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For eons Sheutsnobeli has been longing to devour Shemokmedi. Desperate to save itself, Shemokmedi formed a shell outside its own slithering body and turned into the Sun. After centuries, Sheutsnobeli finally flew close enough to almost swallow Shemokmedi, only for the surrounding gods to stop its advances. They didn't take energy from stars, making it impossible for Sheutsnobeli to consume it. Thus the green gveleshapi chose to wait.

Soon enough, Sheutsnobeli was contacted by Med'Hea. She similarly resented the Sun and desired to kill it. Med’Hea became a vessel for Sheutsnobeli, who in turn gave her energy and strength to flee her dying planet. They ventured to planets Otmar, Nobeskhet, Dekabura and Khimakar to stop inhabitants from fulfilling planetary tasks and attaining godhood. However, their attempts were futile and more gods ascended.

Ayonerra was the only planet left with an unfulfilled task. As Med'Hea massacred native Hskaner, Sheutsnobeli felt the opportunity finally approaching. But Med’Hea backstabbed the green gveleshapi, imprisoning it inside her son Mye'Norr's body.

Sheutsnobeli has been confined for centuries. It continuously speaks to Mye’Norr, laughs at his cowardice, plants seeds of doubt in his mind, coercing the boy into betraying his mother. Just as Mye’Norr finally listens to his prisoner’s pleas and rebels, Med’Hea splits his age and memories, reverting her son into a child and starting the circle again.


Sheutsnobeli can absorb energy from surrounding Gveleshapni and beings who use stars as a magic source. However, it must expel excess magic to avoid harming the body.

Physical Description

Sheutsnobeli has an enormous, snake-like body covered in green scales and fur, with a scorpion stinger at the end. The face has a mixture of snake and elk-like features. Enormous antlers adorn its head. Legs resemble those of a caterpillar.


Sheutsnobeli has no regards to mortal lives. It will eat the Sun at any given opportunity, not caring about Ayonerra or its inhabitants.
It freely manipulates Mye’Norr and feels no remorse when Med’Hea erases his memories, only mild annoyance.


Releasing itself from Med’Hea and Mye’Norr’s control and consuming Shemokmedi. Sheutsnobeli refuses to reveal why it despises the Sun.
‘’A reason? Will your family grant me a sliver of privacy?’’
Current Status
Imprisoned inside Mye'Norr's body
Several billion years
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Green with yellow glow
Larger than Shemokmedi

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22 Aug, 2023 21:26

The most dangerous noodle of them all!! I love the dynamic of the hate triangle. My theory is that Sheutsnobeli wants to eat the Sun simply because he is hungry!

23 Aug, 2023 06:39

I can tell you one thing. The reason is incredibly petty. Hate Triangle™ is my fav lore tl;dr next to "the Sun's a bitch".

24 Aug, 2023 02:29

I can only imagine the conversations between Norr & Shoots.  

24 Aug, 2023 07:17

Completely accurate. 100%

Sage nnie
Annie Stein
14 Oct, 2023 11:31

sometimes i forget how funny ayonerra gets because there's a lot of pretty horrible stuff, and then i read something like sheutsnoodleli's quote at the end here. i really like how you play around with mood.

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14 Oct, 2023 17:34

Hah thank you! Also gonna add "sheutsnoodleli" to its ever-growing nicknames. King Malkisaidek's article will be fun as he calls his star Banjgvla (meaning Shaggy/Hairy). The star is quite angry at that.