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Summer Camp 2023 Winning Articles

They didn't, so I did.

The Voice of Snark has wandered into the room and wondered why the organization that sponsored the event put up a list of the winners (with no links) and the sponsors (with no links) and yet FAILED to post a list of the winning ARTICLES so that people can read them.   I mean...   Sure, WorldAnvil, I'll do that for you for free... Even though I paid for this service and it should have been handled by WA staff. I don't mind paying to do it myself. Not at all.   Why list the winner's articles? It's not like they busted their asses and wrote some great stuff and deserve a little recognition for their achievement...   Jeez.   So without further ado, the Voice of Snark will shut up and the winning articles will commence.   Enjoy! Oh, and congratulations to all the winners. There is some great work represented here!    

A powerful organization in your world:

Mother of the Stars
Organization | Aug 28, 2023

Religion that views psionics as a gift from the Mother of the Stars.

A seat of power:

The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís
Settlement | Jul 8, 2023

The prime center of science and academia in the United Worlds.

A resource providing fuel or power:

Material | Jul 10, 2023

Time is money, but it is also time.

An animal associated with power:

Species | Sep 8, 2023

Humans are a species of geprati who have come to dominate the whole continent with their ambition, determination, and relentless zeal.

Shimmer Worms
Species | Jul 8, 2023

A parasitic worm that lives within the eyes of fish, turning the eyes silver and rendering them effectively blind. In humans, the eyes still go silver, but it grants the human host enhanced close-range vision rather than near total blindness.

Species | Jul 16, 2023

Lost souls that linger past death, and/or the nocturnal creatures that resemble and follow them.

Species | Jul 28, 2023

A culture that has suffered:

Ethnicity | Jul 21, 2023

Though once oppressed by the Vahrai Empire, now the Gievrian culture is rich and diverse, comprising several separate kingdoms on the continent of Gievrys.

A conflict between two unequal powers:

Operation Sledgehammer
Military Conflict | May 17, 2023

Title and responsibilities:

The Rabbit's Paw
Rank/Title | Aug 26, 2023
Rank/Title | Aug 30, 2023

The child - an often overlooked, but decidedly heartless tyrant, placed in office to accomplish particular objectives.

Mother or Father
Rank/Title | Aug 29, 2023

Leaders, protectors and icons for Ilnithic

Destructive natural/supernatural event:

Ruins log: The Rings
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Sep 1, 2023

A log that documents the story of when the rings first appeared

Mischievous species:

Gum Queen
Species | Aug 2, 2023

Popular summer tradition:

Fish Fest
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 27, 2023

The festival to celebrate the end of fishing season in the city of Saumart.

Unclaimed unregulated lawless:

Chiraki Abyss
Geographic Location | Sep 26, 2023

Settlement at the limits:

Locomotriam - "The Moving Country"
Settlement | Jul 22, 2023

Job of faraway:

Iothea Rangers
Profession | Jul 24, 2023

The Iothea Rangers Guild is an organization based in Secula Faru, dedicated to protecting the settlement from the land's giant predators.

Non-populated animal:

Species | Jul 24, 2023

A monstrous crustacean creature that is native to Iothea Isle.

Useful plant:

Species | Jul 21, 2023

Resource of a dangerous location:

Material | Jul 13, 2023

They're like lootboxes! But infinitely more terrifying

Wanderlust character:

Character | Aug 1, 2023
Satyan Windblown
Character | Jul 30, 2023
Character | Jul 30, 2023

The angry ghost of a lost childhood, brings storms, and monsters, and sometimes helps strangers.

Character | Aug 12, 2023
The Eternal Tourist
Character | Jul 28, 2023
Long Steps
Character | Sep 28, 2023

Boys migrate along an established and well-marked road, but Long Steps takes pleasure in deviating from it to see what else the forest hides.

Miz Paufan
Character | Jul 31, 2023

With the exception of Ker Barzduk of the Blue Isis crew and those in the Redali System, Miz Paufan has probably seen and done more than any other Khamen in history.

