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Med'Hea was born on the planet Sept'Ambra, to which Shemokmedi assigned a cruel task:
’’One who receives the most human sacrifices will attain godhood’’.
This led to countless wars, bloodshed and inhabitants sacrificing each other out of fear or fanatical worship of figures they deemed worthy of godhood.

Planet Sept'Ambra
Current Residence
The Colchid Isles
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown
178 cm (excluding horns)
Eventually, three sisters, Lak’Rima, Shal'Amea and Med’Hea, were left with the most offerings to their names. They danced in unison, spreading their wings and entangling their tails, halos shining brightly and jewellery-adorned horns reflecting their light. But ultimately, only one could become a god and Med’Hea was forced to sacrifice Lak'Rima so that Shal'Amea could ascend.

Med’Hea, filled with resentment towards Shemokmedi, contacted Sheutsnobeli and with its help reached other planets. After failing to save them, Med’Hea flew to Ayonerra, the last planet left with an unfulfilled task. She created the first generation of Menes'has, waged war on native Hskaner and massacred the majority of them so none would attain godhood. As much as she despised Shemokmedi, letting Sheutsnobeli kill it would result in Ayonerra’s destruction. Med’Hea split Sheutsnobeli, imprisoning the largest piece inside her son Mye'Norr body.

Med’Hea also connected to Shemokmedi, rendering the Sun dormant and unable to produce new Amaars. The bond requires constant mental and physical strain to maintain. The clearest example is the Rain of Amaars, when the second Med'Hea's control faltered, nearly a score of Amaars plummeted like asteroids on Ayonerra. Fearing Amaars would announce Ayonerra’s task, Med’Hea temporarily silenced the planet. Thus Rain of Amaars is also known as the Deaf Fall.

Med’Hea resides in the Colchid Isles and constantly watches over Ayonerra. She intervenes only in dire circumstances, such as the Millennial War of Colours, or to hunt down surviving Hskaner. She also invites prominent kingdom rulers to the Colchid Isles to advise them caution. Med’Hea founded the Saammai Order, which informs her of any noteworthy event.


Med’Hea’s green star allows her to split anything, including senses and memories, and store them in various items or people. She’s also linked to other stars and uses them as an additional magic source.


Revenge against Shemokmedi, ensuring it never regains freedom. Looking after Ayonerra, opposing anything that could tamper with her idea of balance.

Physical description

Med'Hea possesses six horns, wings and tails and a hexagonal halo. Her hair, eyes and halo are vivid green, while wings and tail tips are considerably darker. Similar to Menes'has, Med'Hea has long and pointy ears and brown complexion. Visually she looks in her 40s.

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