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Shemokmedi was exhausted from birthing thirteen planetary Core Amaars. Thus, the Sun's fourteenth child was especially small. The newly developed dwarf planet, Khimakar, started circling neighbouring Ayonerra and became its moon.

As life formed on Khimakar, spider-like creatures gained sapience and named themselves Pavoks. They shaped trees, linking them with webs and weaving settlements throughout the moon. Yet, they lacked the abstract thinking necessary to fulfil the task. Pavoks lived carefree, not acknowledging the Sun-given mission.

The Sun grew impatient and breathed down Khimakar. The breath chunks couldn’t speak or touch their surroundings. They inhabited Pavoks and heightened their minds. The breaths called themselves Dyims. Their union, Dyim-Pavoks, found joy in art, philosophy, and astronomy. They discussed celestial bodies and constellations, weaving intricate tapestries with symbolic embroidery.

Pavoks got accustomed to dyims and took all credit for the combined accomplishments. Infuriated by pavok’s arrogance, every dyim left their host and merged with each other. They formed a grey-white cloud and named themselves Khimakar. Similar to individual dyims, Khimakar was intangible and sought a vessel. As they inhabited a lone pavok, the creature’s mind and body tore to shreds. Flesh mixed with Khimakar, granting them a body. Khimakar rejoiced as they could touch and feel all on their own. Playing a flute became their favourite pastime.

The Sun’s patience was wearing thin as it sent a Land Amaar to the moon, commanding inhabitants to fulfil the task. Khimakar resented Shemokmedi for using them as a tool and refused to comply. The enraged Sun denied the moon warmth and light, killing its core and shrouding Khimakar in a permanent night. Pavoks and all other life perished, leaving Khimakar alone in the frozen wasteland.

Centuries later, Med'Hea visited Khimakar. She wished vengeance against the Sun and to save planets from their creator. Khimakar’s failure to protect the moon disappointed her.

Years passed when Khimakar saw an approaching amaar. “Another messenger,” they thought, yet the creature differed from the Sun’s children they’d seen before. Countless screeching ravens sprouted from the headless monster’s neck and swirled across the sky. Khimakar watched as three beings descended from the Amaar. Two resembled Med’Hea. One had broken horns, her flayed skin, tail and wings twitching with each passing moment. The other was headless, with eyes and beaks emerging from his flesh. The third was the palest. Broken bones and meat of his half-crushed head tried mending themselves together, to no avail.

Curiosity won over caution as Khimakar approached the visitors. The flayed one spoke first, introducing herself as Lak’Rima, Med’Hea’s elder sister. The pale man soon followed. He was Joaqim, a dunyar prince wielding resurrection magic. The headless man, Al’Arikh, spoke next, beaks creaking around his neck. He was a scholar and Joaqim’s mentor. The trio wished to learn more about Khimakar, both Khimakar the moon and Khimakar the entity.
“Ask away.”

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Oct 10, 2023 23:28

I enjoy that he's a grumpy old cloud. Him meeting the "Deserved Better Trio" sounds like it'll have particularly neat consequences down the line.

"Well-well-well, if it isn't the consequences of my actions."

Oct 11, 2023 10:32

Khimakar's first reaction being "Who are these monstrosities?" Cracks me up.

Oct 11, 2023 02:08 by Aster Blackwell

It's a bummer that the Pavoks are all gone, they seemed really interesting! I love that they were just too stupid to fulfill the task and so they were just vibing. Must be nice not being a higher mind.

Oct 11, 2023 10:33

Yeah the Sun is really against general vibing.

Oct 11, 2023 12:33 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I wish I could just chill and not be clever enough to have worries. And meet the pavoks though now they are all gone. :(

Oct 11, 2023 14:04

Just chill and weave. Chill and weave.