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Created from pieces fallen from Shemokmedi's body, Hskaner are peaceful lights native to Ayonerra. Tlanextli, Hskaner’s beaming souls, are as fragile as they are radiant. For thousands of years they lived carefree, with no need of food, water, no knowledge of illnesses, death being a rare occurrence for only the eldest Hskaner. They caressed each other with their own souls, sharing warmth, comfort and utmost trust, not for a second considering Shemokmedi’s task for attaining godhood. Infuriated by Hskaner’s rejection, Shemokmedi sent Amaars as punishment, whose breath called to tlanextlis, causing them to fuse with Amaar bodies. Hskaner were forced to create colossal armours and weapons, light melding with surrounding metal for protection, not letting Amaar's Breath seep in. To replenish their numbers, Hskaner held rituals atop high pyramids, tore off Shemokmedi’s flesh and created new tlanextlis.

This continued until Med'Hea came down Ayonerra and started massacring Hskaner. Dekabura, one of the 12 gods, created Bahhrayms to fight alongside Hskaner, but it wasn’t enough to stop the genocide. Slowly Hskaner numbers dwindled, they put aside old armours in favour of smaller, 2-5 metre ones and hid underwater. Nowadays less than 2000 are left, constantly under Med’Hea’s threat, not daring to hold rituals and accidentally reveal their location.

Basic Information


Hska tlanextlis are giant lights with no specific form. After fusing with the armour, the soul molds accordingly, later looking similar to a nervous system. Every armour is unique, decorated with killed Amaar feathers.

Genetics and Reproduction

Hskaner have no biological sex, they ''reproduce'' by holding rituals, tearing off Shemokmedi's flesh and creating new tlanextlis.

Growth Rate & Stages

Newborn hska's tlanextlis are too small to wear armour and thus they are protected vigilantly. After several months, the light reaches its maximum size and hskaner forge the desired armour. Upon wearing, the soul molds accordingly, later looking similar to a nervous system.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Hskaner don't need to eat nor drink. During life their tlanextlis are slowly drained for sustenance.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Goddess Apor mixed dead Hskaner armours with Ayonerra's soil, creating Dharaats   Hska armours are rare and sought-after materials. Weapons forged from them surpass hardened Dharaat bodies in both durability and strength.

Civilization and Culture

Relationship Ideals

Hskaner don't have romantic relationships. They value platonic and familial love. Because Hskaner don't reproduce sexually and all take part in raising new lights, everyone is considered a family member.

Average Technological Level

Hska Pyramids are ancient technology against Amaars. They were built from fallen hska armours and powered by tlanextlis. The weapons converted hska souls into powerful blasts, shooting down any approaching Amaar. They couldn't target land settlements. Roughly 10 hskaner were needed to power each pyramid. Whenever hskaner had to fight Amaars themselves, the long distance weapons, like scorpios, trebuchets, arrows and spears were used. In close combat - giant swords, axes, macuahuitls etc. Some hskaner had specialized "head" pieces resembling a giant crossbows.
10 000 - 15 000 years
Average Height
Tlanextli/Soul/Light - 23 metres, now 15-39 centimetres   Armour - up to 300 metres, now 2-5 metres

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