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The Sun / Shemokmedi

Desperate to save itself from pursuing Sheutsnobeli, Shemokmedi formed a shell outside its own slithering body and turned into a star. It gave birth to fourteen Core Amaars, forming planets around them and assigning each one a unique task. A native who fulfilled the challenge attained godhood and became Shemokmedi’s guardian. The tasks ranged significantly, from "The one who plants a seed on the last piece of fertile ground will become a god!’’ to ''The one who receives the most human sacrifices will attain godhood’’. Following the mortal's ascent, the core Amaar awoke and merged with the Sun, causing the planet's destruction.

Whenever the locals refused to take up the challenge, Shemokmedi punished them by sending Land Amaars. Twelve gods ascended. After Khimakar refused, Shemokmedi froze the planet, killing its core. Ayonerra's native Hskaner also defied the Sun and fought Amaars for centuries.

Med'Hea's arrival on Ayonerra disrupted Shemokmedi’s plans. She connected to the Sun, rendering it dormant and unable to produce new Amaars. But Shemokmedi doesn’t yield, it continuously searches for a favourable moment to reclaim freedom. The clearest example is the Rain of Amaars/Deaf Fall when the second Med'Hea's control faltered, nearly a score of Amaars plummeted like asteroids, the majority falling into the now-called Amaarion continent.

Physical Description

Shemokmedi has a slender, snake-like body with a feathery integument. Two rows of tall spikes flow along the neck, slowly becoming shorter. A single pair of limbs resembles that of a deer or an antelope. Its face resembles an androgynous human with an impassive expression.

Morality & Philosophy

Shemokmedi doesn't care for its children, planets or their inhabitants, viewing them as tools to aid its escape.
The Sun's only driving force is self-preservation.


Reclaiming freedom and getting rid of Sheutsnobeli.
Current Status
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Relatively less compared to other Gveleshapni

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