Laura Pfieffer
Character | Jul 27, 2023

After putting off marriage for nine years, she married... and then traveled some more.

The Unseen Wanderer
Character | Jul 15, 2023
Rastus, The Explorer
Character | Aug 27, 2023
Asone Kemal
Character | Jul 29, 2023

A youth that seeks that travel the world and see it wonders, all the while making a living as a Remnant Hunter.

Character | Jul 29, 2023
Anna Omis
Character | Aug 28, 2023

Remote cuisine:

Tha Rowund Bredd
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 12, 2023

It's bread, that is in fact round

Iconic building:

Orange Terrace Condominiums
Building / Landmark | Sep 1, 2023

Secret letter:

Alysia's Farewell
Document | Jul 11, 2023

A farewell from a sister to her brother as she made her final decision: to give her life, so that his might be spared.

Old fashioned tradition:

Prayer to a moss-covered goddess
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 27, 2023

Cultural item:

The Royal Protector's pearls
Item | Aug 27, 2023

A legendary millennia-old artefact that the kings always gift to their heir or royal advisor so that they can used it to protect them. The Light Lord currently holds it. Whether its power has faded or not over time is hotly debated—in private at least.

Ancient city:

Old Esteille neighbourhood
Settlement | Aug 1, 2023

Come live in Old Esteille! A young, dynamic, respectful, & perfectly safe & healthy neighborhood of the capital with a prime location and great features! No danger from ritual magic remaining! Discover Old Esteille today & let yourself be convinced!

Historical figure:

Old King Caed
Character | Aug 1, 2023

The first of the gods, the accuser of Qur, and the silent source of the unease that blankets Caed's Island.

Obsolete profession

Whale Watchers
Profession | Jul 22, 2023

Children’s tale

Baku and the Bad Shatter
Myth | Jul 30, 2023

The children's song "Baku and the Bad Shatter" recalls the only Horn 3 Shatter recorded in the Zone. On that day, the baku revealed themselves by spiriting away all the children of the Zone to protect them from the manifest of nightmares in the Pit.

Days of Creation
Myth | Aug 1, 2023

A historian's attempt at writing and illustrating a picture book to teach kids about the origins of the gods, long before they became husks.

Legend of Farsqueak
Myth | Jul 25, 2023
Run Run Run
Myth | Jul 20, 2023

Extinct species

Wild Lawyers
Species | Jul 27, 2023

Wild Lawyers were the scourge of Nunya during The First Age, until an anarchist called Richard Butcher formed a posse to hunt down and destroy the untamed attorneys once and for all.

Leavenisiae Bap
Species | Jul 22, 2023

Not just a stale joke. Magic-touched yeast that came to life for chaos and violence. Currently toast.

Historical culture

The Restless
Ethnicity | Sep 26, 2023

The Restless were a group of Earthlings who left their home planet out of frustration with the pace of technological advancement there.

Ceremony of power

Tradition / Ritual | Jul 17, 2023

A ritual by which one can become their heart's true self.

Rare phenomenon

The Frozen Rains
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jul 28, 2023

Carry goods

Vehicle | Jul 27, 2023

Send messages

Mishōndii Couriers and Collars
Technology / Science | Jul 29, 2023

Mishōndii were used for wordless communications during battles in Qal'ath's past. Their job was to carry parts of messages between allied camps to coordinate their forces.

Silent com

The Language of Bouquets
Language | Sep 7, 2023

A complicated but beautiful language with the hidden meanings of flowers and other flora. It used to be a mere courtship ritual, but now you can say practically anything with it.

Recruiting organization

The Dark Lord's evil army
Organization | Aug 27, 2023

Join the Dark army today to contribute to the fight for the future of Nélannie! We stand for our safety, tradition, religion, knowledge, respect & safety! Be part of the solution rather than the problem! Every contribution no matter skills & experience!

