew bigger.

One day she swore revenge.
One day end will come.
One day body, heart, mask and wound will mourn.

by Unsplash

Cover image: by Created with flaticon


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
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That's a very nice story and a very sad one :( I'm angry at the sisters who didn't help Lylla afterwards even if she was indeed foolish and didn't follow their advice. At least one of them was good enough.   It's very sad what happened to Alane. He was affected by the magic somehow and his mind became twisted, right? (just asking for confirmation that that part was not metaphorical XD)   I'm curious about what scandalous elements were in that painting now :p Exposed skin? Some coded symbolism? How did the court react to her after she joined them since they had seen the painting before and thought she was scandalous?

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I'm glad you like it! Her sisters are not nice :( Yes, magic twisted Alane's mind and changed him. You got that right! About the painting, I plan to make a separate article to explain why it was indecent, exposed skin was one of the reasons but mostly symbolism. You'll find a hint for your last question in the article itself ;)

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<3 I love this myth! You did a great job Melu!

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This is so sad. :( Alane was such a good man but I guess his mind got a little corrupted by witnessing the magic. Poor Lylla. :(   Great myth. <3

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Thank you! It is really sad what happened to Alane. Wait until you read more of his story :(