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Med'Hea created the first Menes'has and modeled each after a person sacrificed to her name on her original planet. Like their creator, Menes’ha had halos, horns, wings and tails. Able to link themselves to distant stars, they took magic directly from different coloured Gveleshapni and opposed colossal Hskaner. Slowly they realised how some menes’ha had more pronounced wings and halos, while others – tails and horns. Many shared a preference towards similar looking menes’ha, marrying and having children who after generations lost the other features. This divide eventually led to Malak’hi and Shed’geneni’s creation. Malak’his now having only halos and wings, while Shed’genenishorns and tails. Purity became the vital aspect of their lives and after years none remembered ever having a shared ancestor.

None realised that Menes’ha’s body was the most stable with all four features present, cutting them in half led to rapid mutations and more grotesque bodies: wings created from body hair teeming with glaring eyes, limbs with countless joints, twisting shapes looking closer to conjoined twins... But many wore these deformities as a badge of honour, a declaration of superior heritage. But the split caused another effect, Malak’his and Shed’genenis lost Menes’ha’s original magic and their link to stars.

Until horned and winged Au’Rhelion, the son of a shed’geneni mother and a malak’hi father, was born. Combination of horns and wings was enough for his body to be stable and regain the original magic. His connection to a scarlet Gveleshapi granted Au’Rhelion full control of not only his own body, but the bodies of both Malak’hi and Shed’geneni. Au’Rhelion prohibited in-race reproduction, making it impossible for a pure malak’hi or shed’geneni to be born, while interbreeding resulted in a new generation of Menes’ha. Similar to Au’Rhelion, the second generation also only had horns and wings, but each could only connect to the same scarlet star. Over the generations, more and more menes’has were born, scarlet star’s powers were spread between them, making their magic less powerful.


Modern Menes’has still retain body controlling abilities which also include other races, some skillful enough can go down molecular and genetic level. One can judge menes’ha’s magic potential by how vivid their scarlet hair is.

Some have focused their magic on controlling animals, especially flying phas’qhunjs. Tamers are able to calm the creature, making it less aggressive and more open to bonding. Months can be needed for a rider to get comfortable with the phas’qhunj, while it takes years for a true inseparable connection to form.

Physical Description

Menes'has have brown complexion. Their eyes are either brown or gold, while hair is various shades of red, scarlet being the most vibrant. Wing and horn amount and shape can vary. Their ears are long and pointed, while body extremities are darker.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Both parents choose a name, which then is connected by an apostrophe. Examples include Au'Rhelion, Prok'Sima, Kruzz'Ious.
If one of the parents is absent their name's initial is used. e.g. Rhea'A.

Beauty Ideals

Menes'has typically favour the muscular front and backs with large wings. For the majority of menes'has, taking good care of their horns and wings is essential. It is preferable for both men and women to have slightly masculine-looking features, relatively prominent jawline and thicker eyebrows.
Even now there persists certain divide between them. Ones with an equal number of horns and wings are considered High Menes’ha, representing a perfect union of Malak’hi and Shed’geneni, while golden eyes are also regarded as a noble trait, compared to more common brown.

Common Customs and traditions

Gladiator fights is a common pass-time for Menes'ha. A notable tradition is eating a worthy opponent's heart after a satisfying battle. But from any other race, this act is considered an unforgivable insult.

Menes'ha, later Malak'hi and Shed'geneni
90-120 years
Average Height
Men - 1.77 metres

Women - 1.72 metres
Average Length
Wingspan roughly 7 meters
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Menes'has have brown-dark brown complexion, with freckles being common on face and shoulders. Wings are darker shade of their hair colour.

Cover image: by Nincho


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