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Chiraki Abyss

Chiraki Abyss is an enormous chasm reaching Ayonerra’s core. Numerous scholars consider it the aftermath of the duel between Au'Rhelion and Ahog'Reon. The Abyss’s air mutates all life into terrifying chirakis. Many believe a slumbering Amaar dwells deep in the chasm, whose seeping breath alters anyone it touches.

Thrill-seeking and money-loving hunters flocked to the Chiraki Abyss, building towns devoid of government or law. Inns, taverns, and shops quickly arose on the mountainside surrounding the chasm, offering chiraki goods such as trinkets, clothing, dyes, medicine, potions, and drugs. Chiraki supplies reach distant kingdoms thanks to ships and flying islands.


Chiraki Abyss is divided into thirteen layers, each becoming narrower as one descends further. To set foot in the first layer, one must reach the mountain and enter its broad crater. The layers are often grouped in the upper, middle and lower thirds.

  The Upper Third has moderate temperature, less dangerous chirakis and thinly dispersed Amaar’s Breath, thus hunters can stay inside for a prolonged time without turning into chirakis. Numerous farms breed chiraki plants, animals and lantern fireflies. The upper layers are especially beloved by trophy-hunting nobility and royalty, who hire experienced guides and give chase to monsters.

  The Middle Third is permanently dark and freezing, acting as a gateway for more audacious people. The hunters must be especially cautious when using firefly lanterns so as to not attract unwanted chirakis. As one descends further, the environment warms up and hints of light peak through, opening a way to the deepest layers.
by Nincho

The air in the Lower Third layers is oppressively hot, heavy, and rotten-sweet. Hunters need to constantly consume chiraki-reversing potions and regularly check for transformation symptoms. Most recount hearing a distant heartbeat growing louder as they traversed further. Those who ventured all the way and survived the ascent are known as the Legendary Hunters. To prove their descent, they bring water from a lake in the thirteenth layer. A single drop can mutate anything it touches, erasing all doubts towards the adventurer.

The Curse

Despite the warning, the dunce gathered everyone in the Horseback and began blabbering. All people could remember after seeing his beaten-up corpse was an instinctual urge to kill him. No one was sure who landed the final punch and none recalled his tale. So fledgeling, I ain’t telling. Go and see it yourself!
— Legendary Hunter Xander
No legendary hunter can share what they saw in the thirteenth layer. Many were found dead in their chambers, still gripping the pen over a blank paper, while those who spoke the tale were swiftly killed by the maddened listeners.

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This is really cool! I think it's pretty neat to have that curse on them , a creepier lingering twist that kind of isolates the legendary hunters from others in a big way. And it's ironic they go through the trouble and trauma to be a legendary hunter but they can't tell anyone about it afterwards. I like it!

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