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Rain of Amaars / Deaf Fall

Shemokmedi's temper is fickle, thus Med'Hea has kept it dormant, unable to birth new Amaars and intervene with her plans. But the Sun doesn’t yield and continuously searches for a favourable moment to reclaim freedom. The chance presented itself after the destructive Millenial War of Colours, which pitted powerful Grdzneuli rulers against one another. Med’Hea’s intervention exhausted her and the second her control over Shemokmedi faltered, nearly a score of Amaars plummeted like asteroids, the majority falling into the now-called Amaarion continent. The cataclysmic event was named Rain of Amaars.

  Amaars descended upon Ayonerra, their breath turning any living creature into monstrous chirakis. But their arrival had another purpose. Shemokmedi wished to announce Ayonerra’s forgotten task so a hska attained godhood. Knowing the Sun’s intention, Med’Hea temporarily silenced the planet, split Amaars’ speech and kept it on Colchid Isles. Thus Rain of Amaars is also known as the Deaf Fall.

  Most people fled Amaarion and migrated to safer lands. Those who stayed fought with great vigour and with hskaner and goddess Apor's help, slayed Amaars. Even centuries after Amaars were vanquished, their impact can still be felt, especially in and around the craters.

The Aftermath

Deaf Fall led to mass migrations. While most dharaats went to Firoz as well as the Northern and Southern Dividing Archipelagos, the majority of bahhrayms sought refuge in the Northern Dividing Archipelago and Hayanao.
Amaarion became a source of horrifying legends. Flying islands that dare hover above the continent are swiftly shot down with a powerful beam, the vast majority of curious explorers never return, but those that do speak of a thick mist engulfing the inhospitable lands, enormous pyramids with lamenting noises seeping through and four armed indestructible people kidnapping women as they please.

  Rain of Amaars/Deaf Fall became a starting point for most calendars, often abbreviated as BR/AR or BDF/ADF.
Metaphysical, Divine
Punish Ayonneran inhabitants and Med'Hea, announce Ayonerra's task.
Partially achieved


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Ay-yo I— Yo, I didn't realize Amaars had, uh, hands.  

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To better punch hskaner with.

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Aah, this is so cool. Terrifying, but cool! It really underscores the role Med'hea plays when this is the consequence of her guard being dropped.

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Med'Hea can't catch a second of rest. She has split even her sleep to be constantly awake.