Unusual communication animal

Species | Jul 25, 2023

Master manipulator

Character | Sep 12, 2023

Step right up! Guaranteed satisfaction or your confusion back!

Oscar Diggs
Character | Sep 17, 2023

Oscar Diggs was the first Wizard of Oz, a title he preferred to “Emperor” because it suggested the idea of a magical birthright—and because spellcraft and sorcery were far more respected in Eden than the brute force of imperial aggression.

Dr. Anabelle Evingston
Character | Aug 1, 2023

She who would reshape the world.

Carl the Unpaid
Character | Aug 1, 2023

Neverending announcement

The First Global Broadcast of the CCS ft.Dusty Runeshine
Document | Jul 30, 2023

"Music is a divine gift that deserves to be shared with all. Through the Crystal Communication System, we shall send our songs to every corner of the world, uniting hearts with melodies." | Dusty RuneShine

Com building

Ministery of news and intelligance
Building / Landmark | Jul 27, 2023
The Aviary
Building / Landmark | Jul 15, 2023

Shadow lurker

Kyne Destrdge Archmage of the Ordo Malignorum Magicarum
Character | Aug 13, 2023
The Butterfly Sylfaone
Character | Sep 20, 2023
Gib the Sea Goblin
Character | Jul 29, 2023
Rumapa Stiltskín
Character | Sep 25, 2023

Rumapa Stiltskín, sometimes erroneously referred to as Rumplestiltskin, was a notorious halfling trickster during The Second Age of Eden.

Character | Jul 28, 2023

A sniper and spy from the Shadows, one of Aletheia's leading spymasters, and Azyel's girlfriend.

Kein Lofano
Character | Jul 31, 2023

Lead researcher of architecture and city plans for the Umbragolde guild of Aurel.

Rileni Elriess Shuruziat
Character | Oct 3, 2023
Character | Jul 24, 2023
Mr. Shadow
Character | Oct 3, 2023

A permanent guest at Lola's Comfy Kitchen, Mr. Shadow is a well known karaoke singer and raconteur. That's it. Really. That's all there is to him.

Character | Sep 13, 2023

Meow-sical Mischief

Negative condition

Censoring Ophthalmia
Condition | Jul 30, 2023

Those that read too far beyond what mortals should will find a censor's flame soon greets them.

Secret keepers

Organization | Sep 25, 2023

Tenebris is a secret society in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe which is dedicated to keeping secret the nature of reality.

Myth or truth

Trees Become Women
Myth | Sep 28, 2023

As girls and women reach new stages in life, they learn more about their culture and the part they must play in its survival.

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29 Aug, 2023 18:53

Thank you for getting this up! Great work here!

Check out my entry for the Treasured Companions Challenge: the Ghost Boy of Kirinal! His article also spilled over into Adventuring With Ghost Boy full of plot hooks and his 5E stat block!

29 Aug, 2023 18:59

Thank you, and congrats on your wins!! Your articles should be shared and read, they are amazing!

29 Aug, 2023 19:02

The Unseen Wanderer sends his thanks, and will be in your area by Friday.

29 Aug, 2023 19:06

There was a blog post with all of the winners, but it's nice to see it in an article form xD

I hope you have a great day!   The Yonderverse is getting Spooky!
29 Aug, 2023 19:13

The blog posts all the winners but no links to either the article nor the author's page. WorldAnvil makes it EXTREMELY hard to find other users - especially if you don't have the time to get in the Discord clique. So I went through and found them all. Some of them were not easy to find.   Anyway, thank you for reading, and thank you for sponsoring a prompt!! I feel for you, that was so much to read!! I was complaining the reading challenge was too easy and tried to do one that matched the number of articles entered and I failed miserably!! LOL!! That is a LOT of reading, and I loved your winner!!

