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Carl the Unpaid

Carl the Unpaid is a notorius death knight wandering the lands of Aurelia for over two centuries now. He took part in many major conflicts, the foundation of several factions and reportedly "made a lot of people's life miserable by purely existing". He is also known as "Big Boss Konrad".  


Not much of Carl's story is known. He was a servant in the army of a lichlord before freed by adventurers. As a tireless undead, he took up many different skill sets and talents over the years, undergoing a process of a death knight as well. He made several alliances, with archmages and warlocks, holy warriors and followers of chaos. In Year 377, he located and killed the slave owner, Konrad of Imperia, then proceeded to murder him, and take his looks and wealth away from him. Freeing the slaves, Carl gained the groundwork for the guild he wishd to create: the Postas All Around Co.
Now under the guise of Konrad, the death knight worked hard to prepare for a great scheme. For besides hunting necromancers and liches for fun, he was the warden of many treasures - that included the Second Eye of Karsius, an item sought by an old ally of his gone mad. Calling himself the Legate, this madman was killed decades ago, yet his burning ambition pushed his spirit to remain in the realm of the living. Carl knew it was a matter of time before his followers managed to resurrect him.
  By the time of the Trium Fluctus (the third wave of Wanderers), the Postas was ready. Now he prepared adventurers, knowing he will require their aid in the tasks ahead. "Konrad" assisted the wanderers through several conflicts, having massive knowledge about the secrets of the world, slowly but steadily selecting those who would aid him soon enough.
  In the same year of 400, the Legate returned and immediately started assembling an army. Running out of time, Carl relocated the Eye, however he soon ran into a problem. Trying to uphold several personalities led to his focus beign divided. The Postas worked as a defensive force, while the old man was personally supposed to aid Everfjord and the Wanderer's in times of need. So he feigned his own death and went underground.   All the while the pieces of his plan were falling into place. The Legate was given hints as to how to find the Eye, on his way making several enemies that would pursue him. Making him ally the knights of Leonia agains the oppressive Free Empire. When the Free Empire was destroyed, the Legate got his hands on the Observatory of Kings, an artifact that showed him the location of the eye. Still, with their immediate threat defeated, thanks to him the Knights of Tyr could assemble a strike force and send it after him.   All the while he made deals both with other enemies of the Legate and his allies, all for the single purpose of provoking a great fight before the gates Mount Akku, the place where the Eye is hidden. Finally, in the spring of 401, a plan set a hundred years ago was set in motion. The Legate arrived with an army - and so did seven others. The Legate was held up for days at the gates, and when he finally pushed through, lines upon lines of powerful champions held him up further. By the time he made it to the Eye, it was too late. When inserting it in his empty eyesocket, it blown itself out of it.   Carl finally found the way to keep the artifact away from him forever: cursing it so only a pure hearted soul may wield it. Defeated, the Legate retreated, and Carl escorted the adventurers out of the chaotic battle.   Afterwards, he gave the eye to Queen Athena of Leonia, before disappearing again.    


Carl's personality sways between extremely chaotic and lawful. On one hand, he is carefree, if he can he chooses the more interesting route no matter the danger and will care little for the safety of others. On the other, he holds himself to promises as if his life depended on it. He has a deep hatred for slave owners and those controling the mines of others. It is why even though he has the power to do so, he never made undead servants of his own. Being a death knight with no divine or hellish master, Carl unknowingly became a force of balance and neutrality between chaos and order. His demenour is extremely simplistic and brutally upfront. He only lies if it entertains him or helps his cause.    


  • A sentient sword that could put anyone who wields it under mind control of a necrotic being locked within, promising power beyond comprehension. Carl is too simple minded to care, something that pisses the sword off.
  • Elven longbow and arrows from Solana
  • Plate armor refined in Sylviria, stolen from an old general
  • Several dozen potions, magicak dusts and such
  • Crystal of Domination: a legendary relic that protects the wielder from all forms of control. Embeded into his helmet.
  • by #doibats
    (Carl and his Konrad form)

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