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Gveleshapni are enormous creatures wandering through the cosmos. They can turn fleshy bodies into astral forms and traverse the universe at light speed. Gveleshapni are prideful creatures and often have trivial strifes with each other. For self-defence, a Gveleshapi creates a shell outside the slithering body and turns into a star. Stars aren’t dormant, they continuously search for a favourable moment to reclaim freedom. Both free-roaming Gveleshapni and self-imprisoned stars can give birth to children, called Amaars.

Gveleshapni can be any colour in the visible and invisible spectrum. Each looks distinct, formed from incongruous animal parts.

Gveleshapni have beyond human-level intelligence and speak countless languages. Dunyars can link to stars, each granting different magic, while those with a particularly deep connection can even hear the creatures. Most Gveleshapni are tricksters, finding connected mages amusing and constantly trying to meddle in their lives.

Notable Gveleshapni

Shemokmedi - Ayonerra's Sun

Sheutsnobeli - Nemesis of Shemokmedi, longing to devour it.

by Nincho


Enormous children of Gveleshapni. They have no free will, only following the stars’ bidding. Living beings exposed to Amaar breath become terrifying chirakis.

There are three distinct Amaar types:
s Core Amaars – The dormant cores of the planets.
s Land Amaars – Smaller variants, acting as the star’s messengers and punishers. The light cast by their wings can engulf entire towns.
s Cosmic Amaars – The largest Amaars, birthed by dying stars. Only they can become Gveleshapni.
Varies from hundreds of millions to billions of years.

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