29 Aug, 2023 19:49

You make a very good point with that! It would be really nice to see actual links to the winners articles D:   Yeahhh, the reading challenge is special because it is so chill xD I really hope to sponsor a prompt next year, it was super fun! <3

I hope you have a great day!   The Yonderverse is getting Spooky!
30 Aug, 2023 03:21

You too!! Sorry did not mean to get shouty :D After reflection, I came to agree about the reading challenge as well. I think I was just disappointed that I finished it so quickly. That's on me, I know. But not posting the articles was a big faux pas on the part of the host (the host, not the sponsors - the sponsors ROCK!!) in my opinion, and ...well.. I have a big mouth LOL   I can also admit when I am wrong, which is why I totally take back that I said the reading was too easy LOL!!   I may feel differently about sponsoring in the future - The articles I read were amazing and as grumpy as I can be I really do want to participate and be an active member of the community. :D

Sage strixxline
Polina "Line" Arteev
29 Aug, 2023 19:37

Ooh thank you for putting these together! I did want to go read the winning articles at some point and was lamenting the scavenger hunt hahaha

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29 Aug, 2023 20:47

Thank you for reading, and for sponsoring a prompt! Also congrats on the win!!   This was quite a scavenger hunt, although it became easier when I just started pasting the names in the links. Finding people on here is not very easy at all. Enjoy! <3

Grandmaster tlcassis
Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia
6 Sep, 2023 16:07

I think I am going to suggest a feature to make authors and articles from other worlds not our own searchable. It is EXTREMELy difficult to find other WA worlds and things in them!

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7 Sep, 2023 04:33

I voted, and I will post another plug for that myself tomorrow after I wake up and get some caffeine in me!! I'm still not quite sure how all that works but I'm showing up as having cast my vote!

Jacqueline Yang
30 Aug, 2023 01:21

Hey, thanks so much for doing this! I'm sure it was not easy (as there's no way to search up users on here.) I can't wait to read through all these masterpieces!   Congrats on a win by the way!

30 Aug, 2023 03:32

Congrats to you as well!! I don't know about you but I was jumping around like a maniac when I heard. I really didn't expect to win at all, I had two articles I was particularly proud of, but there sure was really fierce competition out there!   I agree 100%, it is hard to search for people here. I would use points to request a feature but honestly, I'd rather use the coin to just complain instead (I am sure we aren't the only ones who have noticed LOL)   :D :D :D

Jacqueline Yang
30 Aug, 2023 03:40

Oh, don't worry, I was right along with you jumping like a maniac. (was about to shout it from the rooftops)   Yeah, honestly, I can't wait to hear from Voice of Snark again.

30 Aug, 2023 03:08

I appreciate the list of articles greatly! WA did announce every article and linked them all in chat as they won - it's a surprise that they didn't include them alongside the winners in the blogpost.

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30 Aug, 2023 04:05

Yeah... my experience with the broadcast consisted of trying to watch it on a laptop while family and friends had conversations over, under, and around me (we were gearing up to play downstairs as soon as it ended.) Needless to say, I missed half of what was said and had no way to access half the links on Twitch.   I think what confuses me and upsets me the most, though, is WA is this amazing platform to deliver stories, news, and information to people.... and they don't use it. Why should I have faith in WA if the staff - the creators themselves - doesn’t seem to?   Twitch, Discord, and WordPress are used to deliver news, and the pertinent information is left out of what news those of us who try to write, work full time, being a single parent, and doesn't have time to get on all those extra platforms? Or... when we do it is so confusing to navigate and there are obviously a great many cliques that are quite standoffish. Not you Han, you were amazing when I tried Discord, and there were a couple of others the very first time I went… but after that… nothing. I don’t think I was even grouchy there… But I also suffer from severe social anxiety and I can only use those platforms in the right state of mind.   I don’t want you to feel like I am yelling at you - I am just explaining where I am coming from here.   My point is, WA has the ability to use their platform to deliver this information to us - those that don't have the time or energy to navigate all that other crap. And they don't. And the result is a large portion of the community being left out. Excluded. And it doesn't feel good. For example, I had NO idea about the Beautiful People Masquerade contest. None. I would have entered. It would have been fun. It was never mentioned on the WA site. I check news and community news every day. I have made it part of my routine!   Thus, the snarky tone of my article.   That being said - I will also say for the most part I think WA and the community are incredible. I would just really like to see it being used! By not doing that, it is a disservice to, well, all of us.   And allllll that being said.... CONGRATS!!! Now I am going to gush because I already told you how much I enjoyed Alysia's Farewell and I was not surprised to see your name pop up multiple times. You wrote your butt off and it shows, many kudos to you for your achievement!!

