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The Accord of Unity

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The Farenian Empire came into existence with the signing of the Accord of Unity in the year 2318 PB. This historic document symbolised the unification of diverse clans and species under the rule of Emperor Bedrik. Initially, the city of Perelline, founded in 2305 PB and home of the favourite candidate, was preferred to become the capital. However, with support from the kendric, the gnomes, and the rabbitfolk, Bedrik barely secured the majority of votes, making a smaller settlement the capital, which he named Kingshaven. This accord established the governance, rights, and obligations of all parties involved, ensuring peace and cooperation among the inhabitants of Farenia.  


  List of Participants The Accord of Unity was signed by leaders representing various clans and species:  
Human Clans (18):
  • Clan Aurelius
  • Clan Bravorn
  • Clan Castor
  • Clan Dunwald
  • Clan Ebern
  • Clan Fenwick
  • Clan Greymoor
  • Clan Harlowe
  • Clan Ironfield
  • Clan Jorund
  • Clan Kerak
  • Clan Lysander
  • Clan Merrick
  • Clan Norwind
  • Clan Orel
  • Clan Peren
  • Clan Quill
  • Clan Roderick
  • Kendric Clans (3):
  • Clan Brambleshire
  • Clan Lightfoot
  • Clan Sunnydale
  • Gnome Clans (2):
  • Clan Brightspark
  • Clan Copperbottom
  • Birdfolk Clans (1):
  • Clan Featherwind
  • Rabbitfolk Clans (1):
  • Clan Hopwell

    The Oath

    All leaders of the participating clans took the following oath upon signing the Accord of Unity:  
    We, the leaders of our respective clans and species, hereby swear to uphold the principles of unity, peace, and cooperation. We pledge our loyalty to the Farenian Empire and its chosen ruler, Emperor Bedrik. In times of war, natural disaster, or epidemic, we shall stand together, bound by this accord, to protect and support one another.
    A world full of wonders.
    Treaty, Diplomatic

    Farenian Empire

    The Accord of Unity



    Territorial Integrity
    Each clan retains its historical lands and rights within those borders.  
    Cultural Autonomy
    Each clan and species can maintain its own cultural practices, languages, and traditions.  
    Each clan has a vote in the Council, ensuring that all voices are heard in the governance of the Empire. Final decisions are made by the king.  
    Trade and Commerce
    Clans are free to engage in trade and commerce across the Empire, with protection and support from the imperial government.


    Law and Order
    Clans must uphold imperial laws and work together to maintain peace and order within the Empire.  
    Financial Support
    Each county is required to pay taxes for the upkeep of the government and military. This ensures that the Empire has the necessary resources to function effectively and defend its borders.  
    Each county must send capable soldiers to support the Imperial military. This obligation ensures that the Empire has a strong, unified force ready to respond to threats.  
    Mutual Defence
    In the event of an attack on any part of the Empire, all clans must come to the defence of the threatened region.  
    Disaster Relief
    In times of natural disasters or epidemics, all clans are required to provide aid and support to affected areas, ensuring the well-being of all citizens.  
    Shared Resources
    In times of need, the clans must share resources like food, water, and medical supplies to prevent suffering and maintain stability within the Empire.

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