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Saeko was born when Nine Skies empresses killed any tsukaite in sight. Her mother Moriko was executed soon after Saeko’s birth. Rabizu fled from Sky to Sky, hiding Saeko and Keiko from watchful eyes.

After encountering the green-winged woman, Rabizu reassured the sisters that he would protect them. As Rabizu forged his blade, Saeko noticed his bahhraym-white hair and eyes changing to black. He became detached, ignoring his daughters and speaking to someone the sisters couldn’t see.

One day, trembling Keiko grasped Saeko’s hand and fled the forge. The shaken sister rambled about Rabizu’s face, twisting and morphing into a monster. Confused, Saeko followed along, and the two wandered through the Nine Skies.  

Twenty years later, the sisters confronted Rabizu. The father screeched at his daughters, his blank stare showing no care or recognition. The battle waged on and upon Saeko inflicting the fatal wound, Rabizu was put to rest.   Upon return, the sisters presented Rabizu’s hair as proof of victory. Empress Kulawai acknowledged their worth and stepped down from the throne. Saeko didn’t desire rulership, acting as an advisor for the newly ascended Keiko.

The Hunters

When a black-tailed asteroid fell in the Nine Skies, Keiko sent soldiers to investigate the area. But none came back. As chiraki sightings spread through the mountains, the empress forbade anyone to enter the impact region.

Saeko suggested hiring chiraki hunters to clear the Skies from monsters. She met Tham'Urri and his apprentices, Xander and Sandrah. Saeko asked how these scrawny children could take the creatures down. Xander scoffed.

“You’d be surprised how much you learn in the Abyss.’’

Meeting Sugiramun

Low-noble Sugiramun won Saeko's heart by slaying the monster terrorising the Nine Skies. The empress’s sister fell in love and accepted Sugiramun’s proposal.  

After becoming pregnant, Saeko noticed Sugiramun’s usual carefree face turn sullen. The labour was excruciating. Before losing consciousness, she heard the newborn’s cries melding with doctors’ shrieks.

The Nine Skies
Year of Birth
1810 AR/ADF 315 Years old
The Fifth Sky
White. Used to dye black to honour Rabizu
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Upon awakening, Keiko spoke of Sugiramun’s treachery. How, instead of slaying the monster, he made a deal with it, resulting in newborn Moriko's monstrous visage. Keiko comforted Saeko as she cried in the sister’s arms.

Following the recovery, Saeko wished to venture into the Chiraki Abyss and develop medicine to cure Moriko. Keiko scoffed at the idea, deeming it a useless endeavour. But Saeko couldn’t be swayed. Keiko faked her sister’s death, announcing how she punished Saeko for birthing a monster.

Saeko shaved off her black hair, allowing natural white to grow, and sailed to the Chiraki Abyss.

A Monster-filled Chasm

Adapting to Chiraki Abyss and all its screw-loose hunters after centuries of strict Nine Skies laws and traditions was quite a challenge. Saeko held no status, no inherent respect or acclaim. Bahhrayms were rare in the Abyss and she soon realised a lone hunter with no connections rarely survived. Thus, Saeko had to set aside the belief in her race’s superiority and work with people from all over Ayonerra.

Xander became an unlikely companion. He shared survival tips and helped her descend into deeper layers. Saeko slowly got used to the legendary hunter’s screechy voice and joined his group.

Magic and Potions

Saeko telekinetically moves weapons she forges on Hayanao’s highest peak. She can liquify and shape the weapons to her liking. She crafted metal orbs and spread them throughout the Chiraki Abyss layers. They reflect starlight and allow her to use star magic when venturing deep into the chasm.

Saeko developed life-prolonging potions and ointments. Over the years, she learned different chiraki properties and potion-making methods. Saeko mainly focuses on healing-accelerator and anti-infection substances. She has yet to perfect chiraki-reversing potions and considers them a gateway to Moriko’s cure.

Notable Relationships

Saeko cherishes her sister. She used to share Keiko’s belief of bahhraym superiority, but considered the empress too uncompromising.

Saeko misses Keiko but deems the Abyss journey a necessity. She often felt lost under her sister’s shadow and wished to become more independent from her.

Saeko loved her father and couldn’t bear to watch his sanity slowly stripping away.

During their confrontation, Saeko was hurt when Rabizu couldn’t recognise her. As she inflicted the fatal wound, Saeko was glad her father passed away oblivious to his killer's identity.

Before Sugiramun supposedly slayed the beast, Saeko knew him as a child of a disgraced family. She was smitten by his deed and found joy in their marriage. The husband’s gloomy demeanour during her pregnancy alerted Saeko, yet Sugiramun constantly avoided her questions.

Sugiramun’s treachery broke Saeko’s heart. She wished Keiko hadn’t spared him, but Saeko mellowed down after a time. She is unsure if Sugiramun ever loved her.
Saeko knows Sugiramun took Moriko to the Vinwardisi Forest. Yet, she can’t bring herself to meet her child.

Saeko wishes to cure Moriko’s condition, but is afraid to admit she is doing it for herself instead of her daughter.

Saeko questioned Xander’s competence. How could this man, who eagerly dove into any pit he stumbled upon, be a renowned Legendary Hunter?

After travelling with Xander, she came to respect the hunter’s knowledge, quick-thinking and utterly absurd methods.

Xander’s Squad
Saeko needed time to adjust to the hunters’ unruly nature.

She found solace in Baltaan's inn, enjoying her singing, drinking subpar wine, listening to a pianist who should get a different job, hearing Akash's tales from Amaarion and helping newly joined Yeronime adjust to the utter mayhem that is the Chiraki Abyss.

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