31 Aug, 2023 15:22

I feel you somewhat, but to a lesser extent - which may be because I've been around since 2018 and I'm used to it all. From my POV, as someone who works full-time, lives in an adversarial time zone, and also has a bunch of other stuff to do... WA's always used Discord as their most major place of updates; Twitch too, but like, I can never make the streams and everything's announced properly on Discord.   And those are always in two channels: annnouncements and dev-changelog. There used to be a special Guild news channel, but that's gone now, so we only need to pay attention to two channels. They're at the very top of the server. Discord's got a function where you can 'follow' a channel's posts and have them show up in another server, too; I've got it set up for my personal server so I don't even need to check WA x)   I think WA probably needs to work on making it clearer that the bulk of their communication is on their official Discord, or they need to make sure to sync everything up between discord and site.   As for the Discord being standoffish - I think some of the worldbuilding chats can be like that, and it's why I prefer to hang out in the silly, casual, challenge chatter channel. That's where the talking is very drop-in/ drop-out and cliquey bullshit is at a minimum! If you feel more comfortable wandering over, that's probably where you'll feel happiest.   And hey, congrats to you as well! I came to really recognise your awesome headers when I saw you popping up across everyone's reading challenges, so I'm glad you won a few things because you really put in the work!! ♥♥♥

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30 Aug, 2023 08:58

Hello Anna,   I'm Ondo, from the Community Team. After getting feedback from some users, we've added links to the blog post. I'm writing this comment to let you know that, while we always appreciate constructive feedback and are happy to act on it if it makes sense (as you've just seen), we do not welcome non-constructive complaints presented in the way you did—especially when constructive feedback hasn't been provided in advance. In the future, please use the proper feedback channels (such as DMing us on Discord, emailing us at contact [at], or DMing us on Twitter). We can only know what you want if you tell us—we aren't psychic (yet)!   I would also like to remind you that we are not a big corporation, we are just a small team who loves worldbuilding just as much as you do. And as daily users of World Anvil, we only want the best for it and the community :)   If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
30 Aug, 2023 12:12

I asked for links in the comments of that article, on Saturday or Sunday.   And while WA may not be a big company, I do pay for my services and can complain if I am unhappy. Considering I am coming across competition articles from 2018 seems like lots of time to get one's stuff together... yes?   So... I filled out my prize form (twice), and heard nothing. Asked for the links.... nothing. And now here you are telling me I am in the wrong for making a valid and legitimate complaint - when the things I do nicely are totally ignored.   Noted.

30 Aug, 2023 13:01

Hi,   Your comment in the blog (as well as other people's on other channels) was noted—we intended to do it based on the feedback we got. Saturdays and Sundays are days off for much of the team, and Summer Camp is by far not the only project the 3 people in the Community Team are working on. Your feedback wasn't ignored, we simply need time to implement unexpected changes.   I didn't associate your blog handle (KPerkins) with your World Anvil account, so I retract the part where I said you didn't provide feedback in advance. We have also added an internal note to make sure we add the links in future winner blogs.   Regarding the form—your responses have been properly recorded. You will get an email from us or from the shipping company after the cutoff date of September 8th, which is when we'll start processing the winners. I'll make a note to enable the email confirmation feature in the form next time (I can't now, as it would require changes in settings that aren't practical to change once the form is live), as well as to communicate this timeframe as well. Thanks for letting me know the confusion this has caused!   As always, let me know if you need anything else and I'll be happy to help.

