Rabizu's Blade

Up in the Eighth Sky lies the Black Grdzneuli Rabizu’s unfinished blade. Storytellers speak of a maddened blacksmith, the only male tsukaite and a star-linked bahhraym. Pitch-black hair and eyes replaced his bahhraym white. Rabizu terrorised the Nine Skies as his weapon’s mere presence robbed anyone and anything of life.

 Scholars are torn on the blade’s purpose. Some say Rabizu desired might over the Empress Kulawai and longed for the throne. Others believe the grdzneuli wished to cut apart his homeland Sky by Sky. Certain historians think the blade’s stolen lives strengthened Rabizu’s black star and aided its escape.

Rabizu’s existence threatened the Nine Skies. Kulawai put a bounty on his head, yet no one survived the encounter. Until two tsukaite sisters, Keiko and Saeko, ventured towards the grdzneuli.

Upon return, the sisters presented Rabizu's hair as proof of their victory. Kulawai acknowledged their worth and stepped down from the throne, allowing Keiko to ascend.

Centuries later, the incomplete weapon still lingers amongst the mountains. It consumes life around itself, preventing any living being from entering its perimeters.

Cover image: by Nincho


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