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Another Day in Paradise Life's a zombi^#h!

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Welcome to Central Florida, USA!

  Most people come here either to swim in the toilet of every fish on the planet or to spend their life savings to see a giant talking rat. Sand all up in your parts, reptiles so large they chow down on the family pet, and mosquitoes the size of volkswagons...   Personally, I could never understand the appeal. I'm stuck here due to circumstance of birth and the ridiculous cost of living. I don't know why you came. I'm pretty sure you got something more fun and less expensive closer to home, and it's probably not decorated by ugly-ass palm trees.   Oooookaaay. Yep. *Ahem*   It's no secret I feel Florida is massively over-rated. But that's ok, I don't hate it, I just don't love it. Really, it's just another day in paradise.     The year is 2025. All across the planet inflation is at a peak, foreign tensions are high, and civil unrest is a rampant issue. People just can't seem to stop being dicks to each other, health care is in the toilet, and socio-economic programs have all but disappered.   We were supposed to have flying cars and food replicators and all that shit by now...   Instead, we get   zombies.   That was only the tip of the iceburg.

a note from the author

This world is in the setup phase for a novel I plan on writing. For the most part, this world will be set to private with the exception of articles submitted for events such as Summer Camp. Feel free to follow this world to find out when I start releasing, and feel free to visit my public high fantasy world, X'anthia.     Another Day in Paradise is a work of fiction. However, the disappearance of the Roanoke colony in 1590 was very real. For the purpose of the story, I created characters that are residents of that colony. The characters are mash-ups of mostly common names, all are entirely fictional, and any resemblences to actual names or people is entirely coincidental. The characters are not based on any individual, living or dead.