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
30 Aug, 2023 13:24

LOL, I have no idea who KPerkins is... my WordPress account is either AnnaOmis or NotoriouslyAnonymous. I *think* Anna. I appreciate you taking the time to address my concerns. As you see from my response to Han, it is very frustrating for me to have to go to different platforms to get information. One of the things I (thought) I loved about WA is that everything seemed to be here in one place. But it's not, and like I told her - that leaves a HUGE portion of your users left out in the cold. But on my part, I will try to be a little more patient in the future. I can't guarantee it... but I'll try.

30 Aug, 2023 13:43

Hello, fellow nontechy world builder here! I have an issue with you saying we can’t post complaints or constructive criticism like this and have to go through email, discord, or twitter. I personally only use discord for Midjourney AI and have never used twitter and never plan to. So my only option is email? Where things go in the junk folder without my consent to die and never be seen. We should be able to reach out to you guys here. And honestly WA has made it very hard to know who the leaders are. I didn’t know the woman in the tutorials is a creator of WA until the livestream Saturday and I’ve been a member since last year. It’s also impossible to find the community on here. I have to click through a bunch of links and buttons just to find a world. Also please ask them to update the tutorial videos linked to the functions! It took me 2 hours to figure out the timelines feature because the video for it is NOTHING like how you do them now. I hope you guys take the comments and feedback and make the next contests even better! I’m very excited for October’s contest!

30 Aug, 2023 13:58

Hm looking at the list of comments in the blog (in all posts), I can see comments left by you, but none in that blog post (nor in the spam filter). It is possible WordPress ate them before they went in though.   I understand the frustrations of having things in different places, and it's actually something we've been addressing in the past months! For example, the newsletter in the blog was implemented early this year precisely because up until then the only way to know about new features and updates was to be on the Discord.   The Beautiful People event is a special case—we've tried running it off-Discord before, but we only saw participation on the Discord server, so for now we're keeping it there. Until we have time and resources to develop a better integrated community space on World Anvil, Discord serves as the main community hub.   Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated. Thank you! :)

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
30 Aug, 2023 14:05

And to Sgt.elyas: sorry you're having the same issues! You can see who is who on World Anvil in our Team page, linked at the bottom of every page. If you don't want to use Discord, Twitter, the blog comments, nor Facebook/Instagram—email is the only consistent option, yes. When we're online, you can also use the chat widget at the bottom-left corner for a live chat. That said, your feedback is noted and I'll think of ways to improve it with the tools we currently have!   Regarding the tutorials, we are aware some of them are outdated, and we're working on it.   To continue this conversation I suggest you use one of the aforementioned methods, as replies to someone else's comments can be annoying for them (they'll get notifications for everything).

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
30 Aug, 2023 15:14

Definitely understand the annoyance of lots of notifications! Quick question cause I know Anna Omis and I were just talking about this. The discord servers, which one is the one I want to keep an eye on? There are so many servers for WA and I have no idea which is which and for what! So if you could let know which ones have like the announcements or upcoming things! Thank you in advance! It’s nice to see that you guys are trying to make this a great website!

30 Aug, 2023 17:33

There are only two official Discord servers for World Anvil, and one of them is for the translation project only. The official Discord community is the one accessible from There, the #announcement channel will contain all community-related news, while #dev-changelog is used to announce development updates. Other users have their own servers related to their World Anvil projects, but they are not affiliated with WA in any way. Hope this helps!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
Grandmaster tlcassis
Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia
6 Sep, 2023 15:49

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!   I was SO wanting this to be done! All the winning articles and the authors put in one place. If I wasn't already following you, I would have done so for just this article alone.

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7 Sep, 2023 04:29

My pleasure! Shortly after I posted the official list was updated, but it took some effort to track some of these down lol! I do wish I had spent a little time formatting, but I still struggle getting changes to work like I want with BBCode, and I am super rusty at CSS   :D   Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words!!