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The Duel of Au'Rhelion and Ahog'Reon

The duel between menes'ha Messiah Au’Rhelion and malak’hi King Ahog'Reon is a well-known tale across Ayonerra. Numerous scholars argue over the exact date, the circumstances leading up to the confrontation and its outcome.

Malak'his and Shed’genenis waged countless wars over the centuries. The two races were deemed incompatible to bear a shared offspring.

Until horned and winged Au’Rhelion, the son of a shed’geneni mother and a malak’hi father, was born. His connection to a Scarlet Gveleshapi granted Au’Rhelion full control of both malak’hi and shed’geneni bodies. Au’Rhelion prohibited in-race reproduction, making it impossible for a pure malak’hi or shed’geneni to be born, while interbreeding created the new race - Menes’ha.

Malak’hi King Ahog'Reon deemed menes’has as abominable and sought to eliminate them. Desperate to prevent further bloodshed, Au’Rhelion offered to confront the King on a remote southern continent - Hakaalu. The two clashed above the icy desert, Au’Rhelion wielding the legendary spear, while Ahog’Reon - his fabled sword. The weapons pierced the skies, reverberating with thunderous waves. Finally, Au’Rhelion hurled Ahog’Reon down and shattered his triangular halo, ending the wretched King.

The Aftermath

Many Southern Dividing Archipelago temples preach the Messiah’s victorious return and him aiding newly born menes’has. The Zyareeti Isle disciples contest these claims, viewing Au’Rhelion as a valiant martyr who sacrificed himself to ensure Ahog’Reon’s defeat. This depiction became especially common in nearby islands.
The Taaphresi, on the other hand, teach of Au’Rhelion becoming an ascetic and secluding himself from the never-ending conflicts. Some believe he’s still alive, walking among his people and using magic to maintain youth.

Certain scholars attribute Hakaalu’s lack of ice to the legendary duel, believing Ahog’Reon’s dying body melted the surrounding glaciers. Others are sceptical, regarding Chiraki Abyss's formation and seeping Amaar’s Breath to be the cause.

Artistic Portrayals

The duel between Au’Rhelion and Ahog’Reon is frequently depicted, especially in the Dividing Archipelago temples. The shattering of a halo became a widespread symbol, illustrating the Messiah’s victory over past stagnation and hubris.

Shown in the left is a Nilbuuran relief depicting Au'Rhelion's grand triumph.

Date of Setting
Centuries before the Rain of Amaars / Deaf Fall
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